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About aquarianunicorn

Who is aquarianunicorn?

-I live in California, USA
-My first [K]drama is You Are My Destiny in 2008. I missed the first half of the episodes, but watched the drama everyday since.
-After enough googling, I have become more aware of [K]dramas and their formats. I’m a self proclaimed [K]drama addict since.

Am I interested in anything else Korean aside from their dramas?

-Aside from the [K]drama OST’s, I also like, Super Junior, SS501, SNSD[Girl’s Generation], 2NE1.
-I’m also tyring to learn the language so I don’t have to rely on subtitles.

What are your [K]drama sources?

Gone are my torrent days and making my own hardsubbed dvds. This time around, I just watch them @ dramafever.com, viki.com.
For the latest news and recaps of dramas I’m not watching, I go to Dramabeans.com
HanCinema.net – latest kentertainment news & info.
For the OST’s if I’m lucky, it’s in Apple Music.

Do you have any other hobbies aside from Kdramas?
Yes. I also do DIY’s, and I love to sew.

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