Boys Before Flowers

March 30-31 are two nights that i have been anticipating to come, and the same time wishing – that it’s not as well.

That’s because in Korea, these two days are the final 2 episodes of Boys Before Flowers….I have no clue what to obsess about after this show airs. I know that episode 13 and 14 will air here in CA – but, it’s not the same.

I saw this episode from the start right when it aired in Jan…..i’ve blogged in other sites, i’ve posted comments in and out of forums – i fell in love with all the characters – and then reality hits – it will end this week.

I’m contemplating whether or not to watch the episodes as it airs – or wait till withs2 finishes subbing the episodes and i can watch then.

It’s just that i really really dont want it to end…….i’ve never felt great at looking forward to something that really makes me feel good about in years……for the first time in my life – my love of japanese anime/manga and korean drama have been thrown in and mixed together- and it will end soon.

i am already suffering from BBF withdrawal symptoms – i have not watched the US version in 2 wks(it’s recorded on dvd still)-the reasons i dont watch is because the subtitles isnt translated well like withs2. they usually cut more than what was said….lol

i’m sad and happy at the same time – sad because my fantasy romance will end and happy that i get to sleep. now, all i have to do is hardsub the video and create my own dvd(s)….i have been doing this for my friends and didnt make myself a copy….lol

i still have to make the wallpapers and calendars for 2009, and ringtones….just to hold me until another drama touches my heart like this drama did…..i must confess – BBF “is my own personal brand of heroine” sounds familiar????

to those watching this drama whether recently or right when it started – you must know how i feel… antsy wishing it was JH ending up with JD, but we all know that’s not how it ends…..btw – i’m writing again – this time, it’s a different genre – FANFICTION – thanks to BBF, im inspired to write again…….

if anyone from BBF staff will come accross this blog one day…’s to all of you:

you have made the past 3 months lighter for me – at least on Mon-Tue
thanks to you, i was inspired to work harder at work, so i can deserve to watch this drama online.
you gave me more reason to believe that my soulmate is out there – and when i find him – i will not let go
you taught me that i shouldnt hold my feelings inside- instead to let it all out, or regret not saying anything
i still think that JD should end up with JH!!!!!
to all the cast main and supporting – great job!!! looking forward to your next dramas!!!!

Goodbye Boys Before Flowers – sarangheyeo.

Ja Myung Go

Yep, another Kdrama
It’s already aired about 3 episodes
I haven’t really watched since no fansubbing group picked up this drama for softsubs…
But, Viikii has online users that are subbing the drama as it airs. i have been helping out in simplifying the subtitles – rephrasing them and what not.
I have the raw episodes – i just need a good soul to translate –
i really really want to watch this drama – but i dont want to wait months for it to air here – if it gets picked up by channel 18, and if it’s subbed or not.
who knows – it may coincide with the KBS drama i’m watching on channel 23….

im keeping my fingers crossed, that i get permission to convert the viikii subs to softsubs…i already have the software and all – i just need my daughter to go to her dad on her scheduled weekends…, after i post this – her schedule will change….lol