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Man To Man

“I am Ghost Agent K. A shadow without a name or reputation. My duty is a nameless battle to protect freedom and order.” Kim Seol Woo
***Episode 1***
“There is always a woman behind every case.” -Kim Seol Woo
“When working undercover, how you end it is more important than how you start it.” -Kim Seol Woo
“The best way to end a relationship that served its purpose is death.” -Kim Seol Woo
***Episode 2***
“The pain you suffer differs by age.” -Yeo Un Gwang
“The details of the pain differ each time.” -Cha Do Ha
“Believing and trusting the bodyguard is fundamental in security.” -Kim Seol Woo
“A spoiled brat will be silent once he is removed from his mother.” -Kim Seol Woo
“Love stories are action for the heart.” -Yeo Un Gwang
***Episode 3***
“A true relationship for an actress like is a luxury you can’t afford.” -Kim Seol Woo
“When you truly love someone in reality, when you act – your eyes portray a lie.” -Kim Seol Woo
“The weather is too gloomy to die today.” -Cha Do Ha
“They say you don’t die when your heart stops.” -Cha Do Ha
“You aren’t dead as long as someone remembers you.” -Cha Do Ha
“If you aren’t loved, you’re dead. That means I’m dead.” -Yeo Un Gwang
“Don’t forget to live. That’s what you should remember.” Cha Do Ha
“The dead won’t come back to life just because you remember them.” -Kim Seol Woo
“What you call an explanation, is what everyone calls a criminal offense.” -Cha Do Ha
“People leave to find a reason to return.” -Kim Seol Woo
“Faith, hope, and love cannot save a person. What saves a person are hatred and rage.” -Kim Seol Woo
***Episode 4***
“Why do people believe what you say with words as the truth?” -Kim Seol Woo
‘I need an explanation, if we are to remain a family.” -Cha Do Ha
“It’s because you were there, and you were the only thing I could see.” -Kim Seol Woo
“During a mission, you often have to think on your feet.” -Kim Seol Woo
“Nothing says I like you, more than jealousy.”
“But I have a bad feeling about this mission.” -Kim Seol Woo