Flashback Friday: City Hall [2009]

City Hall was a romantic comedy set in the political world. The story follows the political rivalry, turned romance between Shin Mi Rae who was a government clerk, who became a beauty pageant winner, and eventually a mayor, and Jo Gook, an experienced politician who has his own presidential ambitions.

Main Cast:
Kim Sun Ah, Cha Seung Won, Chu Sang Mi, Lee Hyung Chul, and Yoon Se Ah.

My first Kim Eun Sook drama. I became an instant fan of Kim Sun Ah, and Cha Seung Won. At this point in kdrama time, I have only watched at least 20 kdramas. Needless to say, this was one of the dramas that captivated me from the simple aesthetics, local cinematography, script, soundtrack, and the actors’ portrayal – both main and supporting casts. In this drama, I was also “introduced” to Super Junior [which will be featured on another blogpost, someday]. City Hall was the first drama that I actually ordered their Director’s Editin DVD set.

To this day, City Hall remains on my top 10 all time favorite dramas.

Rounding up my fave leading ladies

i’ve been watching kdramas since 2008. i can’t believe that i was watching Yoona on a daily drama before i even knew she is in SNSD!. i think it’s safe to say now my top leading ladies are…..

#3 Jung Ryeo Won

i watched her for the 1st time in Ja Myung Go. even though the ratings tanked, and subs weren’t available at the time, i waited for this to air here in the US. unfortunately, i haven’t seen any of her movies, but ever since JMG, i’ve watched every drama she’s in.

#2 Kim Sun Ah

i watched her for the 1st time in City Hall. oh my gosh, she’s like a goddess to me. even though i’ve only seen her in one drama, i’m a fan and always wishes the best for her future projects.

#1 Gong Hyo Jin

bet you knew i was going to say that. she really is just lovely. i watched her for the 1st time in The Greatest Love. she’s the reason i was eager to watch The Master’s Sun. now, i’m off to figuring out how to watch her movies. i guess i’m going to Yesasia and buy some dvds. i watched bits of pieces of Pasta just to see if there’s any similarities in her acting. this actress, really is the best in Korea. you can give her any character, and she’ll portray it for you.