Random Thoughts: Missing 9 – Sewol Tragedy

I’m a self confessed Kdrama addict. Someday, in a future post, I’ll open up and explain my story as to how Kdramas saved my life. As the years progressed, I was able to enjoy other things Korean: Kpop, politics, and other eye catching headlines.

One day, I came across a breaking news about Sewol. Something about me intrigued me where I followed, read every news article about this up to this day. I didn’t realize it until today during my daughter’s taekwondo class. I don’t know what made me search #Sewol on Twitter, and on google. I reread the Wikipedia article about it, and saw Missing 9.


Light bulb! What if Missing 9 was indirectly related to Sewol?. Now, I haven’t been following any news tidbits about the show. I didn’t read/watch any specials, behind the scenes, or anything about Missing 9. I just watched the drama as is, so I don’t know if it was mentioned or not that it’s reminded the citizens about the tragedy.


I’d like to say I’m sure it wasn’t written for that purpose, but it does hit similarly close to home. There were more people on the plane, but 9 survived, which is the missing count of Sewol. The committee conspired with Legend Entertainment to cover up the truth, Sewol on the other hand, there were news, and protests about it.


Please don’t take my word for it. It’s just a random thought.

Drama Review: 3/13/17

As of this post, I’ve watched:

Missing 9: 15-16 [Final]

15: Joon Oh managed to prevent Tae Ho from attending the press conference, and Prosecutor Yoon shares publicly that CEO Jang and Tae Ho are responsible for Jae Hyun’s death, therefore requesting So Hee’s murder investigation reopened. Tae Ho has another ally in a new character that’s introduced late in the game – Prosecutor Lee. The survivors provided their new statements to the prosecutor who in turn dismissed their claims for Joon Oh’s innocence. Tae Ho made a deal with CEO Jang, and was released from jail. Prosecutor Yoon was fired, and Bong Hee was charged for conspiracy. She was arrested and released when Joon Oh turned himself in. Joon Oh and Tae Young had already formulated a plan to get Prosecutor Lee to arrange a meeting between him and CEO Jang. Joon Oh manages to corner CEO Jang to tell him that Tae Ho had betrayed him without Prosecutor Lee hearing the conversation.

16: Prosecutor Jo defends Joon Oh as his lawyer. Chairwoman Jo forfeits from the election. She was asked by the prosecution to testify since she was the first one to choose Tae Ho over Joon Oh. CEO Jang thinks back to his agreement with Tae Ho that he will kill the assassin now his driver??, and the day that Joon Oh told him that they’ve become chummy with each other. Tae Ho stands witness against Joon Oh but Lawyer Jo was able to confuse him and make his statements inconsistent. CEO Hwang shows up to testify claiming Joon Oh is innocent, that he’s the one who helped all of them. Chairwoman Jo did not testify. During Tae Ho’s visit to CEO Jang, he lied to him that he’d found their accomplice, and the CEO Hwang’s health was deteriorating. CEO Jang seemed to just agree, but he’d already known he’s lying because CEO Hwang was just there to visit him to make a deal to testify for Joon Oh. Tae Ho and his driver/accomplished hatched a plan to eliminate CEO Jang before he gets to court. As Tae Ho was about to commit his final murder, Joon Oh manages to convince him otherwise promising that he’ll support him. Prosecutor Lee was arrested for the cover up, along with everyone that is related to the crimes. Flash forward – the survivors, plus Bong Hee’s mom, Tae Yong, Lawyer Jo, Investigator Oh, and Tae Ho gather together seemingly having fun and enjoying each other’s company despite recent events.

Read my final review for this show here.

Final Review: Missing 9

Missing 9: 15-16 [Final]

Final Comments:

Honestly, I gave up on the show after watching episode 9. The plot got stuck with Bong Hee and the other survivors are still struggling to survive even after coming back to Seoul. It was hard to watch on how they were close to going home, only for Tae Ho to snap and turn into a horror movie killer in order to cover up his original crime – Jae Hyun’s murder. Part of me wanted to see Joon Oh clear his name, which is why I watched each episode, read the subtitles word per word to get a better understanding of where this show is headed. They lost me halfway when they kept repeating the same theme – evil wins again. Different episode, different scenario, same result. Tae Ho wins, Bong Hee loses.

My opinion is, that they probably thought that it’d be a big hit since it’s not a common theme for a show, that it might get extended. If the show was extended to probably 20 episodes total, I think that all of our loose ends will be tied up neatly. They’d have more time to come up with clearing Joon Oh’s name not just by CEO Hwang’s testimony, but from outside sources as well. Can’t those Chinese doctors testify? What about the crew that saved them from the island? Or Reporter Kim could have back up files.

It had been nice if Tae Young was given his prosecutor job back. Chairwoman Jo was an accomplice in the cover up, why wasn’t she arrested? Oh, and Investigator Oh is her nephew? We’re just finding that out in the last episode? AAAANNNNDDDD he likes Bong Hee??? I don’t get it.

What I really wanted to see what everyone paying for their crimes. I wanted to see them behind bars as Bong Hee narrated it. I wanted to see the assassin, CEO Jang, and Tae Ho “surviving” their time in jail.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see Joon Oh clearing his name in public. I wanted to see him walking in the airport and all his fans both past and present flocking towards him, paparazzis, and news reporters trying to get his attention to capture his photo, a reversal from the beginning when he was trying to get their attention.

I was even more disappointed that they completely wrote Yeol off. I understand that out of the missing 9, there had to be a few casualties. But why did he have to die? He’s the most innocent one in the group. He’s probably the one person whose only crime was wanting to release Jae Hyun’s music. There was no closure.

I’ve said it before in my previous review last week, that Joon Oh and everyone else was able to forgive him the first time in the island, they’ll be able to forgive him again. I just didn’t think that he’d be in the same group goofing around with everyone. To me, that just made everyone emotionally numb.

How about an ending where everyone gathers together because Joon Oh finally released his album in memory of Jae Hyun and Yeol, while Ji Ah’s movie is a tribute to So Hee, and Bong Hee opens her own style management company of some sort.

Overall, the show had its good points. It kept me on the edge of my seat wanting answers on what happened to the island, from the start I was curious about Jae Hyun’s backstory because this is what connects the castaways to begin with. The story just got lost when everyone came back home and readjust to their city life.


Drama Review: 3/6/17

As of this post, I’ve watched:

Missing 9: 9-14

I finally caught up with this show! I thought that this will be a new addition to my dropped dramas for 2017. Thank goodness I forced myself to get to this point.

Ho Hang, Ki Joon, and Ji Ah are the next survivors to have made it back to Seoul, but they were all threatened by CEO Jang/Tae Ho to pin all the murders to Joon Oh. Chairwoman Jo publicly announced that Joon Oh is responsible for the crimes, and closed the case. She also had some guts to run for Congress.

As Joon Oh quietly came back to Korea, Prosecutor Yoon and his team are already on the hunt for So Hee’s phone, but so is CEO Jang, and Tae Ho. Thanks to Joon Oh, he was able to get the evidence they need, and come up with a plan to distract Tae Ho’s attention while Prosecutor Yoon hold his press conference that CEO Jang was Jae Hyun’s murderer, and Tae Ho is his accomplish. 

***Watching this show is like opening a new grab box with tons of little presents inside in every episode. It was a long, and frustrating wait for me to get here, and I ALMOST gave up on the show, and I’m glad that I took the time to catch up and endure every defeat, but I tell you, it’s definitely worth the exasperating wait. I can only stand for so much conspiracy and corruption in six hours.

We were given contrasts between Joon Oh and Tae Ho. They survived without nothing in the island together, but were all banded- even enjoying happy moments together under Joon Oh’s leadership in the island even though they lost So Hee, and Yeol. It became a real survivor show under Tae Ho as their leader, ghost leader since being controlled by CEO Jang to begin with. They’re together for show but divided in private. 

It was frustrating to watch Bong Hee gets railroaded in each episode since Tae Ho came back. It was disturbing that Ho Hang, Ki Joon, and Ji Ah had to betray Bong Hee because they had no choice but to survive. They were rendered powerless under Legend Entertainment even though Ji Ah was kicking ass in the hospital. It was annoying to know that a prosecutor cannot do anything about it, at least not at the moment. He was too gentle to be a prosecutor. It was really infuriating to watch Tae Ho, CEO Jang, and the Chairwoman to just manipulate this entire investigation to their own advantage. My God, this show was written to get these emotions out of me, and it worked! I didn’t want to stop watching because I wanted so much for Tae Ho and CEO Jang sent to jail.

Now that Joon Oh is back, our team is back together [in secret] with their new recruit Prosecutor. It’s sad because I felt that he’s a stand in for So Hee. I love that their camaraderie and teamwork still prevailed outside the island. Who knew that it would take CEO Hwang to get them back together like this? It took FOREVER [and I counted!] to get here. Hey, better late than never. Joon Oh gets to be the forgiving saint of the year for understanding Ho Hang, Ki Joon, and Ji Ah in agreeing to pin the murders in the island on him. Gotta love him for that! 

Jae Hyun’s entire story is finally revealed. To summarize, he’s the voice of Tae Ho. Without him, there is no Dreamers. Tae Ho of course knew that too, it’ll be a big scandal. He was led to believe that he killed him by CEO Jang who was the real murderer. So Hee however, knew this and used this against both of them while trying not to lose it mentally when she disclosed the information to Reporter Kim. This plane crash is all about burying Jae Hyun’s murder and everyone that’s involved in it, albeit with a few innocent ones just to make this plot look like a tragedy. Who knew that it would be So Hee to do that in the end for him? It did come full circle for her.

It’s bittersweet knowing that the Missing 9 is now the Magnificent 7, but a few had to pay the price in order for Jae Hyun to get the justice he deserves, and for Joon Oh to clear his innocence since the beginning. It’s not time for closure yet since we still have two more episodes left, and anything can still happen. 

Now that everything’s out in the open, I’m curious how this play out in the finale week. Will CEO Jang have more under his sleeve?  As for Tae Ho, we were given a glimpse of his true self in the past. He was willing to turn himself in. Will he turn himself in, or is he in too deep and go all out? He better not kill himself – that’d be too bad for the show if the writers do write him off that way. Either way, he still committed crimes, which is one too many, but if everyone was able to forgive him the first time in the island, they can still be there for him when this all ends. I haven’t given up hope that Yeol is alive with amnesia but if he isn’t, it’d be nice if they recover his body at least. 

Rebel: 9-10 

Gil Dong’s plan for revenge is slowly but efficiently rolling. Eop San returned with sad news about Gil Hyeon, and Oh Ri Ni. Ah Mo Gae pleads with Gil Dong to abandon his revenge after realizing that he got his strength back. Gil Hyeon decided to study for the state exam after learning his family’s fate. Ho Tae Hak is forced to work with Gil Dong. The King is still unable to control his court. Nok Soo misses opportunities to get close to the King, but got one chance that captured his heart. 

***I forgot everything I was going to write after watching Nok Soo’s dance. It was magnificent.

Gil Dong sure has both the brains and the strength to get his revenge. He’s almost psychopathic at his approach, the way he was able to get to Ho Tae Hak by messing with him mentally. Nok Soo’s plan at getting her own power is also underway. It’s a nice parallel, I wonder what will happen when those lines meet, and they face each other?

Ga Ryung proved to be helpful, and I feel bad that Gil Dong can’t reciprocate her feelings. I understand Gil Dong’s side. She reminds him of his sister that he was responsible for, and lost her. I’m sure he thinks it’s best if he kept her at a distance to keep her safe. But we already know since the beginning, that Ga Ryung will do anything for Gil Dong, even if it kills her.

Gil Hyeon is set to become a government official. Will he able to get on the King’s good side? If he does, does this mean that the two brothers will be at odds with each other?

Mo Ri is a character I’m closely watching since I don’t know yet if he’s going to join Gil Dong, or end up going against Ho Tae Hak. He does look like he’s sick and tired of the way the Prince is treating his boss, but I don’t know yet how he’d react once he realizes that the same boss joined hands with their former enemy. I’m still holding on to the idea that he has Oh Ri Ni.

Do Bong Soon: 3-4 

Our partners for justice is getting closer by the hour. Min Hyuk is falling ever deeper in love for Bong Soon, and he doesn’t even deny it anymore. Min Hyuk was attacked and asked for help from the only half brother he trusts. Bong Soon is having a hard time controlling both her feelings and her strength. There’s not much progress in Gook Du’s case, as their criminal took another victim to his lair. 

***It’s finally time to say goodbye to Goblin. This show will forever be in my kdrama heart and soul. 

I luv luv luv this show! I can’t stop laughing. I’m enjoying this show so much, that I couldn’t properly concentrate/think/analyze what’s going on. I’d have to re-watch this just to see any inconsistencies in the sequencing, editing of the show like the last few minutes of episode 1. But either way, I’m not complaining. I’m not even going to begin how the writers are going to put all the serious plots together, add romance, and the hijinks of comedy.

Not much happened in episode 3, but I still loved every interaction between our couple. I swear I get a kick out of Min Hyuk every time he gets hurt by Bong Soon. I also just melt each time he lets loose around her. If only he knew that the woman in his closet is her. I can’t wait for that reveal.  I just empathize with Bong Soon at how annoyed she gets at her boss. I can watch these two all day. 

So, it looks like our show has three separate “cases” to solve. 1. Gook Du’s kidnapper/murderer who Bong Soon recognizes by voice. 2. Ahn Min Hyuk’s stalker[s]/mastermind, and 3. The gangster boss who’s after Bong Soon, and Min Hyuk. Unless, they are all connected anyway. 

Don’t’ forget the loveliness: 1. Min Hyuk/Bong Soon 2. Gook Du/Bong Soon 3. Gook Du/Ji Hee 4. Bong Gi/Ji Hee. We already know that Min Hyuk is smitten with Bong Soon, we can foretell that Ji Hee and Gook Du’s relationship is headed for an ice berg. It’s only a matter of time Gook Do will realize his true feelings for Bong Soon, which will lead Ji Hee towards Bong Gi 

Park Hyung Sik as Min Hyuk is perfect. I really couldn’t imagine any other actor playing this role. He’s so charismatic as a man, yet so gently gay. He’s perfect. He’s got this character down to a tee! I’m still trying to connect to Ji Soo’s character as Gook Do. Hopefully, we get to see some sort of emotional backstory about him [yes, I love backstories], and maybe I can understand why he’s the way he is. I’m already cheering for Park Bo Yong since the show started. Everything about her Bong Soon character is so intriguingly lovable. 

Voice: 13-14 

What a week! I swear OCN is the go to network for crime thrillers. 

Kwon Joo reveals to Jin Hyeok that his wife was involved with GP Development. Nam Sang Tae is Tae Gu’s latest victim after wanting to make a deal with Jin Hyeok. We saw a glimpse of Tae Gu’s childhood. He’s a psycho since then! Commissioner Bae pulled the plug on the Golden Time Team, but that won’t stop Kwon Joo, and Jin Hyuk from investigating their three year old case. Kwon Joo, and Jin Hyuk finally meets Tae Gu. 

***The narration of Eun Soo, she said, “from the thrilling vibration he feels every time he strikes the iron ball, the fishy scent of blood that pumps the heart, and the police chase that leads them to a different place as he wants…..all of these things excited him”. He’s a natural born psycho. He pretty much got away with everything because his father let him. The fault lies in the father because he enabled it. I won’t be surprised that Tae Gu will kill him in the end. I have a feeling that there’s more to this than what we were given. Who/What/Why/When does these triggers these psychopathic rampages? From what I’ve gathered, everything that he killed, “bit” him back. 

Was I the only one that feels that Tae Gu is turned on by Kwon Joo? 

I have to give it to the writers in bringing all their 112 calls almost closely related to GP/Sungwon Express. We can still have one last plot twist before the finale….will there be another victim? Will Dae Shik change his mind and reveal Tae Gu’s evil plot? Will Tae Gu’s father finally turn his son in?
Thank you to the cameraman who steadily shot his scenes for this episode. I didn’t get dizzy at all.

Stay tuned.


Drama Review: 2/6/17

As of this post, I’ve watched:

Rebel: 1-2

As with any historical dramas, we get to see the childhood events that shaped our characters’ future.

Gil Dong’s family are servants to a nobleman. He inherited a gift of strength from his father, which only his father knows. His father is very loyal to his family and doted on Gil Dong especially. He is too smart to be a servant though, and his goal is to buy their freedom for the sake of Gil Dong and his family. His father who is too smart to be a servant, was able to convince his employer to live outside on their own.

Gil Dong struggled to keep his strength a secret, which once in a while gets him in trouble. Gil Dong loses his mother after giving birth to his sister, and his father ended up murdering his master which Gil Dong witnessed.

The Crown Prince  is questioning why he can’t call his father- Father, and as to why he doesn’t live in the palace. He deduced that he’ll have the same fate as her brother who passed because he lived there. On the political front, there are “talks” to return the dethroned queen back to her place.

We’re still ways away from seeing the grown up versions of our show. We still need to see how the main characters tie together. With the number of years I’ve been watching kdramas, I honestly have not watched any of the previous Hong Gil Dong adaptation/retelling, so I wouldn’t have anything to compare this to. Which can be a good thing because I’d only be focused on this adaptation. For now, I’m interested enough to keep watching.

Missing 9: 5-6

We get more Island time in these two episodes, and we also get more revelations from their time together.As Tae Ho makes his escape with the co-pilot, President Hwang, and So Hee – they were of course thwarted by the rest of the gang. In the process, Bong Hee and So Hee gets stuck on another island, while the others makes an attempt to rescue them. Joon Oh manages to rescue both So Hee and Bong Hee. Only for Tae Ho claiming two lives -Yeol and So Hee in his desperation to live and his secrets to be buried.

In the present time, President Hwang did escape from the island, only to survive a murder attempt that places him in a coma. So Hee’s brother gets a hold of Bong Hee’s confession, and pressures the chairwoman to make a public announcement regarding So Hee’s murderer, but in the nick of time, Bong Hee remembers everything until Tae Ho emerges as another survivor…

Wow. Tae Ho is setting up to be the villain here. It’d be interesting to see how he will manipulate the public because it’ll be definitely Bong Hee’s words vs his. Who will be on who’s side? Are there any more survivors……

Voice: 5-6

We’re almost halfway into the series, and the plot is underway to solve the one case that started it all. Who owns the voice that killed Kwon Joo’s father, and Jin Hyuk’s wife?

As always, Jin Hyuk beat the Serious Crime Unit in rescuing Kwon Joo, and Eun Byul. Jin huyk had made up his mind, and will stay with Golden Time team, while the rest of his old teammates wonder what will happen to them. Kwang Il is connected to the Eunhyungdong Incident three years ago, and he’s the only witness left, until he was murdered while under police custody. Kwon Joo is ever resolute that there is a cop that’s helping the murderer. It turns out it was Chief Jang all along. The police commissioner is too eager to cover up their mistake as well and dared Kwon Joo that her team will be disbanded if it’s proven that her ulterior motive to is to investigate her father’s death.

Jin Hyuk, and Kwon Joo set out to re-investigate this case on their own – trusting no one. Although we get to see the murderer in action, we still have no clue as to his real identity. Unfortunately, he’s been tipped that he’s being investigated. On the brighter side, Eun Soo decided to join Golden Time Team after all.  As usual, the team gets a call and this time they find a dead body.

I get that they need to establish the Golden Time Team and show it by solving the crimes as they get the calls. We’re there now. They’ve solved every crime within Golden Time, can we see them drink at a pochamanga or have gogi now? Can we start showing that they’re getting along as a team? Right now, the only team I see is Gwon Joo and Jin Hyuk, and even then, they’re still not trusting of each other.

I didn’t mention this before. When I first started watching this show, I thought that Dae Shik is somewhat connected to the murderer, and boy was I wrong. I’d like to think that Chief Jang’s involvement is not voluntary, that he had no choice. I’d like to see him redeem himself, as I’m worried that he’ll be a casualty in the upcoming episodes.

OCN has a way of really making me come back for more. I don’t see or feel any chemistry within the characters, yet here I am watching this show as soon as it’s up for viewing. Whatever it is, it’s working and although I can’t say that I’m hooked, I think I’m more curious to see how everything will tie up in the end.


Goblin Special 1-2

Yoo In Na, and Lee Dong Wook are the commentators for this special. Lee El provided an emotional narration  of our ShinTak love story. Sunny/Grim Reaper’s love story,and the Bromance between our Goblin/GR were also highlighted.Secretary Kim fulfilled his pledge. We got a behind the scenes look at how Goblin was made. From makeup, costumes, CGI’s to NG’s. Sorry GongEun shippers, we didn’t get what we were waiting for….but I think it’s safe to say that Lee Dong Wook, and Yoo In Na are the captains of this ship. Lee Dong Wook may know more than what he looks.

It’s no surprise that the cast and crew are suffering from withdrawal symptoms as Yoo In Na, and Lee Dong Wook said during this special episode. Just like us, they both expressed an interest in a potential season two. But, all good things come to an end.

Even in the saddest scenes, I was happy. Every moment that I watched Goblin shined. In my next life, I will still remember Goblin.

Drama Premiere: January

Wow! It’s already February. Are you still suffering from the Goblin syndrome, or are you ready to move on? Personally, it takes me a while to find a new drama to follow right after a crack drama. I have a couple of dramas that I’m already following before Goblin ended, so the fall into withdrawal symptoms isn’t as bad, but, I must admit – there is probably no other drama that can make me move on right away.

If you’re ready to move on wondering what other dramas are out there in kdramaland that you can marathon, below is a list of shows that premiered in January.

Oppa Is Missing
Naver TV Cast

The Naked Fireman
맨몸의 소방관


My Shy Boss
내성적인 보스

Missing 9


Chief Kim

Drama Review: 1/29/17

I’m still reeling, and not quite over the Goblin syndrome. I am having a hard time starting a new drama after this show’s magnificent run But, somehow I need to move on, so I tried to keep up with what I had already started and try new shows.

As of this post, I’ve watched:

Missing 9: 3-4

In the present time, So Hee’s brother is very much intent on finding out who killed his sister. In the meantime, the Special Investigative Commissions agenda is to bury the whole thing and have the public forget. Politics play a role here although it hasn’t played out yet. It’s becoming a Making A Murderer vs Survivor inside the organization. The investigation continues on Bong Hee who still struggles to remember events they needed from her. She went under hypnotheraphy only to unconsciously confess to killing So Hee. Which was confirmed when Bong Hee returned to the island, and strolled through nice memories of her time there until she remembered So Hee’s death, and she was the last person with her.

We get to see more of what happened to our castaways on the island, that are not of Bong Hee’s recollections during the investigation. Our castaways are learning or should I say struggling to survive outside their natural element. Eventually, the survivor groups formed into one. Even though he was met with opposition, Joon Oh led our team inland to find better shelter while waiting for rescue, to find proof that there were others before them. They’ve been met both separately, and as a group with a few challenges aside from figuring out what to eat. They dealt with dangers of a storm, snake bite, landmines, finding a cure for Ji Ah’s injury, falling in bunkers, and a thief in the night who happens to be the pilot and he has a lifeboat that can only take four people.

The highlight of this week’s episodes were the comedic breaks during their time in the island. It’s a bit refreshing to see the lighter side of things in a survival situation. From the seniors bragging their military experience but still not doing any of the fishing – it is funny. Standing for hours on end on a landmine, that turns out to be dead, it would make me repent for my sins too. I have a fear of snakes, but the scene where the secretary was bit, and he was trying to be heroic by asking to be left behind, yet Bong Hee looks paler than him. Ha! How about Ki Joon hunting for bunnies, but can’t get the courage to turn them into meals because they’re so cute. Good thing too. I would’ve stopped watching the show if they had given the slightest impression that bunnies became dinner.

Character wise, there were some character contrasts: From Tae Jo wanting to survive alone and Joon Oh wanting everyone to survive, So Hee wanting to die and Bong Hee wanting to live as long as he can, Tae Jo taking credit for Ji Ah’s survival, and Ki Joon being the secret hero. There was one similarity which is Jae Hyun and So Hee’s death – both fell. Although it’s too early to say if So Hee’s was really murdered, or if Bong Hee was trying to stop her from jumping and ending up pushing her off the cliff anyway. As a group, the cast with the exception on Bong Hee still act privileged even though they know they’re stuck in an island. We have two strong characters here. Bong Hee is the obvious one since she’s the one mostly working to get them to somewhat settle in on their island life even temporary. Ji Ah is another one, there was a scene where she was weaving leaves, the defining scene was when she chose to go inland with Joon Oh instead of agreeing with Tae Jo’s opinion.

We were kind of given a hint of what the theme of this show – TRUST NO ONE. We saw it in So Hee’s dream right before Jae Hyun jumped – he said don’t trust people. Same goes for Tae Jo saying out lout towards Joon Oh that after Jae Hyun’s death, he doesn’t trust him.

I believe that Bong Hee remembers more than what she’s been revealing to the investigative team. I think that’s pretty smart of her. Until she knows who’s really on her side, it’s best only to reveal the happy-we-got-along somehow memories. But, I won’t be surprised if she does turn out to be the bad guy in the end because she is that kind of person that will do anything to survive.

I’m obviously tuning in to the next episodes. I don’t understand why So Hee didn’t say anything after witnessing Tae Jo commit actual murder. I need to know who was in that hospital with the CEO of Legend Entertainment. Where did Bong Hee find the necklace and how she ended up with it? What is Jae Hyun’s story? Did the hypnotherapist manipulate the session to make it look like Bong Hee killed So Hee? Is Bong Hee a survivor or murderer?

Chief Kim: 1

We only get to see the background of Seong Ryong’s life as an accountant and expert embezzler. First, he’s a math genius. His dad is/was friends with his now or would be previous  employer. He’s popular enough that other business owners come to him for advice on their tax returns, which he gives with something in return like free food, or extra money. Corruption is his game, and his goal is to profit from it. His life goal is to live in Denmark – which is why he embezzles from his boss, and his boss knows turns a blind eye due to the money he saves the company. But in the end, you can only embezzle from your employer for so long especially when jealousy creeps in, and the fear of losing your business to an expert is real. Then comes the opportunity for him to work for a reputable corporation which was to be his “last victim”.

Then we see the side of the corporate and corrupt world of TQ Group. From suicide attempts, to whistle blowing, and hierarchy within departments. It reminds me a little of Misaeng- but it’s definitely not the same story here.

First off, Nam Goong Min should do another historical for his next project. I would definitely watch him this time. As for this show, maybe because I’ve only seen him as a villain, and a single dad, I didn’t get to watch him in his other projects that I didn’t connect with him or any of the characters in this episode.I felt like the comedy part was overacted. It didn’t feel naturally funny to me, and I don’t think it’s Nam Goong Min’s fault, rather, it didn’t come out on screen the way the director had it in mind.

I’d still recommend this show if you’re looking for a comeafter watching Goblin, and not wanting suspense like Voice, or mystery like Missing 9. Who knows, you might connect to the show faster than I did. Personally,  I’m not in a huge rush to watch the next episode –yet. It usually takes me at least six to eight episodes for me to decide if I’m going all the way or just ending it here. There were other shows that premiered this month that I’m going to try.

Stay tuned.

Drama Review: 1/22/17

As of this post I’ve watched:

Goblin: 14, 15,and 16
2016 ended and 2017 started with Goblin. What an AMAZING series. I know that it will take me sometime to get over this show, like 939 to 200 years. Some viewers might still be upset at how it ended, but I still believe that it’s an appropriate way to end the show. I absolutely loved everything about this drama.


Missing 9: 1-2
This show reminds me of the US show LOST, but I like the fact that I’m not going to wait 6 seasons/years to see how this played out. It caught my interest, and I’m curious how/when the flashbacks will end, and if Bong Hee IS the only survivor.

Voice: 3-4
I think what kept me from coming back to the show is because of the cliffhangers in the end of episodes. They got me at the edge of my seat, then bam! I won’t know until Saturday what happens. I absolutely need to know if they will be successful in their rescue in 10 minutes. That, and I also want to know who the killer is that they’re both trying to look for. OCN – really likes their crime thrillers.

Need to catch up on:

Hwarang: 5 – current episode
I haven’t connected to the show as of yet, which is normal. I usually get hooked halfway if the plot progresses.