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Now that I know Soo Hyun didn’t kill Hwi Young, I’m only left with one person…. Shin Yul.  The question is how did he die, and who killed him? I can’t see Hwi Young pulling the trigger on his best friend. Young Min is a possibility, but if we look at the present timeline, he’s rival is Se Ju. So, it’s not reflective of their past. That leaves soo Hyun….the question is why?

I swear, those past snippets! I knew since the beginning that there’s more to the flashbacks we were given. Who would’ve thought that a scene that made us think that Soo Hyun did kill Hwi Young was a confession scene all along? Gosh, I’m really impressed with the writing on this show. I guess it’s safe to say that a mirror in this show is that both Hwi Young in the past and Se Ju in the present both professed their feelings towards their counterparts, albeit, in a different way. It is squeal inducing nonetheless. I’m pretty sure that, after Hwi Young’s confession, that was it for that couple. Their relationship ended before it started. Hence, the reincarnation of themselves. At least, in the present time, Jeon Seol and Se Ju finally moved a step forward in regard to their relationship, and we know there’s a future there. Se Ju wasn’t lying when he said that he’s doing a service for his country with that kiss. It’s about time these two affirmed their feelings for each other.

Today is definitely Jin Oh’s episode. If you haven’t felt bad for him since he appeared in this show, and you have not felt bad at all after watching this episode until the end, you are one heartless person. Since the beginning, I knew I was rooting for his character. I knew that he will not get the girl. It was worse when I found out that he’s a ghost and realized he will never get the girl. It was episode that did me in.

Even though this episode started in heartbreak for Jin Oh after witnessing Se Ju and Jeon Seol’s kiss. It was when Jeon Seol was introduced to him even he’s invisible to her. The fact that Jeon Seol is there, and he froze to say her name, that was heart wrenching. When she was finally able to see him, well I was crying puddles.. It’s a major plus that Se Ju acknowledges him as a friend. Seeing him with his two favorite people of all time with him in the same room. Oh how happy I was for him! Then – they leave me with a cliffhanger – showing how he died. Well, that was a real shocker. Whatever impact factor the writing, and directing team wanted me to feel, I felt. I was in shock, in awe of how it just ended like that.

It still didn’t answer any questions though – who killed him, and why. I guess that’s for the next episode.

Until then,


Chicago Typewriter: 10

Secrets are not always taken to the grave. Sometimes, they transcend in time and reveals itself right when things are going good. If the last episode is about Se Ju learning from his past life, this episode is about Jeon Seol having to deal with the consequences. As a bonus, someone else knows Tae Min’s secret.

Well, I’ve been asking who else in the present is connected in the past, and I got my answer. We’ve know our trio are the heroes, and we’ve had plenty of time to get to know them in both timelines. So, it’s time to introduce a couple of villains: Jeon Seol’ mom, and Tae Min.

I’m a little disappointed about the reveal of Jeon Seol’ mom’s connection with her Soo Hyun. I was kind of hoping that Jeon Seol would remember her first, and that trauma carried on in this life. Makes for a better strained mother-daughter relationship. Deeply strained, but healable. Instead what I got is a coward mom who had memories of her past life with Soo Hyun, and didn’t even remotely try to correct that in this lifetime with Jeon Seol. I think she’s still stringing Jeon Seol along because she’s a dutiful daughter who all she ever wanted was a mother. I’m not even questioning the validity of her villainess, no mother abandons her child and can still call herself a hero.

Then there’s Tae Min. I don’t have much to say because I’m still waiting for this pot to boil over. I’m waiting for that one trigger for him to lose it. I thought it was his student [which may or may not play a role in future episodes], but when he saw Jin Oh, I think that might be his snapping point. I’m a little worried though. This can go either way. One, he can use Jin Oh as a source of Se Ju’s downfall. He can run to mommy and say Se Ju really has a ghostwriter, and there goes Se Ju’s career. Two, Tae Min will snap, remember his past and cause more harm to Se Ju, and Jeon Seol – and Jin Oh won’t be able to do anything about it.

Jin Oh keeps breaking my heart. You guys all heard that he can’t be too far away, and be away for a long period of time from his typewriter. Lines like that are always ominous. It means that when Se Ju, and/or Jeon Seol is in trouble in the hands of let’s say, Tae Min, he won’t be able to do anything about it.

Se Ju is remembering more of his past life. I am still not convinced that he’s really attracted to Jeon Seol. I think those are his feelings for Soo Hyun that he’s subconscious and his instinct is following through. Their dates, it’s like he’s making up for the past that he[Hwi Young] couldn’t tell her [Jeon Seol] his feelings for her, and now he can. Why else would he encourage Jeon Seol to remember him? I do think part of him is attached to Jeon Seol because she did rescue him at the cabin, and has been somewhat a pillar when he was facing controversies, and the fact that there really is no other women vying for his affection. So yes, he genuinely cares for her, is it love? Yes but from Hwi Young to Soo Hyun through Se Ju to Jeon Seol. Wow – this is more tragic than Romeo and Juliet.

The past is a different story now that a little bit more light has been shed in their past life. There’s definitely an unspoken love, and passion between Se Ju and Jeon Seol. It wouldn’t be wise for the leader of the resistance to break his own secret agent rule. So as much as he wanted to say “Yeah, I saved you, and I grew to love you”, he can’t. The contrast in this episode is Soo Hyun, and Shin Yul’s bike ride to Jeon Seol, and Se Ju’s bike ride in the present. I want more their 1930s loveline please.


I normally end my episodes without watching the previews, because I don’t want my questions answered before my post gets published. But,the last scene really got to me especially the part where Jeon Seol’s moms’ words are getting in her head. I had to know what happens next. Well, this is why I don’t watch previews.

Based on what I saw, I’m more convinced now that she killed Shin Yul- but, by accident. Her target could’ve been Hwi Young, but Shin Yul took the bullet for the mission. Would make sense because Se Ju is their leader, when their leader fall, the mission fails.

Jeon Seol is going to mirror Se Ju’s attempt at a farewell. She’s going to have one last date with him then ghost him. I mean, I’m expecting a separation, that’s inevitable in a kdrama. I just think that she’s stronger than her guilt, which is really not even hers but an extension of her past.


Chicago Typewriter: 9

Who else cried in this episode? Well, I’m sad for Jin Oh who knew that there’s nothing he can do in this lifetime to win Jeon Seol’s heart. That, and that a lot has changed since his death, that what he once knew then doesn’t exist now. But he’s wrong. There’s something that exist now: his dream of freeing Joseon to what Korea is now. Sadly, he can’t really experience it as a live human being, but being able to see the change should be consolation enough, if that was his unfinished business. It got to me when he put his arms around Jeon Seol, I was yelling see him, feel him, something!!!! What made it worse? When he didn’t even show up in the photo, not even as an orb, mist, or a glow.

There’s very little time to dislike any characters in this episode since Tae Min’s mom got burned when her plan to bring Se Ju burst into a humiliating flame. Tae Min’s dad failed to get Tae Min to his copycat crime. Tae Min looked ever determined to stay afloat. At this point, this family will go down together, either Tae Min loses what’s left of his sanity first, then mom loses it, or dad just throws everything out in the open. Either way, I cannot wait. I still have to see thought if any of these family members is part of Se Ju’s life in the past.

Se Ju had a transformation in this episode. He’s more accepting of Jeon Seol and Jin Oh. Dare I say he softened up a bit. It was touching that he finally offered Jin Oh a meal, and found a friend even though he’s in denial about it. He’s not resisting to Jin Oh’s presence and persistence like when they first met. I think as he’s re-writing his novel from 80 years ago, he’s realizing that he’s living this lifetime similar to Hwi Young and wants to change that. Although he hasn’t said it out loud. His intentions are clear though especially when it comes to Jeon Seol.

We finally meet Jeon Seol’s mom even though it’s only through Jeon Seol’s recollections. And, wow! Who knew that she’s connected to her past life. This was a new revelation through Jin Oh’s recollection as well. I sm always iffy about new characters entering shows past its halfway mark, but I welcome this one because, there’s still so much more to know about what happened in the 1930s. There’s still a lot more webs to untangle, and cords to connect to this present timeline. I wonder if Jeon Seol hasn’t recollected much of her memories that she failed to recognize her mother in her past visions. I wonder if her mom knows of her past life too. Gosh, this just opened up more doors to the past that we needed to connect the trio together.

We’re getting more information from the events of the past. That’s been something I wanted to do with the little snippets they provide us each episode. Se Ju was the leader of the resistance. Everyone else probably figured that out, but I didn’t. I thought that it was Shin Yul. I guess it makes sense that it’s Se Ju because he’s clever enough to pass coded messages through his “third rate” novels. Which brings me to the question, why did Soo Hyun delay him when Hwi Young fell off his bike? I had a bad feeling about it.

OMG if that was not the most passionate kiss I’ve watched in 2017. That was intense even if for a minute. Yes, Hwi Young delivered for his country if not the world.


Chicago Typewriter: 8

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I’m not sure if Daddy Baek is trying to make amends with Se Ju, or still protecting Tae Min, or both. He’s gotten a few minutes of screentime since the show aired, so I’m sure his character is going to contribute to something bigger that will affect Se Ju more than he’s affected him now, much later on. I think it’s been long established that he’s not Se Ju’s biological father. I wonder what he was in Hwi Young’s life? I am hoping that he will be the one to put an end to Tae Min and his wife’s antics towards Se Ju, that in the end he will sacrifice everything. As much as I wanted Se Ju to single handedly bring that family down, I think it would be more worthy and humbling for the dad to that and close up any possibility of last minute revenge from the mother and son. This way too, it would be a true gesture that his relationship to Se Ju is more important than his writing career.

I still can’t pinpoint where Tae Min fits into our couple’s lives. I’ve said this last time where there’s got to be more to him than being Se Ju’s rival. Well now, rival isn’t even the word. Se Ju’s pretty up there since he obviously wasn’t the original author the book he published. But, there’s got to be something else that’s tying Se Ju, and Jeon Seol, and possibly Jin Oh together. When it comes to fate, destiny, and untangling those cords, I’m pretty convinced that Tae Min is living a karmaic life, like Se Ju and Jeon Seol, but I just couldn’t quite make the fit anywhere. There has to be something about his character being a good guy on the outside, but really a bad guy deep down. Maybe it’s just me secretly hoping for there to have something more that shouldn’t.

Se Ju doesn’t know anything about the complexity of a woman’s feelings. I think it’s cute that he’s innocent when it comes to issues like this. Is Hwi Young the same in the past? Se Ju is at the brink of transformation. He’s able to express how really feels towards his mentor, and he’s finally opened up to someone – Jeon Seol. The same goes for Jeon Seol, she doesn’t understand what Se Ju is thinking, and really going through aside from what she knows as a fan. I knew Jeon Seol wouldn’t stop caring for Se Ju, and not just because she’s his first fan. It’s also because her past life is seeping through her that having Se Ju around brings an aura of comfort, and camaraderie. Of course, she doesn’t know all that. It’s finally been established that Jeon Seol does have feelings for Se Ju, and vice versa. It’s a nice revelation for both, which might pave way to a lot of things concerning their past. Who knows, they can recollect memories together. Now can we publish the novel and find out who killed Jin Oh?

Jin Oh is up for an awakening. I really feel for him because here he is, a harmless, lovesick puppy who just wants to tell Jeon Seol how he feels, but she did end up liking Se Ju. Now what? I don’t think it will drive a wedge between Se Ju and him though. I think for Jin Oh, this is just like his normal missions back in the day, only less violent, and he can’t do much without Se Ju’s memories. What makes me really sad is that despite the humor injected in his character and the scenes that he’s in, deep down, he’s this sad lost soul just barely struggling to survive in order to move on.


Chicago Typewriter: 7

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I’m going to post my reviews without them until I can get caught up. Tae Min is getting to the point where his true colors will show. Every viewer knows, but Jeon Seol doesn’t see it. Se Ju knows, but I think that’s only a portion of it through his experience. I’m waiting for the day that he’ll just lose it, and that will be the day that he’ll lose everything and everyone. It’s like a punishment, as if he’s done something horrible in the past.

I think this episode is setting us up for a lot of things. 1. Jeon Seol, and Se Ju romance. Se Ju doesn’t want to be abandoned, so he’s trying in his own way to get Jeon Seol back. Jeon Seol is still hurting, but I’m sure she’s still just as concerned for Se Ju. 2. The novel hasn’t been published, which means Se Ju, and Jin Oh still have some things to settle. 3. It’s also setting up Tae Min’s fall from grace. I did question as to why Jin Oh was insistent on making sure Tae Min stays away from Jeon Seol. Is he only going to do that everytime Tae Min is hovering around Jeon Seol? Does that mean that Jin Oh knows something else about Tae Min than what the writers have given us so far?

Sooooo, Hwi Young was disowned in the past, which is an equivalent to being abandoned, which explains Se Ju’s current fear. It is natural for one’s past life experience show up as a fear in your current life. For example, if Se Ju had drowned in his past life, he would have a fear of water this life. So that would be a natural fear, and because he’s focused on what he’s afraid of, he got exactly just that [Law of Attraction] which lead him to the betrayal that he experienced with Tae Min’s family….yes he has issues.

It was nice to see the history of Ji Seok, and Se Ju. Now I see why he’s so protective of him, yet still be at a professional distance about it. See, Se Ju is surrounded by loyal people. He just needs to see it. Wouldn’t it be nice if Ji Seok was Se Ju’s dad in the past, and he’s unknowingly making up for it now in this lifetime?

So, there’s a couple of mirrored “event” in here…..Hwi Young and Se Ju both does not to publish “Chicago Typewriter” I’m sure the reason why is a contrast, but it wasn’t clear to me why Hwi Young didn’t want to publish it at the time, Se Ju on the other hand has his pride on the line, and a moral compass to follow so he won’t publish something that isn’t his. But, like what Jin Oh pointed out last time, it is his only 80 years ago his. The second one, although slightly different, is when Soo Hyun in the past, and Jin Oh in the future is encouraging Se Ju to publish his novel. If I could add a third mirror to this, it would be the outcome if it does…..readers in the past could be free from their desperation even by just reading, Jin Oh on the other hand, can be freed from what’s keeping him from this world.

Now that these points have been set up, on to the next episode!


Chicago Typewriter: 6

I still have to understand Tae Min’s role in this show. Being Se Ju’s rival is not cutting it for me. I think there’s something more sinister than what’s being shown. I have a feeling that he’s capable of something more evil than what his mother could muster up. I just hope that it doesn’t go the violent way and ruining the show.

It finally dawns on Bang Shin’s mom that her daughter can see ghosts. Well, DUH!!! She’s her daughter. Why wouldn’t she not have any supernatural abilities? I appreciate these two characters aside from out trio and Gyun Woo, because they are the link to the supernatural realm in this show.Meaning, in order for everyone to move on, especially Jin Oh, their assistance will be needed. For now, they’re supportive of Jeon Seol, but something tells me that Bang Wol knows more than what she’s leading on. Who knows Bang Shin might be the one to help Jin Oh crossover and somewhere in the distant future – they do end up together. I really hope that Bang Shin will be the link for Jeon Seol to see Jin Oh, and/or recollect her past memories.

So now it’s making a little sense which I should’ve figured out by episode 3 or 4. Jin Oh is a ghost. Ghosts who tend to linger in this world do have unfinished business. In this case, his unfinished business is the novel, and the fact that he needs to remember how he died before he moves on. Dare I add one more, he needs to confess to So Hyoon through Jeon Seol. I do understand why though, because Jeon Seol’s feelings for Se Ju hasn’t solidified yet, and Se Ju needs to get his act together and get his first fan back.

Well, I’m kind of, sort of glad that Se Ju is not in denial that he’s seeing ghosts. I’d like to believe that he believes in the supernatural. Who knows, maybe he’s had these visions before, but because other traumatic events happened in his life, those memories were blocked. I’m confused as to why Se Ju’s doctor said something about fear of abandonment. Shouldn’t it be fear of betrayal, or is that the same when it comes to Se Ju? From what I understand, he left the Baek family. Unless the abandonment stems from his biological parents, which means, I need to see a backstory on that! Could it also be that fear of abandonment didn’t happen in this timeline, but something that carried through from his past when he was reincarnated?

You know, even though Jeon Seol is upset by all this, and words have been exchanged. Her feelings as a fan, if not more, will not change. She’s been abandoned too. The difference between her and Se Ju is that she’s not the type to push people away. She’s the kind of person that will get mad, but given the right gestures, and sincere words of apology, all things are back to normal. This, is the kind of person that Se Ju needs in his life. Someone that won’t push him away like Tae Min’s family. We’ve seen it before in episode 2. She didn’t leave Se Ju in the car, and she did what she could to get him out of the cabin when he fell ill. This episode is no different, because there was clearly a misunderstanding. They just need to see each other eye to eye.

I think this episode is a pure case of bad timing for our trio. For Jin Oh, it’s a bad time to confess because he’s a ghost. For Se Ju, because even when he tries to be sincere towards Jeon Seol, it comes out wrong. And, for Jeon Seol, because she’s not aware of the underlying situation that Se Ju is in, misunderstands Se Ju. I do understand Jeon Seol’s position towards Se Ju, because he’s been hot and cold towards her – which makes the loveline a little bit harder to believe that there’s an attraction there. But – there definitely was major attraction going on in their past lives. I can’t wait for those feelings to spill over in their present reincarnations.

I am honestly starting to get confused with the 1930s flashbacks, but that’s just because I’m also multitasking while watching. Don’t get me wrong. I like the 1930s story more than the present timeline. I can’t wait to see the entire sequence of events. I wish I can figure out the chronological sequence of their respective flashbacks. Since I’m seeing these happen to Se Ju, and Jeon Seol, I don’t really know what happened first. It would be nice to figure this out in order for their story to come full circle. It is too soon for everything to merge since there’s still a lot we don’t know about aside from their friendship in the past. It’s piecing together slowly, on how the three of them are connected in the past. What needs to piece together is the three of them in the present- which is a challenge because Jin Oh is a ghost.

Other than that, the show put a nice touch by making ghost haunt in a comedic way. I wouldn’t mind having a little humor here and there. Also, you can’t end the show saying she’s both their lovers. What does that even mean? I guess I’ll find out the next episode.


Chicago Typewriter: 5

As always, I’ll start with the characters I don’t like.

Tae Min’s family is the poster family for the dysfunctional[s]. I’m not surprised why Tae Min is the way he is. I was going to give him an ounce of pity until he decided to abuse his cat. I’m a cat lady so that scene was a definite no-no to me. The pity I had just flew in the litter box and there’s no way Tae Min will redeem himself in my eyes. I can’t wait for Jeon Seol to see all of this in the future episodes.

Now to the good parts

I definitely wasn’t expecting Jin Oh to be an actual GHOST at the end of this episode. Nice one! Now that’s what you call a plot twist. I didn’t even see it coming. [This is what I get by completely ignoring anything about this show. I wanted to watch this show without reading the spoilers, thoughts, and recaps. The occasional quotes I see on the facebook page didn’t affect me so I don’t consider them as spoilers.] Now this makes this show much more interesting. I should’ve seen it in episode 3 when he played the turntable that he’s a ghost. I fell for it thinking that he’s having a conversation with Ji Seok. When he said that Se Ju tied him up like a dead body in episode 4. Then I wondered why he wouldn’t meet Jeon Seol. That’s because no one can see him
I’m excited to see how everything will play out, but at the same time, I’m really sad now that Jin Oh will definitely not get the girl. This character is by far the sorriest second lead ever. So now it made sense that Bang Shin can see him and not Jeon Seol. She can see ghosts, I don’t think she knows though. Her mom can only sense their energies but not see them.

I really felt bad for Se Ju in this episode, not only is Jeon Seol’s words getting to him because she’s the only sincere fan he knows, she’s also pushing him to be better than he already is. Then, there’s this part of him that’s desperate to meet a deadline. He’s so torn, and he can’t help it. In the end, I admired his bravery in choosing to lose it all because he didn’t accomplish something, rather than him getting credit for something he didn’t do. There’s not many people like that nowadays. Take Tae Min for example, rather than quitting after his first book, he continued to write a series of novels, but he’s only famous for the first one, which we all know it’s not his.

Bang Shin sees ghosts!! The only other human that see’s Jin Oh. I knew there’s something that’s tying her to the show aside from being Jeon Seol’s friend. It makes sense too since her mom is a shaman. I wonder if she’s the link that will help him connect to Jeon Seol.

Jeon Seol’s fangirl dna is embedded in her that it’s kind of cute. Her subconscious took over when Se Ju was being slammed with negative comments. It was nice to see that she was somehow “rewarded” with a couple of hours with her idol.

Both Jeon Seol, and Se Ju are now having major flashbacks. I say major because it’s not a glimpse of a past, it’s not even a trailer, more like an entire scene. There are many forms of flashbacks, and many ways to trigger these….Any of these flashbacks could’ve been by a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reaction. We all know that Se Ju’s emotionally conflicted, and so is Jeon Seol.

When this happened to Jeon Seol as a child, I am going to assume that this was in a dream state at first, then as she’s growing up, it’s an offhand remark, [“I must’ve killed someone in my past life.”], and finally a common object [pocket watch]. For now, it’s just visions of her past self that’s manifesting
In Se Ju’s case it was a common object [typewriter], an instant flashback [when he was about to throw the typewriter]. Finally, he had a total recall where he in his present form was reliving a moment of his past life. [when he went through the fog.]in more occurrence, it’s going to be a mater of time before we get an actual recall.

Now that the flashbacks we see are from Se Ju and Jeon Seol, our past characters might be manifesting to this timeline for some healing. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

I did see one contrast from the 1930s to the present. In the past, it was Jin Oh providing a lesson to Soo Hyun. In the present, Se Ju gave some advise to Jeon Seol in the arcade. Both have valuable lessons. Even the positioning of Jin Oh/Se Ju is a contrast. It is looking like there’s a shift happening…..It’s somewhat of a you can’t change the past, or history is not repeating itself this lifetime around.

The underlying theme of this episode: Live life to the fullest. Move on.

I guess it’s pretty obvious now that I’m a total believer of past lives, reincarnation, and all things supernatural. This is why I like this show so much. I spent my hour not looking for a loveline, but to see how they’re tackling the supernatural end of it. They got me with Jin Oh though. That was really good.