First Impression: Tunnel

***I took my own “spring break” and enjoyed the time that I have while my daughter was out on vacation with her dad. I didn’t realize that I only saved this post, and not scheduled it to post. My apologies***

***Editor’s note: Just an FYI, I haven’t seen any time travelling dramas that kdramaland had to offer, so I have nothing to compare this drama to. So until I’m in the zone with this drama, I will sound like I have no clue what I’m talking about. Please bear with me.***

Even though there’s a huge difference of how crimes were solved back then, everything else seems pretty normal to me when you look at this as a investigative crime show and not a time travelling one. I wasn’t expecting any less gruesome scenes coming from an OCN show. I can see how some protocols that are in place now that weren’t back then. It’s kind of neat to have a flashback like that. Did anyone else feel old seeing those typewriters and rotary phones?

This show is in a slower and lighter pace [for now?] compared to Voice. That’s because everything was slower back in the 80’s. It was even slower in the 1700s if you go back even further. Everything does take time back then. This day and age, we’re all working at 200mph, just by sitting down and staring at our phones/ipads and getting everything done with a click of a button. That’s why I said for now, because when he travels to the future, everything will be enhanced technology wise that there’s nothing you can’t solve in twenty minutes. But it didn’t shy away from showing us a corpse or five, in the first episode. It’s definitely not crime and procedural. It stays in the forensic standpoint. I haven’t seen episode 2 yet, so I don’t know if we’re going to have weekly victims, or the show will centralize on finding our serial killer through time.

As usual, we’re introduced to our characters that will make the show progress. What I’m trying to figure out is if any of the characters we’ve seen from the 80’s will be in 2016. Which ones will be detrimental/beneficial for Kwang Ho in both timelines? From the café owner, to everyone in the Serious Crimes Unit. Obviously not as a team, a lot can happen in 30 years. So for this episode, I paid most attention to the conversations, and aesthetics surrounding Kwang Ho in hopes that would give me hints as what to expect in the next episodes. I’m thinking that what happens in the future is being set up in this premier. I may be wrong on some characters though.

For example, When Sung Shik said he’ll be a chief one day, could it be that he’ll really be a chief in the future? I mean, Kwang Ho made it sound like that he’ll NEVER be chief. Never say never.

Another one is Sun Jae, that baby that the army dad was holding while waiting for the team to find his wife’s killer, and kept visiting the station for six months. They really made this kid somewhat a part of his life. The directors made sure to focus on him while Kwang Ho is watching the father scatter the ashes from the boat. Will he become part of Kwang Ho’s time travel adventure?

Reporter Oh has had screen time as well. Based on a conversation, he’s not a friend to them in the 80’s, clearly, since he was left out in Kwang Ho’s wedding.  But, will he still be in the future when Kwang Ho crosses timelines? If he does, will he be a useful ally, or make things harder?

Then there’s the dog serial killer, Jung Ho Young. His personality is that of a criminal, but his crimes are not heavy hitters. He had a good line, “Do you need to have a reason to kill people?”. When he said that, I thought that he might show up in the 2016 timeline. Again, I could be wrong.

On Kwang Ho’s married life. I somehow believed in the beginning that he’s had previous blind dates before that he didn’t take seriously until he met Yeon Sook. It makes sense, since they need Kwang Ho to have a reason to come back home. If I was single and had no one [human/cat] to go back home to, and I found myself either in the past or future, I’d stay and adapt. Wouldn’t you?

Stay tuned.