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Photobucket Fail

So, I’ve been busy with looking for a new job, that I’ve put my kdrama viewing/blogging on hold. Today, I thought it’d be a good time to start watching/reviewing again. I was checking all my blogs to see where I left off to find out that my Photobucket images are no longer linking. Turns out, they have updated their terms of service, and users can no longer link their images on their websites and blogs.

What this means…..it means, that I have to re-upload ALL my images going back from 2009-present to a new hosting site and relink them to my blog posts. As you all know, I have 3 different blogs. Although I’m not active in the other two, I still need to maintain that especially now I have to re-link images.

Please bear with me. It’s been a tough Summer so far with me getting laid off [losing my job], still unemployed as of May, behind on my reviews, then this.

Thank you

Heidi aka Aquarianunicorn

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