Lee Sang Yeob…wasn’t gone after all.

I know, I know – he’s not that popular, but he was the first Korean actor that I had a crush on while watching him in the drama The Great King Sejong. It pretty much solidified my drama addiction [I’ve only watched 3 at the time], and love for saequk. After that, he disappeared-at least to me. He was supposed to be in an MBC drama but production never started and no one really blogged about him and, BOF, YAB, QSD, Dong Yi and many more drama aired through the years and no Lee Sang Yeob [sob] and I just assumed he went to the army and, you know, out of sight – out of mind….I kind of stopped looking for news articles about him, until……

After reading Dramabeans’ recap of Ripley – I saw a screencap of him, I had to squint my eyes to make sure that it was him. I went straight to dramawiki and sure enough, he hasn’t been gone all this time! He was in Midas too and some other drama that I’ve never even heard about. I never really liked the premise of Midas, but because of him, I will have to make time to watch it.
Lee Sang Yeob, if you or your manager happens to read this, I am truly sorry and please forgive me. I am still your fan and I’ll forever be your noona!
Seriously, how can no one think that he’s hot???

crown prince the great king sejong