1st Impression: Medical Top Team

first off, i’m not very good at first impressions. i probably won’t keep up with the updates on each episode because i’d rather watch the drama, not type with the drama. that’s what soompi is for, for me to lurk, spazz, and have a common place that i know i belong and to see if it’s just me feeling that way or im just crazy. my coworkers think the latter.

anyhow…..i’m just watching this now because:

a. aside from Jejoongwon, i shy away from medical dramas. you can probably guess why i watched the above mentioned drama, if you haven’t got a clue….watch Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2.

b. viki didn’t have it available at the time i wanted to watch it.
c. well – i can’t get my head out of TMS’ kingdom. i’m still in it…but i moved to the attic.

i thought i’d give it a try when i saw it on viki today. my kids seem to be tired and went to bed early. i’m not inspired to make any fan art for TMS…i’m having an addict’s block. so i watched the 1st episode. again, i’m not recapping, just ranting about how i feel. okay?

male leads…im not spazzing yet. i don’t even know who’s going to end up with Joo Yeong – i haven’t followed the news bites that gets released. i haven’t been on the soompi thread yet either.

JRW – the sole reason [for now] i’m watching episode 2 tomorrow night.

overall for the 1st episode, it’s a good intro for the characters at play. i am for sure investing my time with this show. and ratings shmatings…i don’t care about that. i like this show and im watching it.