TEN Season 2: Something to look forward to.

One of the many reasons that I love Korean dramas is the fact that they don’t have multi seasons. I know how long I’m committing to a drama, I know that there’s a beginning, middle, and end. But, there are a couple of cable dramas that are perfect for a multi seaoson format. I guess it’s mostly because I’m a fan of criminal investigative shows both action/suspense or comedic like Law & Order: SVU, NCIS, Psych, and many more.
I’m looking forward to watching another season of TEN but not before doing a marathon of season 1. I didn’t get to watch it back then because my favorite source does not have it fully subbed.

Here’s the report from Hancinema.

Playing with Photoshop

There’s no denying, I’m addicted to these dramas. So, while waiting for Monday, I decided to take a peek at the drama next door…..And- yeah – got hooked too. I thought it was funny that while I was killing time until Monday, that I get hooked on a Wed/Thu drama. Am I the only one?

Yesterday’s episode of FBND was sooooo hilarious that I had to do this

Flower Boy Next Door: The reason I like Mondays [For Now]

image credit: Hancinema

My 1st crack drama for 2013. I don’t think I’ll have any withdrawal symptoms from KOD since this drama premiered right away. Usually, I’d go through withdrawals and find a drama and do a speed marathon. Not this one. I’m hooked at the moment the stewardess melted at Enrique’s smile. It’s finally nice to see Kim Ji Hoon in a character that’s not a lawyer. I still have to watch Joseon’s Investigation Record….but that’s beside the point! Anyway – I do hope that PSH does not look awkward when the kiss scene comes. lol

This drama is the reason why I’ll look forward to Mondays the first couple months of 2013.




King Of Dramas

This drama never lost it’s momentum for me. Thank goodness for a happy ending. I didn’t want to start my new year with a drama with a lead character passing away. Overall, I really appreciated this dramedy. I was getting ready to learn to Hangul alphabet just in case the writer did decide to kill Anthony in the end. I was going to write some sort of petition to never watch any of the writer’s dramas ever again. But, thankfully- the writer decided to listen to the fans.  Seriously, I was facing either a time skip or lead character death – which lesser evil do I want?

I wish that they sped things up a bit to show more chemistry between Anthony and Go Eun like a montage or something to justify time slips. Like any other drama, there are other things that were left out like where’s GE’s mom?, Anthony’s mom?, a wedding picture, what happened to the World Boys? Joo PD should’ve become Empire’s CEO!!

Ah – but at least GE and Anthony are together.