Withdrawal Symptom: Angel Eyes

Today is the first Saturday sans Angel Eyes. It did not help that my kids are not home today. One is with her dad, the other with the cousin that longs to see him as if the world will end if my son doesn’t visit. 🙂 Anyway, I think I can survive with the thought that LSY is so adorably smexy. I am actually impressed with GSH in this series. She was so believable and I almost want to believe that there is more to the OTP outside the drama…don’t get me there…my first ship hit the iceberg not too long ago.

I wish I have a whistle to blow and LSY can come.

Long Live Empress Ki

It really has been a while since I’ve blogged anything about my Kdramas. But, rest assured, I still follow a few here and there. It dwindled down to one or two hours a night from my 6hr drama spree from 2009-2010. Thanks to Hulu, I was able to watch Empress Ki. Although there was a lot lost during translation. I absolutely just did not have time to wait for subs, download, and make my own dvd to watch.

So the drama ended with SN confessing her love to TH. Part of me did wonder if she just said that or if she really meant it.
I have no other final thoughts with the drama as far as complaints come. I enjoyed every episode. Historical inaccuracies aside [that’s what entertainment is for] the drama did give me a colorful view of history. As usual HJW portrayed her character to perfection. CJW – can he get any hotter??? I believe every actor and actress in this drama worked really hard to play the part they were given. I am absolutely impressed at the dedication all the cast and crew showed with this drama. I actually gained a new dongsaeng crush – TalTal anyone?