Goblin Merchandise on Amazon

It’s been months since this show ended and I’m still listening to their OST. Some of you might have bought merchandise as soon as it came out, some are still waiting to buy. Well, Amazon has Goblin[Guardian] Merchandise. If you haven’t purchased any of their items, here is what Amazon has to offer:

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Ji Eun Tak


Goblin: God of Kdrama Addiction

Viewers around the globe has been swept up with the Goblin syndrome. The series has finished its run, and most of us are now suffering from MAJOR withdrawal symptoms. I mean, who wouldn’t? This show – it’s a perfect TRIFECTA.

First, they blessed us with a GODLY ensemble that’s Gong Yoo, Kim Go Eun, Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na, and Yook Sung Jae

The chemistry between these actors have with each other is unbelievable. No matter which actor is paired up with, the scenes just come to life. I personally don’t think they were acting at all. I felt like they were having a natural, normal conversation.

The supporting casts are just as beautiful. I think everyone will agree that it was a fun surprise to see the actor in this show that played Secretary/CEO Kim. The cameos by Kim So Hyun brought elegance to the show.

Second, there’s the script, cinematography, and special effects that are nothing short of AMAZING. Just look at these…these are just from episode 14. I almost felt like I’m watching a movie. I’m actually now convinced that if this was made into a movie, would it have the same frenzy.

As far as the script goes, the writer had everything in mind from beginning to end. The cliche’s are there in any romance drama, but somehow she wrote it naturally, and acted out perfectly.  Although some viewers beg to differ, I really did appreciate the ending. Everything does come full circle. I knew going in when I started to watch this drama, that God-Human relationships are bittersweet. Kim Shin is still a God, his punishment was over, made amends with Wang Yeo – that’s why he was able to have his happy ending even for a moment. Eun Tak is a human, she got her happy ending – though she can’t live forever. Kim Shin witnessing everyone dying has never been his punishment, it seems like it is, but when we lose anything in our lives, we tell ourselves it’s our punishment. It’s not. It’s a way of life for a God. It’s the cycle of god/human life. Round and round.

I’m sure Kim Eun Sook thought about possibilities of Shin becoming human, or Eun Tak to somehow get immortality, but it wouldn’t make sense. It would just raise more questions. At least this way, Kim Shin lived up to the show’s title- The Great and Lonely God. Again, everything was perfect.

Finally, the soundtrack – all the songs played the right time, nothing was overplayed [think “Almost Paradise”] and brought the right emotions out. Nothing seals a drama the way a track plays in a very important scene. This show nailed it.

On a side note – it did help that this show aired in tvN. I think that the world would still end up in a Goblin syndrome, but the quality wouldn’t be the same if it were to air in any of the three major broadcasters towards the end because the network would be succumbing into fan service.

Since this show has premiered, it has taken over my mind, if not my entire being. I can’t stop “googling” about anything Goblin related articles. I’ve followed everything Goblin in all social media outlets. I ended up buying a new desktop so I can watch it on a bigger screen instead of my phone or ipad, and because I couldn’t wait for my Apple TV to be set up on Christmas.  Goblin has overtaken any lists that I have as far as preferences. This show set the bar so high, that I’d have to redo my favorite drama, leading man, leading lady, and OST of all time. Sad part was, that I didn’t even get to blog about the original lists that I have since I started watching in 2008.

Like many of you, I’m wondering what to do next, how to heal from the withdrawal symptoms. I mean we all have jobs to go the next day, or school, or this thing called reality….but you understand the dilemma. I tried a “rebound drama” when episode 12 just aired to slowly cushion my fall when the series ends, but it’s not working out. So now, I’m gearing myself of binge watching this drama again. Mind you, I’ve watched this as soon as the episode is available in English subs – twice- each episode. This time though, I’m taking notes on episodes, scenes that made me laugh, cry, mad, confused – if/when my questions were answered. I’ll blog about it for a while until I run out of content.

For now all I can say is this: Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook are the Gods of Kdrama Addiction. Kim Go Eun, Yoo In Na are the Patron Saints of Drama Heroines.

Goblin: Not ready to let go, Are you?

We’re at the finale weekend of Goblin, and we will get treated to 3 episodes. Unfortunately, it is the LAST 3 episodes. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, I don’t know what crack drama you’re on. You still have days away to marathon the entire series before the finale. Be warned: you will look and sound like a lunatic throughout the series because as you watch an episode, you will laugh, then you will cry, then you will laugh some more, and cry harder, get mad, then go crazy wanting to watch the next episode – repeat for the next 13 episodes.

If you’re on this crack drama, are you as anxious as I am? I mean, I’m really curious how this will play out. Since they delayed episode 14 because they want special effects to be of quality, I cannot imagine what else needs CGI editing. I’m still excited nonetheless. I think I can foresee a time jump happening – it’d be nice if they have a montage of how they’ve been living the last 9 years, instead of hearing it in the dialogue. More importantly, I just want answers – how will Sunny find out her brother died? Will ET live or die of a heart attack? Will GR and Sunny have a happy ending? Will ET and KS have a happy ending? –I’d be quite disappointed if their reunion is one of the reincarnated kind, to be honest. But I’ll take what I get – another passionate kiss,

this time though the camera needs NOT to be behind GY’s shoulder. Also, where is the OST for Never Far Away?????

Then here comes the reality – the major withdrawal symptoms. I know I’m going to get it pretty bad. I’m pretty bummed that I went with the Goblin craze watching it raw, with subs, again and again, going through every social media post about this show, and not to mention shipping KGE and GY to date in real life. The last time I was like this was when Master’s Sun was airing, SKKS a few years before that, and City Hall. I should’ve just waited for the whole series to air then watch it in 2 days like I always do. But no- I freaking fell in love with ET and KS right off the bat. So, here I am, more afraid of the withdrawal symptoms rather than how the series will answer all the questions, seal every loophole, and wrap the entire show in a neat bow.

I’ve actually found a rebound drama [will be blogging about it soon] and I’m already skipping scenes to get to the ending, so it’s pretty obvious, that I’m not ready to let go of this drama anytime soon.  I’m going to need a Goblin Anonymous just to help me move on.