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Final Review: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

It has been a while since I saw a finale that actually ended where everything was tied up nicely. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I got everything I want to happen for this show to close. I really do appreciate a fan service ending that still ties in loose ends and completes the series.

The show in its entirety isn’t flawless, at least for me.  There were characters/scenes that I’d rather not have been written in, but it did not ruin the entire episode/show as a whole. If anything, some of them was a relief from plots that are getting too serious. Some was given closure in the end though. Not a lot of shows do that. There were scenes that I wished were written in too…like showing us Gook Doo being a true second lead with scenes that makes Bong Soon flutter even though he doesn’t realize he likes her back then, and I would’ve like to have seen more of Grandma.

Below are the characters that I think would still make the show as great as it is without them:

Hee Ji. She wasn’t a threat to either Bong Soon/Min Hyuk or Bong Soon/Gok Do love line. I didn’t like the fact that she was written in as a persistent, if not desperate to get a boyfriend. They could’ve just highlighted her musical skills, and could’ve still remained a target for Jang Hyuk, just like Gong Shim, but her character wasn’t meant for a love line at all. She could’ve been an idol that Min Hyuk attends a concert with Bong Soon inciting jealousy or something.

Gook Doo’s mom. Was she written in to purposely annoy Bong Soon’s mom, to get her jealous? If so, there’s a lot of other things that can annoy a mother. She wasn’t necessary. Her character didn’t contribute to anything useful, even for her own son. I didn’t see her bring him lunch, or anything. Speaking of mom, I’m glad that they cleared it up that she did not hit her husband. If that was the case, why did the writers lead me to believe that she was an abusive wife this whole time?

I probably will be the only one that had some questions left unanswered like: What happened to Min Hyuk’s mom and why can’t he talk about her in front of his dad? Why is Min Hyuk distrusting of the police? Where is Min Hyuk’s dad, or at least his brother during the wedding? Where is Bong Soon’s grandma?

Did anyone else think that Jang Hyuk looked similar to Im Si Wan? Boy, did I really wish that they spent a quarter of an episode diving into his childhood/teenage years so we can see what triggered him, instead of being mentioned during an investigation. They could’ve made it where he was the weak one in contrast to Bong Soon’s strength growing up, therefore he tried to get even by kidnapping women who are weaker than him.

Boss Tak. I feel that the Tak group story ended after Bong Soon defeated them in the warehouse. I don’t see why we keep coming back to the hospital to see their recovery process or lack thereof. There was no lesson to be learned there. I can see that in the end, Boss Tak somewhat redeemed himself and helped a bit in getting information against Jang Hyuk. As far as the high school kids go, I’m not sure where their PC room adventures is of any use during the episodes they aired in. In the end, they were useful to Bong Soon which eventually made sense as a whole show.

Other than that, everything else was peachy for me! The following characters have never ceased to make me laugh. Just their expressions alone gets me smiling. Line or no line, their presence on a scene makes the show enjoyable.

I’m glad that they cleared it up that she did not hit her husband. If that was the case, why did the writers lead me to believe that she was an abusive wife this whole time?

Who wouldn’t love Bong Soon’s dad? He cherishes her the most! He’s supportive of her when mom isn’t. #fathergoals

Secretary Gong. There would be no CEO without a trustworthy secretary. I swear, whenever I see him in a scene, I knew I would be busting out a laugh or two. There were times I felt bad for him, watching him with his dumbfounded face.

Leader Oh. Whoever wrote this character in is a genius! There was not a moment that this character made me stop laughing. Kudos to the actor who played this character. He nailed it!
I love anything with Ahn Min Hyuk and Park Bo Young together. Ahn Min Hyuk’s character was consistent throughout. He knows what he wants and goes for it. He thinks life is a game and he plans like a gamer. He likes Bong Soon, and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to be with her. His character need not any development. That is one consistency that I appreciated with him. That’s what I like to see in a leading man. Not someone who still has to figure out in 6 or 7 episodes if he likes the girl or not.

This was possible because of his alter, Park Hyung Sik. There was not an episode where I didn’t ask why is he so handsome? How can he gaze like that in real life and expect the receiver not to melt? They really wrote all the #boyfriendgoals and #husbandgoals into his character, and he played it out perfectly. Makes me wonder if he’s really a player in real life.

Bong Soon’s character on the other hand, I appreciated her growth from the time he met Min Hyuk till her happy ever after. She wasn’t forced to grow up. She knew that she needed to and she took steps to eventually use her strength for good. I liked that every challenge for her is on an emotional level. She doesn’t like the way it feels and she lets it known. If she’s sad, she’s sad. If she’s frustrated, she is – then she moves on. I like that she was able to rely on Min Hyuk with the exception of her sidelining him to rescue Gong Shim. She was able to be honest with him from the get go.

Do Bong Soon is a character I get to love because of Park Bo Young. Her innocent look just makes me want to save her, although I know she didn’t need to be. She’s so charming that even I melt when she acts all cutesy patootie.

Her paired with Park Hyun Sik’s sleekness is a perfect fit. I can watch this two forever, and that’s a long time. Both their acting even if they’re alone on a scene, always moves me. I can’t picture anyone else portraying these characters. The supporting characters certainly helped in the comedic aspect of the show. From Secretary Gong, Boss Tak, to Leader Oh, it was a nice blend adding them with the romantic and suspense plots of the show.One of many things that kept me coming back each episode is because I look forward to Min Hyuk and Bong Soon’s interaction with each other. Its so natural, that I can’t help but cheer them on.

Major kudos to the writers of this show! I’m thankful that 1) they managed to write in natural connections/ skinships (holding hands, gym training, bandaging Min Hyuk’s arm, sleepovers, and many more), 2) for allowing us to wait with Min Hyuk as Bong Soon finds her true feelings for him. Most dramas, both leads don’t realize they like each other and get thrown into cliché’s. Not this one, here we were all Min Hyuk who’s head over heels for Bong Soon and not afraid to show it, 3) For writing in Bong Soon as smart as she is strong. Not too many people see it, but I do. She’s brainy in her own sassy way, and that adds up to her strength, 4) That they didn’t put me through a week of angst when Bong Soon decided to stop a relationship before it started,  5) I’m thankful that they didn’t end the rooftop scene in a cliffhanger, and 6) They gave me a finale full of lovey dovey scenes fit for a romcom.

It’s safe to say that Do Bong Soon is my kdrama hero.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 15

I rarely see a drama that gave me all the cute, fluffy, and lovey dovey in an episode, and as a bonus closed a major plot. I’d have to go back and look at the list of dramas I’ve watched through the years and think of the ones that still has meaningful content on their finale week.

Bong Soon’s dad left home! That was out of the blue unexpected. Then again, I mentioned before that this could be something that is needed for the mom to come to her senses about her feelings about her husband. It was a nice distraction after remembering last week’s ending, and all the get-a-room scenes that we’ve been given. Not sure how this will play out since we have one episode left to go.

Leader Oh and Kwang Bok met, sadly there wasn’t any more to this scene that I’d hope for. Maybe there was, but an editor can only put so much in 60 minutes or so. It was nice to have been addressed though, since Bong Soon mentioned the possibility of them being twins. So now that the doppelgangers have met, who will die first? [Mask, anyone?]

I’ve been asking what’s the use of the Tak thugs and the high school kids? Well, that question was answered in this episode. Tak company is able to get intel information that pertains to Jang Hyuk. The high school kids are needed to plaster Jang Hyuk’s picture on their blog to flush him out. They had use after all. I still believe that they could’ve used this scene without any of their other scenes in previous episodes.

Part of Bong Soon’s maturity aside from being the first one to make a move on Min Hyuk, and being girlfriend goals, is that she’s able to realize that she can’t catch Jang Hyuk alone. She needs Gook Doo and Min Hyuk’s help. That’s one of many reasons she’s strong aside from her physical strength.

This episode gave us a contrast compared to how Bong Soon treated Min Hyuk, and Gook Doo back on episode 6. The boys are still the same though, still protective/competitive of Bong Soon in their own way, either that, they’re just using her as an excuse to have a “man fight”. But, just like episode 6, we already know Gook Doo is no match for Min Hyuk’s charms. This time around, Bong Soon has already taken. We can clearly see that she puts more care for Min Hyuk over Gook Doo, but at the same time she wasn’t being to Gook Doo about it, nor do I think he’d see the difference at all. Plus, the food isn’t so spicy this time around. So, we’ve come full circle.

The real showdown with Jang Hyuk was epic. One can’t really be a superhero without a team no matter how strong or smart you are. I just loved how this all played out. Which means, in the finale, it’s all about Min Hyuk and Bong Soon. I swear, they better not give me a last minute plot twist. I won’t be able to handle it.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 14

JTBC continues to amaze me with this show. What I expected to be a show that shows unnecessary content, boy was I wrong. Today’s episode was jam packed with feels heading into the finale week. The fireworks at the end pretty much described all the feelings I felt this episode.

I knew that Jang Hyun survived his gunshot wound, and that fall from the cliff. I didn’t expect any less from a Jason Bourne of criminals. This would’ve been the episode to explore his character more in detail in exchange for the sauna scene with the Tak thugs and fake monk, and Bong Soon’s parents bickering about divorce. What I wanted to know is how he got out of the car. Did he jump out before it hit water? Was his window open and he crawled out? Did the bullet just graze his arm, or did he pull the bullet out? How does he know of that empty building, was it his or his family’s? Where did he get the cash to spend in order to get back at Min Hyuk/Bong Soon.

Bong Soon started her journey as being normal. I’m kind of sad that she lost her powers, but I’m not because she never used her strength for personal gain. I have been expecting this moment since the episode that showed her mom lost her powers, but, I didn’t expect for her to be super weak where she can get knocked out all the way down just by bumping into her or moving her out of the way. That — broke me into pieces. For once, her mom was considerate of her. I knew she meant no ill will towards her and she wasn’t jealous of her strength before, but I wished that she could’ve toned down an emotionally abusing her all her life. It’s just nice to see that mom would be the only one who would know how to console her at this point in her life. It’s comforting to see a family unit in full support of her.

Speaking of support, her number one fan, Min Hyuk finally received a heartfelt confession back from Bong Soon. Credit to the writer for one, making their “break up” into a short lived one. I wasn’t prepared to see Bong Soon to lose her powers, and Min Hyuk in the same episode, and two, they made Bong Soon’s confession a huge impact on my heart and they didn’t write a “grand gesture” scene. Simplicity really is beauty. Just like their kiss on the beach, it’s so simple but you can feel the power of love. It’s just simply moving. I really don’t have anything else to analyze because this couple is just too cute together.

What got to me in the end, was Min Hyuk’s stubbornness from leaving Bong Soon behind. I started thinking that the Romeo and Juliet dream sequence had meaning after all, because they both died in the end. I freaked out thinking that one or both of them will die and the last two episodes are a montage of their life together, and a montage of developed games in their memory. Thankfully, in the end, Bong Soon regained her strength. I was already crying buckets, yelling in frustration and I couldn’t figure out what the writers have in mind. The power of love – love is the key to getting her strength back. I wonder though if it’s only temporary to help Min Hyuk and she’ll go back to being normal next week. Then again, the show wouldn’t be called Strong Woman Do Bong Soon without her strength in the finale.

Okay, some people might’ve reacted differently [like my 10yr old daughter] about the “bomb” being fireworks. Fireworks or not, it could’ve still killed Bong Soon especially when it was taped on her. It made sense that it wasn’t a real C4 because Jang Hyun is playing a game, and his game is to hurt her and Min Hyuk, not blow up a city block. What I didn’t expect in this show was the extent of the crime Jang Hyun’s willing to commit to play his game. I’m just thankful that they resolved this in this episode and not made it a cliffhanger for the finale weekend.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 13

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But, I think I’ve figured out a way to maintain being a full time mom, full time employee, kdrama blogger and posting quotes on the facebook page. Like I said before, the drafts have been made, the only thing that’s holding me back is adding the images. Hence, you’ll see the lack of collages in this post.

Now on to the review***

The show is more focused now on Bong Soon, and Min Hyuk’s relationship, on how they can overcome problems and Jang Hyuk getting caught. For an episode that’s so close to the end, to the point that I thought I can guess what will happen next, they still kept me with surprises.

Well, I was duped into thinking that Boss Tak would actually turn over a new leaf, and lead an honest life. Money is definitely the root of all evil, isn’t it? Why was it written at all? I get that it’s for a comedic relief when Bong Soon/Min Hyuk/Gook Doo gets a little too serious, but it didn’t make sense. Then again, it hasn’t made sense since the poop wine is your source of enlightenment.

On another comedic relief, there’s a love triangle brewing between Bong Soon’s mom, dad and Gook Doo’s mom. I sensed that before when they were talking about the book, and again when we dad actually bought a book. I think this is an unnecessary development this late in the show. Then again, this could be a way for dad to escape mom, or mom to realize how important dad is to her.

It’s about time that we get to this episode, the showdown between Jang Hyuk and Bong Soon, although, it didn’t really start out that way. I still believe that he was out for Gook Doo then shifted gears and made it personal for Bong Soon. Either way, I finally get to see our heroine use her strength to rescue the victims sans Gong Shim, saving the best for last.

Damn, Jang Hyuk really is a master criminal to figure out how to use her own strength as her weakness.  At least we have some background as to who he is, but it doesn’t link him to Gook Doo like I hoped it would be. Turns out, he was just born a psychopath. We still have three episodes left, so chances of him being caught today is slim to none.

As I expected, Bong Soon became a noble idiot deciding to act alone even after asking Min Hyuk for help. She shouldn’t have asked for help in the beginning if she was going to sideline him anyway. I do understand that she wants to help, but all the training she did, it felt like she threw it away when she went off on her own. This was the one conflict that will make or break their relationship. Unfortunately, even though she did not want to, Bong Soon chose to break it.

Bong Soon did lose her powers like I was expecting. What I didn’t expect is for her to lose them right away, at that same moment when she needed them to fight off Jang Hyuk. The heavens are really cruel. I mean, she just saved her friend, and she lost her powers because there’s an innocent victim that go hurt. My heart stopped at that scene. Again, I was expecting this part of the show but how they delivered it was a knockout punch to say the least.

Thank goodness for Min Hyuk’s boyfriend goals, he so resolute that no matter what Bong Soon says and does, he’ll stay by her side. He saved me from further anguish that this episode gave me.

Well now I’m looking forward to the next episodes as Bong Soon lives a normal life. I’m actually relieved that we won’t have to go through separation angst, and believed me, I prepared for it mentally. She can still be Strong Woman Do Bong Soon without her strength. Now she can work on being emotionally, mentally strong-not that she wasn’t smart to begin with. She was witty in her own peanut sized way, but that was overshadowed by her powers.

Since Jang Hyuk wasn’t caught in this episode, I can only imagine the tricks up his sleeve. He has to be alive since the show centered on his crimes aside from Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s romance. I wonder if he’s going to shift gears and go after Min Hyuk this time since he did somewhat thwart him from hurting Bong Soon.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 12

There’s no doubt that Jang Hyuk is a smart criminal, and I still feel uneasy as to what made him this way. I’m just going to take it that something traumatic happened, but nobody knew and he grew up a psychopath, but didn’t really start until he watched a theater play. Obviously now, it’s about getting back at Gook Doo and Bong Soon. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m prepared to face that Bong Soon will lose her power somehow. I just wonder at how it’s all going to play out. Well, Jang Hyuk has that clever plan, so it’s not a matter of if she’ll lose her strength but when. It’s about time that Gook Doo finds the surveillance camera, now the game starts… Jang Hyuk planned this game since the first kidnapping??? WHY?

I still don’t know why Boss Tak is in this story along with the high school kids. What discovery will he find? Also, isn’t it too late to introduce a new character? Now I’m curious about this new monk.

We’ve reached the point where our couple is enjoying dating life, and both are learning how this works although Min Hyuk already knows the usual clichés, and no doubt is head over heels for Bong Soon. Bong Soon is in the same page, just really  hasn’t had the chance to express it with everything else that’s going on.  I’m just enjoying everything that these two are doing because it’s about that time that we’ll be thrown into an ocean full of curses and tears.

The long awaited first kiss. It’s so simple but moving. It’s so gentle but touching in its own way. Min Hyuk waited forever just like us, and it’ so refreshing to see a kiss as natural as that. It’s not a forced kiss, it’s not a one sided kiss, it was a kiss that he asked for and Bong Soon granted whole heartedly. She was the one that came to him. Which is all Min Hyuk wanted, for her to step closer to him, to meet him in the middle. The fact that it happened before Gong Shim’s brutal kidnapping made more sense because it gave Bong Soon a chance to rely on Min Hyuk. I think that even if Jang Hyuk didn’t say not to call the police, she would’ve still made that decision to run to Min Hyuk first.

Now that our kiss happened, we can expect the showdown between Jang Hyuk and Bong Soon. It’s going to be challenging for both because Min Hyuk just wants Bong Soon safe, but Bong Soon needs to save her friend. That right there is their only but major conflict – a conflict that could end their relationship as it has just started.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 11

It took 11 episodes, but it’s [finally!] obviously clear to Bong Soon that the feeling is mutual towards Min Hyuk now that he confessed. Bong Soon definitely treats them differently now, clear enough for Gook Doo to have noticed, but only Min Hyuk made a big deal about it.

I liked that the word “love” isn’t mentioned in the confession. It’s too early for love even though it felt like they’ve gone through so much. Both still need a little bit more “growing” up to do, and issues to deal with before the word love can come floating around.

I don’t have much to analyze since everything progressed to where they should be. Now that we have a confession, and both sides are clear with their feelings, I’m expecting a lot obstacles to be thrown their way preparing for their angst separation.

Jang Hyuk, hasn’t fully made a move worthy of my attention yet, and the crime unit team is still way behind in solving this case. I still don’t get why Hee Ji is part of this show, she’s not a threat to Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s relationship, or even with Bong Soon and Gook Doo.

Bong Soon’s subconscious mind, look at ALL [minus Jang Hyuk] her issues in one picture. It’s freaking HILARIOUS. I have been wondering why the Romeo and Juliet theme. She’s not a damsel in distress in terms of physical strength, she’s smart and witty that she can easily outwit her team leader. What I’m worried about is the ending. We all know how Romeo and Juliet ended, I don’t want the same ending for this show. Nonetheless, kudos to the writer who made this dream sequence funny.

It would’ve been great if this conflict started early on like on episode 5 onwards. It would’ve been nice to see Gook Doo always one step behind Min Hyuk, especially when he should’ve had the advantage of being her long time crush even though we know it’s a no brainer that Min Hyuk is the holder of Bong Soon’s heart. I wasn’t convinced that he’s been harboring these feelings for her behind those brooding scenes.

He did end up trying to turn over a new leaf, too bad I said I don’t see that happening in episode 9. Bong Soon’s high school posse is still in the show. I really do wonder if they’ll be helpful to her in future episodes. Makes me wonder if she will lose her powers. But if she does, that book in her room should come in handy.

Here’s our future episodes in one line. She’s going to be the noble idiot. She’s going to be “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” without the man that supported her since the beginning. The only way that I’ll be accepting of that decision is if she does it while wearing her Juliet costume.

Other than that, I’m thankful that we were given all the squeal inducing skinships. Yes, we’ve been given those since the beginning, but that’s from Min Hyuk’s one sided efforts. It’s different this episode because Bong Soon is shyly, but slowly reciprocating. Unfortunately, I’ve trained my brain not to enjoy these too much because it’s a trap for what’s to come. The more the skinship, the more tears and heartache I will suffer when that time comes they’ll have to separate.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 10

Overall, I liked today’s episode. It really never ceased to make me laugh. It’s a slower pace since Min Hyuk’s threats are written off, and the Tak group has been annihilated, but it’s common when you’re building up for two things: A major showdown between Bong Soon, and our culprit, and, Bong Soon accepting Min Hyuk’s heart.I’m still holding on to a sliver of hope, that Bong Soon’s mom will get her strength back. Mom has mentioned before that she has tried everything. She didn’t… I can think of two things that she could do to get her strength back [if the writers plan to] 1. Forgive/Forget. In this episode, she has forgiven the Tak group for their attempts to hurt her daughter, and hurting Min Hyuk in the process, but part of me feels like she’s still got revenge up her sleeve. She needs to fully forgive and make amends. 2. If she’d only apologize to those people she bullied throughout her life, and mostly to her husband, maybe – just maybe the deities will grant her with her strength again. If she did that and she hasn’t regained her powers, then she can say she’s tried everything.

Ji Hee

Since I’ve already done the draft for this episode, all I had to do was go back and do the screencaps, I actually skipped her scenes, until I was linking the images here. This is how I really feel about this character. She looks so desperate for me. I’m beginning to think that she forced her way into being Gook Doo’s girlfriend just like she’s doing to Bong Ki now. Does she really need a boyfriend? I don’t like it at all. They could’ve written her character in a much classier taste than this. At least, they found a storyline for her to be in – a target of Jang Hyun. It just didn’t make sense on why he’s after her when she and Gook Doo has already broken up, then I realized that she’s dating Bong Soon’s brother.

Are we really living in a topsy turvy world that people really want to live a life of crime? Min Hyuk said this too that his dream was to be a criminal, now we have an anonymous person taking credit for Jang Hyun’s crimes. I’d be pissed too if I were him. But, hey – this gave wiggle room into committing more crimes since he hasn’t finished his collection yet, This will give Gook Doo the crack in the case he needs to pursue his criminal, once Ji Hee is kidnapped, and this will give Bong Soon a chance to use her strength the proper way.

Now that Bong Soon is no longer a bodyguard and is an actual badge wearing employee, I was wondering what challenges are thrown Bong Soon’s way. I was hoping for a melo Misaeng type of obstacles, little things that will throw Min Hyuk into protective boyfriend mode, but then comes, Oh Dong Pyung. I can already imagine both suffering from each other!Even though, this is a no brainer that Dong Pyung is no match for her, I’m still looking forward to future scenes with this two.

I’m hoping that it’s just me, but I felt like Min Hyuk was a little too childish in this part of the episode. It was cute, but not that fluttery butterfly cute. One, I know he’s worried about her and that he has the need to keep her close to keep her safe. Two, it made sense for him to start her off with an internship, but the way this unfolded in this episode, it did not settle for me. I didn’t like that she was treated that way.

What saved this scene[s] for me are Bong Soon’s frustrations towards Min Hyuk, and my heart aches for her since I know what it feels like to be so close to a promotion, and it got away- and never to be seen again. Her reactions were real. The woman wants to work, dagnammit! Not every woman just wants to be doted on as a girlfriend, and be a trophy wife you know. It’s really not that hard to give her some meaningful office tasks like making copies or filing. Give her something to do aside from looking at your cute angelic face.

I’m hoping that next time, he gives her a necklace

Anyone else curious as to what this could mean in future episodes? I mean, you don’t just write that into a scene, and make it glow. Maybe Bong Soon needs to read this, or maybe there’s an answer to her mom getting her strength back, or maybe history is repeating itself.

This is the second time that she dreamt of Min Hyuk, which means that she’s come to terms to liking him, and the first time that she’s seeing him as a man, not a boss, not a friend….a man. Her subconscious is not confused. She just needs to accept that in her waking life, and then, we can have a proper kiss.

Now it makes sense why those potentially squeal inducing kisses didn’t happen. He was being a gentleman and waiting for Bong Soon to end her crush on Gook Doo. He was smart in making sure she’s aware of him, by spending every moment with her. Not just by annoying her, but actually accepting her for who she is, keeping her secret, and letting her into his world bit by bit. Smart man that he is, used it to his advantage using a lot of skinship that would be awkward if it was any other show. He gave her a chance, and encouraged her to use her strength for good, which gave her purpose. It is working since Bong Soon is already torn in real life, and curious about him in her subconscious. She already admitted to herself that she let him take that one step closer to her, now she just needs to act on that step that Min Hyuk pulled her into.

I’m in a sarcastic mood…..

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 9

***Editor’s note: My apologies again for a late post. Parenthood does not take a day off. It doesn’t help that I need to re-watch the episode to screencap the scenes I need in order to convey my thoughts. Now, on to the show****

I enjoyed the episode, although it isn’t the same as before. I felt like some of the antics used to get me laugh is the same, and I need new material. There are some scenes that I can do without and I’m craving some seriousness as well aside from Gook Doo’s brooding moments, and the serious cops.

Bong Soon finally brought the Tak thugs down- literally. Although, I didn’t doubt one second that she would be in danger or lose. Now that’s done and over with, I wonder what’s next for this group. It’s not like they’re a threat to her at all, or will help in getting our main couple together. It’s already been revealed that the Tak thugs were hired by his brother. It’s been mentioned before by Min Hyuk’s dad that he wanted to make sure that his company is not affiliated in any way to this group. The remaining reason that they’re still relevant is because they need to get back at Bong Soon for humiliating them. I think that they’ve finished their comedic run

I looked forward to the interactions between this gang and Bong Soon because it does bring out laugh out loud scenes. However, after 9 episodes, I don’t think seeing these men get beat up over and over again is funny anymore. It’s a little bit repetitive and I did find myself not paying attention to their hospital scenes.The only other way I could think of to keep this gang into the rest of the show is if for whatever reason, they decide to turn over a new leaf and they’d struggle in leading an honest life. But, I don’t see how that’ll be related to Bong Soon, because she needs to showcase her strength surrounding them somehow.

Finally! Gook Doo puts two and two together. He’s supposed to be a detective you know. Especially if you’re supposedly having a one sided love since forever and a day ago, you should’ve used your detective skills in knowing more about your crush. I still need convincing that he really likes her aside from him brooding all the time, and worrying about her, but not actually there for her. I swear every time I see him [aside from his epic drunken business], he’s brooding. I get that he’s the more serious character to the opposite of Min Hyuk’s upbeat personality, but they’ve got to make him lighten up a bit.

Bong Soon’s mom is getting a little too overboard for me lately. I know she wants Bong Soon to live a good life, but she’s forcing her on Min Hyuk a bit too much. She’s actually lucky that Min Hyuk is already head over heels for her daughter before she met him. She’ll be twice as lucky when Bong Soon starts reciprocating his feelings.

Imagine how annoying it would be if she’s both forcing them to be together, and they both don’t like each other? I’d be really mad if she tries to get credit for them actually ending up together. I get that it’s written to get a good laugh out of it, and I’m not going to deny that I laughed out loud. It was funny, but I think her character needs to tone down a bit into being the overexcited mom who wants to marry off her daughter to the first handsome rich guy she sees. I think it’s about time that Bong Soon’s dad steps up and puts his foot down and claim his family, and put her into place.

I don’t know if Hee Ji is confident or desperate. I’m all for women taking initiative, but she’s looking too easy for me trying to convince Bong Ki that they should date. Then again, this is the contrast to our shy Bong Soon. So, I’ll move on.

I’m getting mixed signals from his dad. Does he really care about Min Hyuk or it’s just for show? One minute he shows his concern by beating up the big boss and then the next he’s ready to beat his own injured son up. Now that Min Hyuk’s dad mentioned it, I’m dying to know what happened to Min Hyuk’s mom. Why can’t he talk about his mother?

Our kidnapper is really smart. Which makes him a little bit more scary for me. So, in the end Bong Soon’s battle isn’t just about strength, but brains too. Hee Ji is a target now, but I think it’s because he’s main target is Gook Doo. He must’ve done something to this guy that makes him want to take revenge. I mean, all his victims are in the boundaries of their precinct.

Every hero needs a costume; Bong Soon’s is her pink hoodie. It makes sense, not just because Min Hyuk needs confirmation that she’s the girl who pulled the bus to a stop, but because this is the same hoodie where she used her powers for others. It doesn’t necessarily define her strength, so it’s fitting to use that hoodie here when she’s controlled her power, and have learned other skills to fight evil. The hoodie completes it. It would be cool to see if she starts using her powers out in public wearing this hoodie, all she needs is a mask.

Min Hyuk sure does know how to get Bong Soon to react. I don’t think he’s being manipulative towards her during his stint at the hospital. I think he’s gauging her reactions to see if his feelings for her is reciprocated, naturally – he’d be coaxing it out of her. I just felt bad that Secretary Kim was the collateral damage because he really was concerned for his boss. In the end, we know the feelings are mutual.

On a side note, there’s definitely no competition between Gook Doo and Min Hyuk for me. Hands down, I’m behind the Min Hyuk line since episode 1.

Now about that kiss or lack thereof, I’m kind of glad that it didn’t happen yet. Kudos for Min Hyuk in waiting a little bit longer. The hospital isn’t really the proper place for a first kiss, especially after a day of making the girl you like feel guilty all day.

I think that this is the episode where everything is getting clearer for Bong Soon. Despite Min Hyuk’s plea to stay behind, she’s resolute that she needs to use her powers to find our culprit. That’s bravery. This is also the episode that confirms that she let Min Hyuk step inside her heart.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soo -8

Just a few random thoughts before I rant about our characters today…

-What is Gook Doo’s mom’s role in this show aside from discussing books, and arguing with Bong Soon’s mom?
-I find it odd, that Secretary Kim didn’t know that it’s one of Min Hyuk’s brothers that has been stalking/blackmailing/assaulting him. I wonder if Bong Soon felt that way too?
-Bong Soon has a similarity with Min Hyuk when it comes to their gaming world. Min Hyuk would greet his robots as his kids, and Bong Soon would salute the main character of the game.

Gook Doo shrugs off Bong Soon’s strength and didn’t realize it until later after the interrogation. Bummer. I kind of want a flashback of episode 1, where all the kids were cheering for her, and all the thugs were accusing her. Then again, if he did put the pieces together now, is he going to send her to jail for assault? He does come to realize that he likes Bong Soon. But, I’m still not convinced. When is he going to start making a move? He’s really not a second lead after Bong Soon’s heart. Sure he saved her from the gangster, but it’s not like she’s in real trouble to begin with.

I don’t know why Mom had a sudden change in attitude when dealing with Bong Soon after the kidnapper got away again in her watch, though not technically her responsibility. I think mom wants her to catch the culprit for instant fame. I look and feel the same as dad, and Bong Gi. But, it is nice to see that Mom can be tender towards her too, when necessary. BUT……they had to ruin that image and turned her into an abusive wife. I did not like that at all. I get that they’re trying to convey her toughness without her strength, but I think it went a little bit overboard when Bong Soon’s dad was given a black eye and forced to stay in the shop and bake. All the guy ever did was talk to Gook Doo’s mom. This was not okay for me at all.

Creepy kidnapper is now observing Bong Soon, she could be a future target, since we still have 3 more brides to go. He’s pretty smart bugging the police department. I’m really curious now as to what his story is. Is it just me, or the kidnapper resembles Gook Doo just a little bit? I know it’s NOT Gook Doo, but my head just went off imagining possible plot lines for this. What if they’re related, the unwanted, unknown half-brother? What if he wanted revenge, and just got an inspiration from the play?
Bong Soon is finally able to control her strength. I think this should’ve been done sooner though, but it makes sense because Bong Soon really didn’t know when to use her powers, and didn’t really resolve into using it for good until she met Min Hyuk, and the crimes in her neighborhood happened. Since that’s out of the way, she can sort out her feelings too. She’s already done that by her actions to both Min Hyuk and Gook Doo. She just needs to realize it.

If episode 7 was about Bong Soon and her dynamics with those around her, episode 8 is about Min Hyuk There are lot of things that makes Min Hyuk different from the rest of the CEO chaebols in kdramaland. He’s the one that left home, yet the doors are still open for him to come back at anytime, compared to others that have been forced out of the company, and family. Okay, his brother threatened him, but there never was actual intention to hurt him, or kill him. I don’t see him as a stuck up trying to conform into the “heirs” world, having flashy cars, this guy freaking goes around in his hoverboard, and takes the bus. He doesn’t even bother competing against his brothers or work so hard to convince them that he’s the rightful heir to their father’s company. He’s earned some respect to where he does have a say when it comes to his private life, and he doesn’t need to convince anyone, because well – it’s his life.

It’s always nice to see a contrast of how different Mn Hyuk’s “cold” household is compared to Bong Soon’s warm family.

Hyuk has been putting ALL the stops in giving Bong Soon signals that he likes her. He’s not afraid to show her his feelings, especially now it’s been established that he’s straight as an arrow. He has more reason to do so too since he needs to confess, propose, and marry her before the next board meeting. I like that he’s not pressuring her and just taking one step at a time and let her come to him. There’s no doubt that he liked Bong Soon from the beginning, but it means so much more that he let Bong Soon into a deeper part of his life, and introducing her to his mom. He really just got everything out of the way at this point. Bong Soon’s family and best friend approves of him, his dad approves of her. They just need to get creepy guy out the way and I can see a wedding.

I can’t wait for him to finally put the pieces together that the girl in his closet, the reason he stopped dating all of a sudden, the reason that no other can come close to that girl, that girl is Bong Soon. I must admit though that I don’t find Min Hyuk’s pain from being hurt by Bong Soon funny anymore. I’m now starting to feel bad for him. That this is what he signed up for- for the rest of his life.

I leave you with my favorite scenes from this episode.

Drama Review: Strong Woman Do Bong Soon – 7

***Editor’s note: Going forward, I’ll be posting my review for each episode. I find that I lose my thoughts when I combined the week’s episodes together, and/or I prove myself right or wrong before the second episode ends, and I have no content to write. Also, I’m trying something new by adding a few images as I review the episodes I watch. This was something that I had originally intended to do when I first started this blog. I think I have found a way to this now. I intend to slowly incorporate all my ideas into my reviews. I hope you don’t mind the changes, and if you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to comment. Now, on to the show.

This show has not failed to make me laugh. A few minutes into the episode, my 10 year old, and I are already laughing like hyenas. According to my 14 year old son, we sounded like monkeys from his room.

So, Bong Soon is already dreaming about Min Hyuk! Subconciously, she wants to be his damsel in distress. Which means in real life, that this girl’s attached to him and she doesn’t even realize it. But, it’s not a typical Min Hyuk/Bong Soon interaction if he doesn’t somehow accidentally get hurt by her, both in dreams and reality. HILARIOUS. In reality, she can still be Min Hyuk’s damsel in distress despite her strength. He can still be there for her to support her, no, he’s already supporting her even when her own power hurts him physically.

Even though I didn’t want it be Min Hyuk’s trusted brother who was behind the scare tactics against Min Hyuk, everyone knew it was him, since he mostly defended in the script, and overlooked because his character looked so meek than the other brothers. There must be a reason the he did that to Min Hyuk. He had said that he’s protected him all his life, so maybe, just maybe – he’s protecting him from something bigger than being the CEO of Oseung Group. I don’t think that he really wants to be the CEO since he doesn’t look like a thug to begin with. That’s probably why Min Hyuk was quick to dismiss this because he must’ve also thought the same- that he’s still protecting him. From what exactly, well their father that’s watching them from the window can answer that if this is in even in one of the plot lines in the future. It’s nice to somewhat close this mystery, at least for now.

A contrast between Bong Soon and her mom comes down to intention. She showed compassion even though he beat up the tresspassers in Min Hyuk’s room. The scene where the high school kids bow to her, they respect her – that’s because they know that she’s looking out after their wellbeing in life. Bong Soon has no intention of taking anything from them. That’s why sometime in the future these kids might be crucial in the event that Bong Soon loses her powers and will need help. Her mom back then, incited fear to control them. She used her power to gain for herself. Bong Soon has a really pure heart, while her mom is tough at heart.

Grandma was just visiting. I really wanted her to be a sidekick to Bong Soon. That would be really hilarious to see that a young woman and an elderly beating the bad guys up one thug corporation to another. But, it was a poignant reminder that at the end of the day, what matters most is that they are family with or without their strength. Love for each other is their strength. Mom has a lot of explaining to do though in the future why she treats Bong Soon like that. I defended her in a previous review that she does love her and it comes out wrong. I still don’t doubt that, but now that it’s been given a scene, it should be answered. Who knows, maybe if mom opens her heart to Bong Soon, her strength will come back? Maybe she could try doing that since she’s tried everything else.

Min Hyuk was this close to confessing, and I’m wondering why he held back. It looks to me that Bong Soon is already aware of her feelings but didn’t want to be the one to openly admit it first. I like how the writers are already placing Bong Soon’s markers piece by piece in Min Hyuk’s house. We started with his chopsticks on his table on a different episode, now on this episode, we have the frying pan [this reminded me of Tangled], and the stones on his furniture, and big screen. Not sure if that’s his private gym, but it’ll help him miss her more. I’m sure this will be helpful in future episodes when they go through their separation period, when one or both plays noble idiot. Can they dress up in their Romeo and Juliet costumes when they decide to do that?

Our kidnapper gets creepier by the episode. He’s so inspired by a small theater production that he decided to copy it in real life. WHO IS THIS GUY? He can’t be just some random fan who went psycho, the writers are putting in time for this mystery, and it can’t be just for Gook Doo to have scenes portraying his job. They could still create scenes and storylines for him interacting with Bong Soon as a police officer without having a big mystery thriller. But, they did. So, what’s the story? Is he going after Bong Soon sometime in the future? Is Bong Soon’s help going to be needed to catch this guy? Is this the part where Bong Soon’s strength will be outed in public?

It was a moving moment when Min Hyuk came to Bong Soon’s dad’s shop. He’s a smart CEO, I’m sure he knows what time they close, he didn’t come there for egg tarts and pie. That’s probably one of many reasons Min Hyuk hesitated from confessing earlier. He really is a pro at gaming and strategy! He figured he needed to get everyone’s blessings before he goes after her heart. He knows mom, and grandma practically gave her away, he doesn’t know about her dad yet. Bong Soon’s dad knows that too. That’s why he just gave his blessings right then and there. I’m sure part of him is relieved that he’s not the only one surrounded by strong women, and that he can share this secret with him in the future.

We’ve come the part of the show that Gook Doo sees Bong Soon for who she really is. Will he run away knowing her strength, or will he be in denial? Will Bong Soon try to convince him that he was imagining that moment she shoved him away?

The focus was on Bong Soon’s relationships in this episode. Her family [mom, grandma], brother, Gook Doo, and her blossoming friendship with Min Hyuk. It’s not strange to see a different Bong Soon when she’s with different people. For example, when she saw her grandma, she’s all childish like she was at the thought of Gook Doo. I think that’s because her own mother didn’t give her that chance to be doted upon. Her being protective towards Bong Gi like a big sister would. She’s all tough but endearing and she knows when to cross lines to get to protect him. She’s starting to drift away from Gook Doo. She didn’t even crumple like a withering flower when she answered his call, or didn’t become meek when he rushed to scold her. She’s not even aware of it yet. Her comfort level with Min Hyuk just skyrocketed to a whole new level. She’s able to open up about her and her mom’s treatment towards her, which some women would like to keep secret in order to preserve a relationship. Not her. She’s opening up to him to where she takes him to her stomping grounds, letting him in her life. This is something that she could be sharing with Gong Shim, but she let Min Hyuk in her private world.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, this episode focused a very itty bit on the fathers of Min Hyuk, and Bong Soon. It was really quick, but I wondered at those minute seconds why the camera panned at them. What were they thinking at that moment? It’s easier for Bong Soon’s dad. He looks like he’s the happiest husband/father in the world. When he was looking at his mother in law, he must be thinking that how can this strong woman be so gently loving to his child. He must be feeling thankful that she didn’t break him apart when he knocked up her daughter. As for Min Hyuk’s dad, I have more questions than analysis. Was he proud of Min Hyuk for being forgiving, or will he lecture him for being too easy on his brothers, and that’s why they bullied him so much growing up? Was he really intending on giving Min Hyuk the company no strings attached other than the intention of separating from gangster relations? Does he feel sorry that this has been happening to Min Hyuk all this time and he wasn’t there to protect him and/or discipline his brothers?

A thousand words later, I realized that I didn’t have anything to say about Gook Doo. Well that’s because he wasn’t written as someone that would give me a Second Lead Syndrome. I haven’t connected to his character yet. I’m hoping for a backstory as to why he didn’t tell Bong Soon he liked her just as long she liked him. If I knew that at the least, then maybe I’ll give him time for analyzing his character. But for now just enjoy his brooding scene.

***I don’t know who the current Nation’s Son In Law is, but I’m naming Park Hyung Sik the International Son In Law. How can that pretty face of his bring so much emotion in a scene, that you know exactly what he’s feeling. I know a lot of people are weary of the idol-turned-actor thing, but sometimes when they enter the entertainment industry, they’re mostly told what to do, and don’t really find what they’re really good at until thrown into it. Hyung Sik is definitely an actor in my eyes.

Stay tuned for Episode 8 review.

Drama Review: 3/14/17

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 5-6

I actually finished watching this show the weekend that it aired. I had to re-watch this yesterday in order to remember what my thoughts are on this show.

5: Bong Soon had a mini encounter with our suspect but couldn’t catch him. Min Hyuk calls Gook Doo to let him know that Bong soon saw/heard her attacker. He teases him a little by letting him feel that he’s not doing enough to protect her as a cop. Bong Soon’s “pole dancing” becomes a viral video. With Min Hyuk’s help, he requests them deleted. The thugs in the hospital are planning their revenge on Bong Soo, her brother as a witness. Hee Ji waits for Bong Ki and makes plans with him.

Kyung Shim was attacked by our suspect, but Bong Soon was there to save the day. She gave a statement to Gook Doo that Bong Soon yelled and the suspect fled, keeping her secret. Gook Doo asks Min Hyuk to let Bong Soon stay in his house for the time being until the suspect is caught. Min Hyuk figures out that Bong Soon is not harboring a one sided love.

Bong Soon went walking around in her neighborhood and was followed by Min Hyuk. She tells him, she wants to use her strength for good. Good Doo arrives at Min Hyuk’s house declaring, he’ll be staying with them too.

6: Min Hyuk, Gook Doo, and Bong Soon each had their imaginations of what would happen if they sleep separately. So, they agreed to stay up all night. Min Hyuk, Gook Doo, and Bong Soon walk into a bar…..The boys have a competition at pool, darts, and finally a drinking game. Both passed out and Bong Soon carried them home, but not without her having to use her strength to get a couple of thieves to back off, and our gangster boss witnessing the whole scenario. At the breakfast table, Bong Soon reminded them of the events from the night before. Min Hyuk receives a call to which Gook Doo advised that he needs police protection, then asks him to protect Bong Soon. Bong Soon however, dismisses that and said she’ll protect Min Hyuk because she can protect herself.

Bong Soon is on a roll using her strength, this time against a man who was really rude to a woman during a minor car accident. Min Hyuk either looked impressed or scared. I’m betting scared when he backs away from Bong Soon and said “Yes Ma’am. As they’re watching the sunset, Bong Soon opened up a bit and disclosed her family history, to which Min Hyuk asked if he married her, their daughter would be strong. Naturally, he retracted that before Bong Soon caught on. He offered to help her use it by training her. In exchange for his help though, she has to help him on one thing….During his family dinner, Min Hyuk’s dad commands him to get married. He replied saying he already has a girlfriend and they live together. He said that he’ll marry her and give him a grandson, or two…..Bong Soon let him have it in the car.

Min Hyuk and Bong Soon were training – Bong Soon training and Min Hyuk couldn’t keep his mouth closed. Bong Soon gave her statement to the police and found out that Hee Ji dumped Gook Doo. She was supportive but Gook Doo wonders why they’re only friends.

Bong Soon’s grandma shows up, teaching the thugs a lesson. Meanwhile our suspect is now unmasked and had picked his next target at the pharmacy. Min Hyuk was awakened by an intruder.

***This show is so funny. I loved every minute of it. I kinda guessed that the witness from the second incident was the suspect. I didn’t get to point it out because I was raving and ranting on how hilarious this show is. That, and whenever I’m attempting to type my draft, my 14 year old teenage son interrupts me and makes me completely forget everything I wanted to say.

Anyway, I’m still having some doubts on how they’re going to close both criminal intents towards our heroes. I get that there has to be a crime in order for Gook Doo’s role to play a part, victims for Bong Ki’s character to play out, and Min Hyuk needs to have a reason to be Bong Soon’s damsel in distress. I feel bad that Bong Soon’s mom only puts her down. I think that’s because she regrets losing her powers. She doesn’t love her any less. She just wants the best for her. It comes out wrong. While everyone was ranting about the gay theme of the show, here I am getting annoyed that Bong Soon keeps mistreating Min Hyuk over Gook Doo. I think that needs to be toned down as well. As far as the gay theme, it makes for good laughs. I don’t think it’s written in the show to promote their orientation in a bad light. I think it was written to get Bong Soon, Min Hyuk, and Gook Doo under the same roof.

Here is one of my theories:

  1. His stepmom is the one that leaked the information that Min Hyuk’s gay.
  2. I hate to say it, but as much as I love Secretary Kim, he could be the mysterious caller – not the shooter.

My questions for the week are:

  1. Why does Min Hyuk personally hate the cops?
  2. Who’s side will grandma be on? Will she bring Bong Soon’s feelings down or offer her support?

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s episodes. I need more of these…..