2012: A Year In Review

Just because I haven’t been blogging, doesn’t mean I stopped watching. But, it wasn’t as crazy back in 2009- where I watched about 20 dramas. This year, even though I anticipated a few, I still only watched what I can. This year, I ventured into watching Korean movies as well. I’ll update this post later with my thoughts on the movies, but for now, I wanted to just get out my thoughts for the dramas I’ve watched….

I started the year with History of Salaryman. I had mixed feelings about the drama before it aired, but I’m glad that I watched it. With this drama, I was watching Take Care of Us Captain. I still can’t relate Gu Hye Sun’s acting. I’m sure she’s very talented in so many ways, but if you pair her up with an actor like Ji Jin Hee, with his acting skills, the least she can do is get as emotional as him to make the romantic scenes work. Anyway, the drama overall was entertaining enough for me to watch all the way through. So, I’m not going to complain anymore. Then there’s King 2 Hearts and Rooftop Prince. Yoo Cun!!! But, I loved the suspense in what K2H had to offer. I might have to re-watch an episode of Rooftop to remind me how I felt for the drama overall. Let’s just say that it was not anywhere near SKKS. After a few months of missing dramas came Arang And The Magistrate. This drama took the spot of Salaryman as my favorite for the year. There was not a day that I’m not re-watching episodes or re- reading recaps. It was a fun, flamboyant series. The pairing was perfect! They cannot be any cuter together. After that, I started Five Fingers. I didn’t know what it was about, but I found myself in a marathon just to watch the next episode. I’m still working on this drama when I remember to watch it. My most anticipated drama since 2011 finally aired: Vampire Prosecutor 2. I knew this was going to be my favorite of 2012 – as much as I appreciate the upgrade, it left a few plots flat for me. Yes, it was grittier, darker, much more suspenseful – but they left out a lot of the brotherly love, the team bickering, and the R-O-M-A-N-C-E. Could it be? There’s a season 3? Or, at least a spin-off? But, no – I probably wouldn’t watch a spin off without a confirmation that Min Tae Yeon would visit. This drama didn’t even make it to my all time favorite. I was out of touch with recent dramas until King of Dramas aired.  So far, this is an enjoyable drama and was thankful for the granted extension, maybe they can amp up the romance here. But, while waiting for the next two episodes, I decided to watch Cheongdamdong Alice. This is now my crack drama of 2012. The OTP has my heart racing each time. Like Arang, I’m watching and re-watching episodes, scenes and lurking at message boards for the latest updates until the next episodes air. This drama confirmed to me that yeah – despite being broken hearted so many times, I’m still a hopeless romantic!

There you have it. Unfortunately, I didn’t watch enough dramas to even make a top 10 list. So, I’ll just list them according to my most favorite to least.

1. Cheongdamdong Alice

2. Arang And The Magistrate

3. History Of Salaryman

4. King Of Dramas

5. Vampire Prosecutor 2

6.  King 2 Hearts

7. Five Fingers

8. Take Care Of Us Captain

9. Rooftop Prince

Yeah, I don’t think I watched the dramas I wanted to watch. Which was a surprise because saeguks are my favorite genre. But, these are still on my to watch list [listed in random order]. Maybe if it comes on my Netflix or something….

Answer Me 1997


Horse Healer

Moon That Embraces The Sun

Operation Proposal [on my Netflix queue]

Queen In Hyun’s Man

Bridal Mask


The Great Seer

Jeon Woo Chi [really tempted to start watching this during Christmas break]

Dr. Jin

King’s Dream

Well there you have it. My year of dramas in a nutshell. If I had a faster computer, I probably made .gif[s] and fanmade MV’s of the dramas I liked. But, I didn’t want to burn out my only living computer left until the next time I can afford one. Until then, I’ll watch what I can during dinner, and what’s on Netflix when the kids are asleep.

Looking forward to watching more on 2013!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year