The Crowned Clown Quotes

Hi! I’m back (hopefully longer this time.) For now, I’ll be posting compiled quotes from the drama The Crowned Clown. This way, I’ll be active both in the Korean Drama Quotes page that I’m one of the admins of, and in my personal blog. If all goes well with time management, hopefully, I can post a review when the series is over.

On to the quotes!

Episode 1

“Your Majesty, that is not how you ask for a favor. You need to plead with tears and beg on your hands and knees. -Lee Heon
“Your Majesty, the throne you protected with your blood and tears, I’ll protect it well. Please rest in peace. -Lee Heon
“If I could protect you with just my words, I would say them dozens, hundreds of times.” -Lee Kyu
“They say half a rumor is a lie.” – Yoo So Woon
“Since I’m living in the palace, how embarassing of me that I have a habit of longing for life outside the palace. -Yoo So Woon
“Those fools must think that I’m the one rejecting you. Who would’ve known that you’re the one rejecting me. -Lee Heon

Episode 2

“That lowlife has one role in this palace. He’ll either get stabbed or poisoned while pretending to be me.” -Lee Sun
“You must promise me that you will not do anything like this ever again.” -Ha Sun
“Without asking for a reason or scolding me, he just held my hands.” -Yoo So Woon
“There are only two ways to leave the palace. Either you step on people and crush them to death, or you completely turn away and ignore them.” -Lee Kyu
“People regret what they did in the morning at night. That’s life.” -Lee Kyu
“Legend says, if you bite into a hazelnut, it scares the goblin that protects the house into granting you a wish.” -Ha Sun
“When you are alone, bite it, and make a wish. Who knows? Your wish might come true.” -Ha Sun
“You asked me why I came here tonight. I’m here to laugh with you, and cry with you. That is why I came here. I’ll stay and endure with you, Your Majesty., so please don’t give up.” -Yoo So Woon
“I came back to learn how to step on mercilessly and crush them to death. Teach me the way.” -Ha Sun