Photobucket Fail

So, I’ve been busy with looking for a new job, that I’ve put my kdrama viewing/blogging on hold. Today, I thought it’d be a good time to start watching/reviewing again. I was checking all my blogs to see where I left off to find out that my Photobucket images are no longer linking. Turns out, […]

The Crowned Clown Quotes

Hi! I’m back (hopefully longer this time.) For now, I’ll be posting compiled quotes from the drama The Crowned Clown. This way, I’ll be active both in the Korean Drama Quotes page that I’m one of the admins of, and in my personal blog. If all goes well with time management, hopefully, I can post a review when the series is over.

On to the quotes!

Episode 1

“Your Majesty, that is not how you ask for a favor. You need to plead with tears and beg on your hands and knees. -Lee Heon
“Your Majesty, the throne you protected with your blood and tears, I’ll protect it well. Please rest in peace. -Lee Heon
“If I could protect you with just my words, I would say them dozens, hundreds of times.” -Lee Kyu
“They say half a rumor is a lie.” – Yoo So Woon
“Since I’m living in the palace, how embarassing of me that I have a habit of longing for life outside the palace. -Yoo So Woon
“Those fools must think that I’m the one rejecting you. Who would’ve known that you’re the one rejecting me. -Lee Heon

Episode 2

“That lowlife has one role in this palace. He’ll either get stabbed or poisoned while pretending to be me.” -Lee Sun
“You must promise me that you will not do anything like this ever again.” -Ha Sun
“Without asking for a reason or scolding me, he just held my hands.” -Yoo So Woon
“There are only two ways to leave the palace. Either you step on people and crush them to death, or you completely turn away and ignore them.” -Lee Kyu
“People regret what they did in the morning at night. That’s life.” -Lee Kyu
“Legend says, if you bite into a hazelnut, it scares the goblin that protects the house into granting you a wish.” -Ha Sun
“When you are alone, bite it, and make a wish. Who knows? Your wish might come true.” -Ha Sun
“You asked me why I came here tonight. I’m here to laugh with you, and cry with you. That is why I came here. I’ll stay and endure with you, Your Majesty., so please don’t give up.” -Yoo So Woon
“I came back to learn how to step on mercilessly and crush them to death. Teach me the way.” -Ha Sun

Back to Blogging…again

It’s been a little over a year since I logged back in to my blog site. A lot has happened since then. Last I left off, I was unemployed. I really felt dejected after the whole Photobucket fiasco. I lost my Kdrama notes on my reviews, and my quote edits from my desktop computer that my son was sharing with me (I accidentally deleted all my quote edits not thinking that I don’t have a backup copy on a flash drive). I didn’t know if I wanted to keep up with all 3 blogs that I have. It did get to a point that I stopped making DIY’s, and sewing because I had no platform to “show off” and express my feelings of accomplishment and contentment. Not to mention, my daughter has gotten older to where I don’t want to send her to school (6th grade/Jr. High) with an outfit that I had made. So yeah, life sucked a little. AND, I have to find a new job.

While trying to find a permanent job, I was able to find babysitting, senior caregiving, and housekeeping work to add to my unemployment checks. After six months, I found an accounting job. The pay was good, but the boss was horrible to the point where I wanted to give up….LIFE. The hours were demanding that I had to quit my weekend job because I’m being forced to. That’s for another post on my personal facebook page.

Thankfully this past February, I was able to switch jobs right before my 38th birthday. The pay isn’t as great, but the environment is more suitable. I work 10 hour days Monday – Thursday, but I have Fridays off. I recently took on babysitting gigs again to make ends meet. Either way, I’m not as tired as I used to be. In fact, this allowed me to heal mentally, as well as emotionally, and physically. I’m not at 100%, but I’m enjoying every waking moment the past couple of months.

One thing I didn’t give up though, is viewing my Asian Dramas. Yes, it’s not just KDramas anymore. I probably would have given that up too if it wasn’t for the Korean Drama Quotes Facebook Page that I’m an editor of. Our page requires us to be active, in order for me to be active, I need to watch KDramas, and post quote edits. For the past year, I was watching Kdramas, but not posting as much. I will admit, that I lost my passion and creativity in anything and everything I was interested in since losing my job. I knew I didn’t want to be asked to leave the group, so I tried really hard to find my second wind.

I did, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? was airing, and it inspired me to make memes, and original fan art. At the time, I didn’t have my laptop set up so my son and I were sharing my desktop and I’d fall asleep by the time he’s done. I eventually got a bigger screen for my other desktop intended for my daughter, but it didn’t have enough storage space. In the end, I’m still not posting as much. Eventually, I set up our living room where all of us has a “station”….but I wasn’t watching any other Kdrama aside from WWWSK. I f

Then Meteor Garden is on Netflix. Game.Over. Oh, then I found A Love So Beautiful. Naturally, I binged watched the entire series in one weekend. A Cdrama that had a great ending!!!  That’s for another post.

Our page then had a change of rules and regulations last August that suits my needs. I finally decided to start finishing a personal project that I was working on before I lost my job. (It’s still not done by the way) Thankfully, our page needed a new cover and the “project” I was working on isn’t ready and I wanted to try something new. Thankfully, I was the first to volunteer on who’s making the cover. When that cover was published, I knew I was back creatively. I just needed a Kdrama to commit to. Until My Id Is Gangnam Beauty aired. From the opening credits to end of the first episode, I knew that this show is my “pet project” for my quotes.

I’ve been contemplating for a while if I should go back to blogging. So I paid a visit today. I didn’t think I have this much in my brain that I could share. Anyway, the plan is to slowly come back to blog about the dramas I’ve watched this year, and eventually finish the reviews that I left hanging last year (Man to Man/Chicago Typewriter). I just found an image hosting site too. I’ll test to see how that works, and maybe I can post my edits that I’ve been doing for the page, and post my review on MIIGB after the finale here.  I’m also trying to figure out where to “dump” my screenshots on my phone. Who knows? maybe I’ll start appreciating screencaps more now that I’m using them too.

Anyway, this post is longer than expected. I just wanted to say I’m slowly coming back to blogging. I know I’m starting over again, but I can’t just give up.

Until then,

“No matter what people say, YOU are the most important person in your life.” -Na Hye Sung (My Id Is Gangnam Beauty, JTBC/2018)

[2017] Ahjumma’s Dramas Awards


2017 Ahjumma’s Dramas Awards

11 dramas later, here are my personal winners, based on the shows I’ve seen:

Best Overall Drama: Chicago Typewriter

Best Drama: Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People

Best Action/Thriller/Suspense: Voice

Best Rom-Com: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Best Historical: N/A – I only watched 1 saeguk

Best Actor: Go Jun Pyo [Chicago Typewriter]

Best Actress: Honey Lee [Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People]

Best Villain: Kim Jae Wook – Mo Tae Gu [Voice]

Best Idol Actor: Park Hyung Sik – Ahn Min Hyuk [Strong Woman Do Bong Soon]

Best Couple: Do Bong Soon/Ahn Min Hyuk [Strong Woman Do Bong Soon]

Best Costume: Chicago Typewriter

Best Secretary: Secretary Kim – Goblin. Runner Up: SWBDS

Best OST: Chicago Typewriter

Best Ensemble: Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People

[2017] Year In Review

***At the time of this update: I’m reviewing the shows based on memory of how I felt, so you will notice that some of them will not have detailed reviews.***

105, tv dramas, and 22 webcasts premieried, I was only able to watch a handful [11], some made an impact in my daily life [like I didn’t sleep], some I dropped along the way.


Though there were supernatural, fantasy, and fusion dramas that aired in Kdramaland over the course of time, Goblin is unique in its own way. To be able to connect the past, present, and future through the memories of our Goblin and Grim Reaper in 20 episodes is a feat made possible by this show. From the cinematography, special effects, script, soundtrack, directing, and acting, this show had everything going in the right direction to near perfection. This should’ve been a made a movie.

In the end, however, we were divided because of how the show did/didn’t end. The other half was disappointed that Eun Tak had to be reincarnated, the other [including me] were accepting of the fact that her life has to come full circle. I guess you can call it an open ending for our titular hero who waited another lifetime for his bride to come back to him.

Other than that, the ending didn’t change the fact that Goblin is one of the most popular kdrama of 2016-2017. This drama shot up to the top of my all time favorite show. You definitely missed out on an AWESOME show if you didn’t watch this one. The entire world was swept up with the Goblin Syndrome with every other brand promoting their products within the show. If you didn’t even hear about this show, I don’t know which tunnel you’re living in from. I suggest you stop reading my post, and start watching this now.

Ahjumma stars: 5


Well, this was an unexpected show. I know it’s a crime thriller since it’s an OCN offering, and this genre is purely their bread and butter. It was mentioned during the finale that this show was written in hopes to aid in getting faster response times to emergency calls that citizens make, so I watched this thinking it’ll be a weekly show of rescuing people on time because one gifted officer can hear things we can’t, while a detective needs to be on a team that will redeem his past behaviors on the field. What I didn’t expect is how psychologically thrilling this show was for me. For a weekly dose of emergency rescues, and one major storyline, the show got me hooked. The writer was smart to end the show with a call, and a cliffhanger. The writer is even smart knowing that it can only last for so many episodes. Sometimes I wonder about the writers and the producers of this show thoug…. what went on their minds as to how they collaborated into making the crimes as close to real as possible.

If there’s one major flaw that I could think of, it would be the script. As I read the subtitles on certain scenes in three different versions, I asked myself each time what was the writer thinking? It doesn’t fit the scene at times, but it’s there and I start to wonder if it’s in the editing that it was flawed. As would any dramas, there were characters that were underutilized after they made their 15 minutes of fame and made it in the Golden Time team. Then again, there are really so much an emergency operator can do aside from taking those calls. Their characters required them to be sitting down, and watch their leader finish the call with a confirmed rescue. Another thing they can do though is go to Subway and share a sandwich.

In the end, the mystery was solved, and citizens were saved by our city heroes. The criminal got the karma he deserved since justice wasn’t really given.

Ahjumma stars: 3

Missing 9

The premise of the show was intriguing enough to pique my interest. Unfortunately, what started out as a potentially great mystery/action show, lost me midway through the series. There was a certain part of the show that was dragged into what seemed like an eternity of the same pattern [Bong Hee always a step behind from Tae Ho], and made me lose hope that she will ever come out of her ordeal unscathed. Eventually, I came back with a different mindset, and finished the series. I didn’t realize it until the end as to why the show changed their focus from their time on the island to the lengths a corporation/politician will go to cover up a major crime.

It dawned on me in late March/early April, that they didn’t write/produce the show for entertainment purposes. There were similarities between the show and this calamity that lead me to believe, that this show was written to mirror the Sewol tragedy. It’s intent is to let us know what’s really been going on and why we still don’t have answers.

Just an FYI, this is my own “conspiracy theory”. The show had 9 people missing, Sewol has 9 bodies unrecovered. The show focused more on the corruption between CEO’s and politicians instead of uncovering the truth regardless of who will fall, which is a whole lot like what happened after this event. Of course, I won’t be able to confirm this hunch, but because I’m on the outside looking in, I think the premise of the show is what got a green light to be produced, it was written long enough to get some viewers interested, and veered its course and became more of an awareness/expose of what’s going on in reality.

Back to the show, now that I think about it this way, it made sense why the script is all over the place. There were characters featured during the teasers, and trailers, but were not even useful in the show. There were revelations within the characters that I wish would’ve been told in the beginning. All in all, the idea behind the show is there, but the execution was wrong, and it left me wanting more answers than I had when the show started.

Ahjumma stars: 2.5

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

This was a truly enjoyable and loveable show. It’s been a while that I enjoyed a rom-com like this. It’ll probably be a while before another rom-com can beat these standards. Ahn Min Hyuk and Do Bong Soon are the very definition of #couplegoals. Everything was natural about this show when it comes to this two. Yes, the show is scripted, and the directors most likely advised our actors how skinships would be portrayed. But how it was scripted, directed, and acted out is what was natural to begin with. I like rom-coms without the awkwardness that it comes with. Park Hyung Sik, and Park Bo Young nailed their character portrayals. Because of them, and their natural expressions, the characters are believable. It sure pulled me along with their journey. I cried with them, I was terrified with them, I was glad I was part of their happy ever after. I would actually need to remind myself that this is just a show.

There were times that scenes tend to get a little bit too serious, but it comes with it. With the help of the supporting characters, those scenes are soon replaced with hilarity once again. There are some plots that weren’t neatly wrapped up at the end, but I’m probably the only one wondering about them, so I looked the other way and looked at the pretty, and the funny hijinks the show offered. Overall, this show delivered. From the history of how Bong Soon’s strength has been passed down in generations, to how she and Min Hyuk met, the issues/challenges surrounding them that solidified their relationship, they even gave us a wedding ceremony and babies.

Ahjumma stars: 5


Rebel: Thief Who Stole The People

This is one of those dramas that I watched diligently up to episode 14 of the series, then let weeks go by almost forgetting the show. If it wasn’t for Dramabean’s recaps, I probably wouldn’t have been inclined to watch the rest. Their writing made me want to feel what they’re watching, and thankfully, I did finish the entire show and appreciated it. Mind you, there was a point in this series that I just want to give it up – it’s not perfect, and sometimes it feels like it’s the same story, different episode. I’m glad I stuck it out even with a little break in between. I feel bad that I ended up not posting my final review for the show, but here it is….

Historical accuracies [or lack thereof?] aside, I really did like this show. Despite the deaths, and the repetitiveness of some plot lines, I usually feel empty when a saeguk ends because there is never a happy ending, or there’s a bittersweet ending. This show is different in a way where our heroes got a chance to change the world, one person at a time, and still lead a happy life. That’s a gem to me to see our heroes win and get to live out the rest of their days.

This ensemble could not have been cast together any better than this. From the portrayal of Amogae, Yeonsangun, Nok So, our quirky “Justice League”, Ga Ryung, and Mori. This cast makes up for whatever writing/creative holes that was left open, so I won’t go in detail on that. Everyone probably is amazed at Honey Lee and Kim Ji Suk’s performances, as I am too. For me though, there are two characters that got to me, and I cried when one had to die: Amogae,  and Mori. Kudos to Kim Sam Joong, and Kim Jung Hyun for their amazing performances!

Ahjumma stars: 4


Chicago Typerwriter

This was a really good show. I love me some supernatural fantasy dramas that actually work. From the writing, acting, soundtrack, and to the special effects, this show was it for me. I felt that I was in this drama too.

Ahjumma stars: 5

Man To Man

The show started off to a good start for me, but it fizzled when they started to focus on the romantic side of the story.

Ahjumma stars: 3

Suspicious Partner

This was a filler drama for me. I’ve skipped episodes here and there. I still yet have to watch a really good law drama – sadly, I’m not getting any younger. Overall, it was a good show – entertaining to get me to come watch the episodes of the week when I’m home trying not to get depressed. I probably would’ve like it more if I had watched the show diligently.

Ahjumma stars: 3

Strongest Deliveryman

Well, that was a good drama. A little bit of angst, violence, comedy, romance made this work. I like a good ensemble drama where your hero is a group – not just one person. Yes, it took a leadership of one, but it takes more than that to capture the heart of the people. I appreciated the fact that heiresses, and chaebols are willing to sacrifice their life’s inheritance for the sake of life. What I love the most, is the hope that there is still some people out there who’s not in it to profit by himself, but to share the wealth with good friends – family.

Ahjumma stars: 5

Save Me

I was anticipating this show soooo much, but I ended up dropping this after episode 2 due to personal reasons. Who knows, I  might watch this when I can in 2018.

Ahjumma stars: N/A

Because This Is My First Life

Beautiful. If this show taught me anything, it’s that humans are complex beings, but love isn’t. I am glad I decided to watch this show.

Ahjumma stars: 5


My last Kdrama of 2017. I really, really loved this show despite the many questions I still have unanswered, or that ending. I guess Joon was really that in love with Ha Ram that he went and foregone the justice he deserved in order to give the life he wanted Ha Ram to have. If that is not true love, I don’t know what that is. Not the ending I wanted, but I understand where the writers were going with this.

Ahjumma stars: 4




Shopify T Shirts

Some of you may have already known, that I was laid off from my full time job back on 5/19. I am actively looking for new employment, hence my hiatus in my reviews. Our family bills are not going away. I didn’t want to start a Go Fund Me campaign asking for help. So, I came across a Facebook suggested post about selling t-shirts and I thought I’d give it a try. I have to come up with rent, car, and utilities by mid July. The only thing I could think of right  now is Kdrama quotes. So, I’m going to try it out.

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Thank you.

Heidi aka Aquarianunicorn

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Man to Man: 6

This episode mostly focused on Do Ha’s relationships, especially with her dad and Seol Woo. I for one, have not fully connected to Do Ha’s character. Her character just isn’t relatable to me. Although she has notable quotes, her character hasn’t tugged my heartstrings yet. She hasn’t done anything heroic or suspicious to get me interested. But, regardless, this was her highlight episode.

I suppose it’s okay to take a little break from the action and suspense while the baddies figure out how to be – well, baddies. I’m a little disappointed that six episodes in, they’re still not showing might and brute force. They’re just having brooding moments and meetings. There’s not much for Seol Woo to do as a ghost agent, if there’s no group to have action scenes with. Then again, I can’t have action scenes all the time, can I?

I already know her genuine relationship that she shares with Un Gwang, so it’s nice to see her outside her comfort zone and watch her react to her dad being back in her life, and Seol Woo creeping up in her heart – at the same time. So far, Do Ha’s handling it okay. She had the courage to actually tell him how she feels, and she let Seol Woo in on her family history.

I’m still weary about Myung Suk. Although he seems to have the right mindset, he could still play on the wrong side of the court just to get some quick cash. That is what I’m worried about. I’d hate to see the day where Seol Woo has to choose between him and Do Ha. I do hope that Myung Suk’s character is written as a good guy who just makes bad choices. If so, the Seol Woo can fix or avoid those mistakes.

Seol Woo has entered uncharted territories. Although he doesn’t know it yet, he’s already smitten with Do Ha. He thinks this is part of his plan, well – he’s wrong. I’ll admit it, I’m curious as to how this will affect Seol Woo in the next episodes. Will he reveal his true feelings? What are those feelings? It can’t be love this soon in the series though.

Chicago Typewriter: 12

Now that I know Soo Hyun didn’t kill Hwi Young, I’m only left with one person…. Shin Yul.  The question is how did he die, and who killed him? I can’t see Hwi Young pulling the trigger on his best friend. Young Min is a possibility, but if we look at the present timeline, he’s rival is Se Ju. So, it’s not reflective of their past. That leaves soo Hyun….the question is why?

I swear, those past snippets! I knew since the beginning that there’s more to the flashbacks we were given. Who would’ve thought that a scene that made us think that Soo Hyun did kill Hwi Young was a confession scene all along? Gosh, I’m really impressed with the writing on this show. I guess it’s safe to say that a mirror in this show is that both Hwi Young in the past and Se Ju in the present both professed their feelings towards their counterparts, albeit, in a different way. It is squeal inducing nonetheless. I’m pretty sure that, after Hwi Young’s confession, that was it for that couple. Their relationship ended before it started. Hence, the reincarnation of themselves. At least, in the present time, Jeon Seol and Se Ju finally moved a step forward in regard to their relationship, and we know there’s a future there. Se Ju wasn’t lying when he said that he’s doing a service for his country with that kiss. It’s about time these two affirmed their feelings for each other.

Today is definitely Jin Oh’s episode. If you haven’t felt bad for him since he appeared in this show, and you have not felt bad at all after watching this episode until the end, you are one heartless person. Since the beginning, I knew I was rooting for his character. I knew that he will not get the girl. It was worse when I found out that he’s a ghost and realized he will never get the girl. It was episode that did me in.

Even though this episode started in heartbreak for Jin Oh after witnessing Se Ju and Jeon Seol’s kiss. It was when Jeon Seol was introduced to him even he’s invisible to her. The fact that Jeon Seol is there, and he froze to say her name, that was heart wrenching. When she was finally able to see him, well I was crying puddles.. It’s a major plus that Se Ju acknowledges him as a friend. Seeing him with his two favorite people of all time with him in the same room. Oh how happy I was for him! Then – they leave me with a cliffhanger – showing how he died. Well, that was a real shocker. Whatever impact factor the writing, and directing team wanted me to feel, I felt. I was in shock, in awe of how it just ended like that.

It still didn’t answer any questions though – who killed him, and why. I guess that’s for the next episode.

Until then,


May Premiere

We’re halfway through the year. Most will have summer plans. As for me, I’m going to find some time to watch a couple of shows I’ve been interested in that aired last month. Below are what premiered in May.

Individualist Ms. Ji Young
개인주의자 지영씨

Ruler, Master of the Mask
군주 – 가면의 주인

Suspicious Partner
수상한 파트너

Bad Thief, Good Thief
도둑놈, 도둑님

Return of Bok Jan Di
단지 널 사랑해

Fight My Way
쌈, 마이웨이


써클: 이어진 두 세계

Lovers In Bloom
무궁화 꽃이 피었습니다

My Sassy Girl
엽기적인 그녀

7 Day Queen
7일의 왕비

Man to Man: 5

I didn’t see any character development as far as their interactions with each other. Un Gwang has always been fond of Seol Woo since his rescue on episode 2/3. I will admit that I was touched at his recollection of CEO Ji when he was starting out as an actor. So, I wasn’t surprised that it didn’t take long for him to CEO Ji back into the family. Do Ha is still undecided towards Seol Woo [until she kissed him], and Seol Woo is still dedicated to his mission. The baddies are still baddies with no intention of turning new leaves. Our agents well, there’s really nothing to develop when you’re supposed to be in a covert mission, although I appreciate that they find time for romance on the side. So – there’s not much to explore.

I got to see some action that I wanted. I will ignore the few lapses of logic with the mini action sequence that was offered today. Am I seriously the only one who wanted this show to be a true action drama? This would be so good if it focused on the action, with a side of romance, and the comedy is in the romance. I can do without the promised bromance.

As far as the romance goes, I am not convinced that both characters have gained true feelings for each other.  Sure, Seol Woo started to notice her during his Russia mission, but I don’t think that he’s on the level of “true love” yet. He’s still an android when it comes to romance, doing everything by the book. because he’s still in the mindset that this is a side mission, to his original mission. Do Ha too, she spent many years being on Un Gwang’s side. She can’t simply just like the first person to show affection. What about all those years she spent with Un Gwang? I think this would work more if Seol Woo has a competition for Do Ha’s heart to begin with. If Un Gwang was written as a second lead and showers he same affection to Do Ha, I think this would bring out Seol Woo’s feelings – but not on the 4th episode. You know what would be funny, if Seol Woo’s lair has a bookshelf of books dedicated to Romance, or self-help books on how to get the girl.  Needless to say, I was unaffected by their kiss last episode, and this episode.

Okay, I like Park Hae Jin as an actor. I’ve only watched him in Cheese In The Trap before this show. I hate to say this, but I can’t connect with him when he’s trying to be funny. I know, I know, I’ve stereotyped him playing serious roles, and this could be a break off of that mold – but – it’s not working for me. Maybe that’s probably why I am not convinced that Seol Woo really had feelings for Do Ha when he first kissed her, and again when Do Ha kissed him.

This is why I can’t connect with the bromance part of this show. I know the script calls for a funny scene, but I don’t feel it when they portray it. Believe me, I’m all for bromance scenes since BOF days, but this show is not cutting it for me.  I think the show can still pull off the comedic side of things if Seol Woo’s character isn’t written in. If need me, Seol Woo’s comedic antics could surface as he’s trying to woo Do Ha and falters But for Seol Woo to emulate facial expressions that are meant to be funny – it’s not.

We still have two more wood carvings to find, and I ‘m sure more sub plots will come out of the woodwork. The story will progress a little bit further. At this point, we’ve established on who’s on the good and evil side of things. So, it’s natural for a tiny stepback to lay more groundwork for the next arc. Mission: Romance.

Man To Man: 4

I said last time that if Do Ha’s dad shows up again and says something vague, it means that Do Ha’s character is more than Seol Woo’s love interest. Well, he showed up in this episode, and asked if she still has the “gift” he gave her. Pretty good to have written a future mission for Seol Woo, and Do Ha will be his target, I would say. This will complicate things a tad bit for Seol Woo, and I can’t wait. As far as her dad’s character goes, I’m sure he’ll help in complicating things for everyone involved. Not a matter of if, but when.

It looks like Seol Woo will have time to fall in love because our baddies are busy playing double cross, It looks like they each have a role as a “team”, but each member has a different goal. Seung Jae’s goal is to get his father’s dirty money, and he is looking more like ghost money to Assemblyman Baek.  Assemblyman Baek seems to be a mastermind playing puppet, and we have an actual ghost agent who hasn’t done any of the dirty work yet. Meaning, they’re nowhere in this show, which is not good if we have a secret agent that lives for a mission.

I feel bad for Do Ha who’s confused at Seol Woo’s advances, then gets let down in a shocking way. That’s a big eye opener for a woman who’s been told somewhat of the truth. I feel for her though, a lot has happened to her since she met Seol Woo, dealing with Un Gwang’s accident, and her dad showing up all at the same time.

I know it’s Seol Woo’s tactic in order to accomplish his mission. He is still the same using logic and assessing every situation and reacts according to that. Seol Woo “wooing” Do Ha wasn’t part of his plan to begin with. In fact, I didn’t see that he tried to charm her at all. In the end, he must’ve been “What the heck, my mission is over anyway, so yeah let’s just tell her what she doesn’t want to hear, not thinking it’ll backfire. I think this is where he’ll reach a realization that he’s never experienced this before, and that’s where the “comedic” turn of events will ensue. I just think he went a little bit farther than what a car explosion. Maybe it’s just me, but I did see a pang of guilt when he was walking away compared to the woman he left behind in the first episode.

The show is stepping up on the action/suspense aspect, which I’m not going to get into detail. The action is there, but I want more. I think I’m going to keep saying this in every post. They spoiled me in episode 2, and I want to see more action scenes like that. They’ve been setting up the loveline between Seol Woo, and Do Ha. As far as the romance goes, I don’t see any chemistry suggesting that they’ve developed mutual feelings for each other outside the professional realm yet, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that Seol Woo was a teeny tiny bit attracted to Do Ha in the last episode, but kept it at bay because he’s on a mission.