Drama Review: 1/22/17

As of this post I’ve watched:

Goblin: 14, 15,and 16
2016 ended and 2017 started with Goblin. What an AMAZING series. I know that it will take me sometime to get over this show, like 939 to 200 years. Some viewers might still be upset at how it ended, but I still believe that it’s an appropriate way to end the show. I absolutely loved everything about this drama.


Missing 9: 1-2
This show reminds me of the US show LOST, but I like the fact that I’m not going to wait 6 seasons/years to see how this played out. It caught my interest, and I’m curious how/when the flashbacks will end, and if Bong Hee IS the only survivor.

Voice: 3-4
I think what kept me from coming back to the show is because of the cliffhangers in the end of episodes. They got me at the edge of my seat, then bam! I won’t know until Saturday what happens. I absolutely need to know if they will be successful in their rescue in 10 minutes. That, and I also want to know who the killer is that they’re both trying to look for.¬†OCN – really likes their crime thrillers.

Need to catch up on:

Hwarang: 5 – current episode
I haven’t connected to the show as of yet, which is normal. I usually get hooked halfway if the plot progresses.