The Partner

I didn’t think that i was going to be able to watch this drama. I tried to watch this back when it first aired in June 24. Luckily, I got to see the first 2 episodes as it aired here on 7/22.

My first impression was, I’m going to watch this as it airs here. It didn’t leave me with a strong urge to watch it. But, part of me was curious so I did a weekend marathon of episodes 3-10, and watched the rest as it aired when i got home from work.

The drama left me with a lot of questions despite all the hype. I feel as if they focused more on their cases than that of the characters’ evolution in the drama. I mean, it’s not a bad drama, I was most impressed by Lee Honey’s character, but she’s not that of a femme fatale as hyped up to be….they didn’s show her in that trait. I was also sold on Kim hyun Joo’s ability to act, since she made me cry on most episodes, and Lee Dong Wook’s childish antics just cracks me up, i don’t regret watching this drama, but, it’s not something that i would blog on more about either.

This drama still airs here, and yes i still watch it. I’m still hopeful that there were just plot points that I missed and that I would see them as it airs.