Sunkgkyunkwan Scandal .gif[s] – Episode 3

Episode 3
i loved this episode. if i could make .gifs for every scene, i would.
alas, i chose my personal best moments in this episode. also, this was definitely Joong Ki’s episode to shine!!!! his .gifs will come later.

she’s falling for a girl!!!

…couple moments…

…in the dorm….

seriously, if he’d look that close to her, he shoudlve known by now it’s the same girl you met before, if not that, the person who said “i didn’t see anyone”….but it’s a kdrama so it didnt go that way.

“take your clothes off.”
“WHAT?! [shit! i’m a girl!!!]”

these 2 scenes crack me up


ok, i wouldnt be able to sleep 2 if i know these hot bods are next to me!
i like how they made the modest vs bold concept

how amusing was this?


these scenes made me laugh. i’ve never seen a servant this in love with his master…lol!

Sungkyunkwan ScandalĀ .gif[s] part 1

Hello fellow Scandalers!
sorry for the dusty blog but my real world caught up to me that i didn’t have time to update this. but, because of my passion for this drama, i have dedicated some time to learn and eventually buy the software to create some .gif[s] on the scenes that i like for each episode of SKKS.
i’d post them all on the thread, but i got really gif happy and did a lot. so i decided to re-christen my blogsite with my newly learned creations.
Without any further ado, here are the .gif[s] from each episode of SKKS. i took the liberty of adding my own insights on some of them cuz that’s how i felt the first time i saw the episode.
please feel free to comment here or on soompi if there’s a particular scene you like to see.
opening sequence:

Episode 1
-i was too engrossed at learning the plot of the story so not much .gif[s].

“i got you!”

“you again?”

-i just love it when a guy chases after a girl!

-OMG! i want to be her right now.


***YH’s meeting with JS***
i didnt know the hiccups wasnt because he was drunk…lol

Episode 2
-enjoyable episode

-i just love how she did it finger by finger

-i’d like to think he waited for her to finish then he raced up to her.

-OMG he must be thinking how beautiful he is….lol

***alrite this is for the YH fans***

I’m still here!

wow! it has been a while since i last updated this blog. i have definitely watched more than what’s on here. i think with all the design plans i have in mind, it just never panned out. that is the problem with having so many artistic ideas and only one page to put it on.

anyway, i’ll be updating the site soon.

gotta say though, i am in love with Sungkyunkwan Scandal!!! – it deserves it’s own page. on this site.

i’ll update this site as soon as my daughter goes to her dad’s for the weekend!

keep the faith JYJ!!