Warrior Baek Dong Soo: Episode 1

Like all saeguks we start with a history lesson. Prince Sado wanted to reclaim land that was lost, therefore the Norons plotted to frame him – and eliminate those that are working loyally for him. The king has decided that Baek Go Sang is to be beheaded and his family hanged.

ROUND 1! Riding on the mountain range is Kim Gwang Taek – The greatest swordsman waiting for him is Cheon the top assassin. Cheon asked for a few minutes of Gwang Taek’s time, and let the fight begin! Meanwhile Go Sang is walking his death march, his allies can only watch. The crown prince is trying to convince the king that it’s not a revolution but the king does not want to hear it. Lady Park is in labor- gosh of all times to be in labor.

ROUND 2! Sa Mo is waiting inside Go Sang’s house, Dae Po holds on to a branch with blades. Oh the action and the gore! Dae Po rushed through the crowd to rescue Go Sang and Sa Mo uses his cutlery skills as they were both single handedly fighting the guards off. Dae Po is the more unsuccessful one and alongside Go Sang they were about to meet the blade.

Gwang Taek commandingly comes in. What no round 3? The guards take a step back with just one glare from him. He presents an immunity talisman, given to him by the king personally. The commissioner made it clear that if Go Sang is spared, the Crown Prince is the next target.  Go Sang spoke up and said that he will not ask his life to be spared but to save Dae Po instead.  Gwang Taek agreed and had his final talk with Go Sang, Gwang Taek promised to watch after Go Sang’s unborn child, and with a heavy heart he leaves, and he hears the crowd react to Go Sang’s execution and Dae Po’s screams – the Crown Prince raging rampantly in his room.

Mi arrives at Go Sang’s house and meets Sa Mo, but Gwang Taek comes right on cue and advises to head inside and take care of Lady Park Lady Park who didn’t have the baby yet.

ROUND 3 started outside….with Gwang Taek making a line of fire – literally!

Gwang Taek: Anyone who crosses this line will be sent to the other world.

Assassin: I think I’m curious about the other world all of a sudden

Okay apparently, Sa Mo isn’t’ only skilled with kitchen cutlery, he’s powerful enough to knock a wall down for the ladies to escape. Outside, all of the other assassins are down and very injured, leaving maknae all the more desperate to cross the line of fire. I just love how he gets in and Gwang Taek just sends him back out – and Gwang Taek cuts of the opponents thumb and pushes him back out the line, the maknae admitting defeat.

The brothers bury Go Sang and the Crown Prince arrives also mourning for the loss of his teacher. But, Go Sang’s death doesn’t end things there. Guards are now searching for Lady Park and her baby – arresting all the pregnant women and taking all the newborns ala Moses style minus the killing of the babies – Sa Mo gets wind of the information and tells Gwang Taek. Lady Park overhears and does what she can for her delivery to be delayed.

The guards made their way to their village. One of them came face to face with Lady Park but didn’t recognize her until he saw the wanted sign. The guards quickly came back to a waiting Dae Po and Sa Mo who’s trying to figure out how to handle this. Another fight please? No – there was the neighborhood uprising and all the guards were forced to leave.

Finally, after 10 months of being pregnant, she gave birth to her child – the uncles are proud but were not surprised to see him deformed after finding out what Lady Park did to prolong the delivery. Both Gwang Taek and Sa Mo witnessed Lady Park’s passing while all the guards and the Commissioner waits outside arrests them all– But not without a fight – okay a mini fight!  It was just a tactic because Gwang Taek orders Sa Mo to go back to take care of Lady Park’s body while he takes responsibility for hiding the rebels.

Execution day. Gwang Taek is to be hanged and baby Dong Soo is to be boiled alive. The Crown Prince arrives and passes a royal order that Gwang Taek be pardoned. Flashback:  Crown Prince had to make a choice between saving him or the baby to the king. Only then that Gwang Taek realizes it and convinced both the Prince and the commissioner that he’ll sacrifice his arm to save the baby.


It’s a dream come true when your favorite actor portrays a character in your preferred genre. I always liked saeguks. The Great King Sejong being my first one. I even endured 36 painful episodes of Ja Myung Go. As for Jeon Gwang Ryul,  I didn’t think I’d be this attracted to an actor, but his onscreen presence is just captivating me for some reason, I first saw him in Swallow the Sun, then in Sign [still to be recapped] – I wasn’t planning on watching this drama until I realized that he was in it. Here I am recapping a drama many weeks late.

Warrior Baek Dong Soo drama has me sold when the first fighting sequence was within the first 5 minutes of the first episode. I want more of the action sequence. I do worry though how the main leads [although they are eye candy for me] will pick up from here fighting sequence wise.

I still have to make out if Gwang Taek and Cheon  were originally friends that turned out to be on enemy sides and they look forward to dueling each other, or it’s because of their profession that they duel a lot that they kept each other alive long enough because they ended up enjoying their fights.

It’s only the first episode so I’m sure more characters are to be introduced. I like the pacing so far, so I’m not worried that it will be another JMG at this point. But I do wonder how it will stand up to other saeguks.