Rebel-Thief Who Stole The People: 13-14

As of this post, I will no longer be doing mini summaries of each episode. I’m going to be mostly just offering my thoughts on the show.

Rebel: 13-14

You just have to know that Ah Mo Gae is at the end of his journey when he first asked to go back home to Ikwhari, then he handed down his beads to Gil Dong, then he made everyone his family by naming them Hong, and when he bid his goodbyes to everyone. The moment I saw those scenes, I knew that it’s not a matter of if, but when Ah Mo Gae will have to say goodbye. I’m just relieved that he didn’t die by the hands of Ho Tae Hak or Lord Jo’s wife. Although, I wished that he had seen Gil Hyun and Oh Ri Ni before he left to be with his wife. I don’t like this kind of foreshadowing, but it is necessary in order for Gil Dong’s character to do a 180. In the beginning, he wanted to avenge his father which we saw Gil Dong change, now that he’s changed, we needed another shift in the story.

He was such a central character to molding Gil Dong to who he is now. He was able to see Gil Dong use his strength and might, where he’s at peace leaving his tribe under his leadership. Ah Mo Gae’s passing opens up much more plots and answers, not to mention much needed screentime for Gil Hyun and Oh Ri Ni. He will be missed nonetheless.

Gil Dong was impressive in both episodes. He’s not just “beauty” and strength; he’s got brains that work, fitting for a leader. Now that his secret’s out, what will happen next? Part of me feels so sad that he’s kept his guilt for losing his sister this whole time, that it took Ga Ryung at the brink of being held captive in order for him to come out. Kudos to Yoon Kyun Sang’s acting on his part playing the fool, but when he smirks, oh man – you know someone’s going to pay for something.

Ga Ryung, I really feel for her that I even made a meme as soon as I saw the scene where Gil Dong told her that he’ll be his brother from now on.

That’s true love right there. Where she’ll stay by his side and just take what she can get from Gil Dong as long as it’s a form of love. I mean, we already know that she’ll end up shot by his arrow.

Nok Soo on the other hand, although I wished I saw a little bit more of her and Gil Dong’s romance, I believed that love was present in that relationship. Now, I do see sincerity that she likes the king. However, her grudge from that nobleman blindsided her that she’s intent on using him for power. Question is if the King will fall for her or will just use her to get information that he can use against those who are against him.

Eunuch, I have a feeling that he’s the one who will tell the king that Gil Dong is Nok Soo’s former flame. The question is when will it unfold? There is so much more to learn from this Eunuch aside from doing the king’s bidding. Questions abound from this character. Why was he pretending to be a mat peddler? Did he already realize Gil Dong IS the Mighty Child and didn’t say anything? Why? What change does he want to see by keeping that a secret? I’m sure he has a motive of his own.

Gil Hyeon, I wonder if he has the same mindset as Gil Dong in wanting to avenge his father , sister, and Gil Dong – but he has to do it secretively because 1. He’s living under an assumed identity, and 2. He’s working as a government official. He’s already warmed up to the king. I’m actually scared of his fate if in the end he does betray him which will get him killed in the process. Or maybe, he just wants to move on from everything. But that’s all going to change when he reunites with Gil Dong and Oh Ri Ni.

Oh Ri Ni, we all knew she was alive. I was wrong to think that it was Mo Ri who took her. I was so sure that he’s holding her as leverage against Gil Dong. Who found her and who brought her inside the palace? I hope that she gets as much screen time going forward. I’m sure she’ll play a bigger role other than being a palace maid. I can’t wait to see her in the next episodes.

Mo Ri, my heart broke for him when Ho Tae Hak disavowed him. At least I got to know a little bit of his backstory [yes, me and my backstories]. I don’t think we’ll see the end of him though. He’s mentioned he has contacts. I wonder who those contacts are, and how it will play out throughout the show. I wonder if he’ll conspire with Lord Jo’s wife, and the exiled prince?

Story wise, it looks like we ended a chapter that is Ah Mo Gae. Gil Dong’s revenge plans have worked in getting the prince exiled, Ho Tae Hak dead. Nok Soo got her revenge, but I’m sure the thirst for power doesn’t end just there. Ah Mo Gae has passed. So now, we still have to work up to the events leading to the beginning of episode 1.

This felt like we’re beginning a new chapter now that Oh Ri Ni has showed up. Feelings, and emotions will change one’s heart and mind. Now that both Gil Hyeon, and Oh Ri Ni are alive, what will Gil Dong live for now that he doesn’t have to avenge them? What side will Gil Hyeon take when the time comes and his loyalty to the throne is pitted with his loyalty to his family? Is Oh Ri Ni the lady that will balance both scales?

Stay tuned.