Chicago Typewriter: 6

I still have to understand Tae Min’s role in this show. Being Se Ju’s rival is not cutting it for me. I think there’s something more sinister than what’s being shown. I have a feeling that he’s capable of something more evil than what his mother could muster up. I just hope that it doesn’t go the violent way and ruining the show.

It finally dawns on Bang Shin’s mom that her daughter can see ghosts. Well, DUH!!! She’s her daughter. Why wouldn’t she not have any supernatural abilities? I appreciate these two characters aside from out trio and Gyun Woo, because they are the link to the supernatural realm in this show.Meaning, in order for everyone to move on, especially Jin Oh, their assistance will be needed. For now, they’re supportive of Jeon Seol, but something tells me that Bang Wol knows more than what she’s leading on. Who knows Bang Shin might be the one to help Jin Oh crossover and somewhere in the distant future – they do end up together. I really hope that Bang Shin will be the link for Jeon Seol to see Jin Oh, and/or recollect her past memories.

So now it’s making a little sense which I should’ve figured out by episode 3 or 4. Jin Oh is a ghost. Ghosts who tend to linger in this world do have unfinished business. In this case, his unfinished business is the novel, and the fact that he needs to remember how he died before he moves on. Dare I add one more, he needs to confess to So Hyoon through Jeon Seol. I do understand why though, because Jeon Seol’s feelings for Se Ju hasn’t solidified yet, and Se Ju needs to get his act together and get his first fan back.

Well, I’m kind of, sort of glad that Se Ju is not in denial that he’s seeing ghosts. I’d like to believe that he believes in the supernatural. Who knows, maybe he’s had these visions before, but because other traumatic events happened in his life, those memories were blocked. I’m confused as to why Se Ju’s doctor said something about fear of abandonment. Shouldn’t it be fear of betrayal, or is that the same when it comes to Se Ju? From what I understand, he left the Baek family. Unless the abandonment stems from his biological parents, which means, I need to see a backstory on that! Could it also be that fear of abandonment didn’t happen in this timeline, but something that carried through from his past when he was reincarnated?

You know, even though Jeon Seol is upset by all this, and words have been exchanged. Her feelings as a fan, if not more, will not change. She’s been abandoned too. The difference between her and Se Ju is that she’s not the type to push people away. She’s the kind of person that will get mad, but given the right gestures, and sincere words of apology, all things are back to normal. This, is the kind of person that Se Ju needs in his life. Someone that won’t push him away like Tae Min’s family. We’ve seen it before in episode 2. She didn’t leave Se Ju in the car, and she did what she could to get him out of the cabin when he fell ill. This episode is no different, because there was clearly a misunderstanding. They just need to see each other eye to eye.

I think this episode is a pure case of bad timing for our trio. For Jin Oh, it’s a bad time to confess because he’s a ghost. For Se Ju, because even when he tries to be sincere towards Jeon Seol, it comes out wrong. And, for Jeon Seol, because she’s not aware of the underlying situation that Se Ju is in, misunderstands Se Ju. I do understand Jeon Seol’s position towards Se Ju, because he’s been hot and cold towards her – which makes the loveline a little bit harder to believe that there’s an attraction there. But – there definitely was major attraction going on in their past lives. I can’t wait for those feelings to spill over in their present reincarnations.

I am honestly starting to get confused with the 1930s flashbacks, but that’s just because I’m also multitasking while watching. Don’t get me wrong. I like the 1930s story more than the present timeline. I can’t wait to see the entire sequence of events. I wish I can figure out the chronological sequence of their respective flashbacks. Since I’m seeing these happen to Se Ju, and Jeon Seol, I don’t really know what happened first. It would be nice to figure this out in order for their story to come full circle. It is too soon for everything to merge since there’s still a lot we don’t know about aside from their friendship in the past. It’s piecing together slowly, on how the three of them are connected in the past. What needs to piece together is the three of them in the present- which is a challenge because Jin Oh is a ghost.

Other than that, the show put a nice touch by making ghost haunt in a comedic way. I wouldn’t mind having a little humor here and there. Also, you can’t end the show saying she’s both their lovers. What does that even mean? I guess I’ll find out the next episode.


Chicago Typewriter: 5

As always, I’ll start with the characters I don’t like.

Tae Min’s family is the poster family for the dysfunctional[s]. I’m not surprised why Tae Min is the way he is. I was going to give him an ounce of pity until he decided to abuse his cat. I’m a cat lady so that scene was a definite no-no to me. The pity I had just flew in the litter box and there’s no way Tae Min will redeem himself in my eyes. I can’t wait for Jeon Seol to see all of this in the future episodes.

Now to the good parts

I definitely wasn’t expecting Jin Oh to be an actual GHOST at the end of this episode. Nice one! Now that’s what you call a plot twist. I didn’t even see it coming. [This is what I get by completely ignoring anything about this show. I wanted to watch this show without reading the spoilers, thoughts, and recaps. The occasional quotes I see on the facebook page didn’t affect me so I don’t consider them as spoilers.] Now this makes this show much more interesting. I should’ve seen it in episode 3 when he played the turntable that he’s a ghost. I fell for it thinking that he’s having a conversation with Ji Seok. When he said that Se Ju tied him up like a dead body in episode 4. Then I wondered why he wouldn’t meet Jeon Seol. That’s because no one can see him
I’m excited to see how everything will play out, but at the same time, I’m really sad now that Jin Oh will definitely not get the girl. This character is by far the sorriest second lead ever. So now it made sense that Bang Shin can see him and not Jeon Seol. She can see ghosts, I don’t think she knows though. Her mom can only sense their energies but not see them.

I really felt bad for Se Ju in this episode, not only is Jeon Seol’s words getting to him because she’s the only sincere fan he knows, she’s also pushing him to be better than he already is. Then, there’s this part of him that’s desperate to meet a deadline. He’s so torn, and he can’t help it. In the end, I admired his bravery in choosing to lose it all because he didn’t accomplish something, rather than him getting credit for something he didn’t do. There’s not many people like that nowadays. Take Tae Min for example, rather than quitting after his first book, he continued to write a series of novels, but he’s only famous for the first one, which we all know it’s not his.

Bang Shin sees ghosts!! The only other human that see’s Jin Oh. I knew there’s something that’s tying her to the show aside from being Jeon Seol’s friend. It makes sense too since her mom is a shaman. I wonder if she’s the link that will help him connect to Jeon Seol.

Jeon Seol’s fangirl dna is embedded in her that it’s kind of cute. Her subconscious took over when Se Ju was being slammed with negative comments. It was nice to see that she was somehow “rewarded” with a couple of hours with her idol.

Both Jeon Seol, and Se Ju are now having major flashbacks. I say major because it’s not a glimpse of a past, it’s not even a trailer, more like an entire scene. There are many forms of flashbacks, and many ways to trigger these….Any of these flashbacks could’ve been by a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reaction. We all know that Se Ju’s emotionally conflicted, and so is Jeon Seol.

When this happened to Jeon Seol as a child, I am going to assume that this was in a dream state at first, then as she’s growing up, it’s an offhand remark, [“I must’ve killed someone in my past life.”], and finally a common object [pocket watch]. For now, it’s just visions of her past self that’s manifesting
In Se Ju’s case it was a common object [typewriter], an instant flashback [when he was about to throw the typewriter]. Finally, he had a total recall where he in his present form was reliving a moment of his past life. [when he went through the fog.]in more occurrence, it’s going to be a mater of time before we get an actual recall.

Now that the flashbacks we see are from Se Ju and Jeon Seol, our past characters might be manifesting to this timeline for some healing. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

I did see one contrast from the 1930s to the present. In the past, it was Jin Oh providing a lesson to Soo Hyun. In the present, Se Ju gave some advise to Jeon Seol in the arcade. Both have valuable lessons. Even the positioning of Jin Oh/Se Ju is a contrast. It is looking like there’s a shift happening…..It’s somewhat of a you can’t change the past, or history is not repeating itself this lifetime around.

The underlying theme of this episode: Live life to the fullest. Move on.

I guess it’s pretty obvious now that I’m a total believer of past lives, reincarnation, and all things supernatural. This is why I like this show so much. I spent my hour not looking for a loveline, but to see how they’re tackling the supernatural end of it. They got me with Jin Oh though. That was really good.


Chicago Typewriter: 4

I have more reaction questions that actual reactions.

Wait, did we have two ghostwriters? The ghostwriter that Ji Seok knows is not the ghostwriter Han Se Ju just met. Why did Yoo Jin Oh run out when he was already caught red handed? I’d be more confused too, if I were Han Se Ju. Is it Jeon Seol’s turn to have a stalker? This time it’s Yoo Jin Oh? But why, did he come back for Bang Shin and not introduce himself to Jeon Seol?

Is Tae Min really interested in Jeon Seol, or is he showing interest because he knows that she means something to Se Ju? I wonder if he’s part of their past life.

Objects tend to let themselves known when they have a message to convey. What is the watch trying to say? Is it catching up to the present now, or our characters are in for a major flashback? At this point in time, who is the true owner of the watch now?

This is not the first time that Jeon Seol told herself that she killed someone in her past life. It’s as if the writers are embedding this notion in our heads. They’re slowly building up this plot. I’m curious how this will play out. I think it’s time to delve in deeper in her past life so I can understand her a little bit more.

It’s obvious to me that Bang Wol has not lost her shamanic powers. I think she’s just downplaying her skills. She knows more than what she shows us. For now, they’re shining the comedic light on her, but maybe in the future episodes, she’ll play a key role in closing the veil between the past and present life. It’s notable when Bang Wool mentioned that there’s something evil, between Se Ju and Jin Oh.

I think the theme for today is loyalty aside from Se Ju’s trust issues. Se Ju is still way too far to see this, but as far as loyalty and honesty comes, both Jeon Seol, and Jin Oh have been honest, and loyal to Se Ju. Jeon Seol answered Se Ju’s questions with honesty since the beginning. She’s been freely open and expressive and had nothing to hide. She could very well be the poster child for loyal fans. Sadly, it will be a future contrast to her past life character since it’s yet to be revealed who she betrayed in her past life.

Jin Oh could’ve been easily famous if he published the series as his considering the popularity it gained. Sure, he was a little bit sneaky for a ghostwriter but he still supported Se Ju despite his violence towards Jin Oh. He just kept coming back even though he’s not wanted. Again, just like Jeon Seol, his loyalty now could be a contrast of his past life if he also betrayed Se Ju in the past, since Bang Shin’s mom sensed the evil energy.

Another person that could fall in this category could be his father figure – Tea Min’s dad. He could’ve easily ignored the press releases about Se Ju’s scandal, but he came in front of his door. He came out of concern for him. It did however make me curious at first why Se Ju would resent him more than his wife. Turns out, he covered up for Tae Min. Still, he came for Se Ju now amidst all these issues surrounding him, when he could’ve easily used his connections to raise Tae Min’s level in the industry. That should rake in some loyalty points.

So, four episodes in, I’m somewhat connected to the characters, but not fully. I have to hand it to Se Ju though, his resolve to be a writer that cannot be imitated is so strong, that he’s willing to give it all up. Is it just me or is Se Ju is bad at convincing me that he’s starting to have feelings for Jeon Seol? I’m more convinced that he had feelings for the Jeon Seol in the past even though we haven’t seen a lot of flashbacks encouraging the idea. I can feel his frustrations as a writer in both past, and present life, but I can’t feel the attraction he supposedly has for her.

What kept me from coming back is the curiosity of how the past will catch up to the present. I get that Jeon Seol is the trusted fan. Jin Oh is the silent lover from afar. Tae Min is a Se Ju wannabe. Se Ju has MAJOR trust issues and borderline paranoid. But, none of the actors have fully embraced their respective as their own. In this case, I rely heavily on the underlying tones that’s in the script. So far, it hasn’t disappointed me. But, when we have the 1930s flashback, not only do I see the characters, I feel them. Even when it’s a really small jump back in time. I was sucked in.


Chicago Typewriter: 3

I like the time jumps like these, that it just flows in the episode without a major twist. It was casually mentioned in a conversation. To think of it, this wasn’t the first time they did this. I still appreciate it either way.

So, Tae Min is not living up to his father’s expectations. Add that to his mother’s craziness, I won’t be surprised if he’s a psychopath deep down. Speaking of his mother, what does she have against Se Ju that she’s willing to pay to see him fail? Wasn’t it already established that Se Ju isn’t her husband’s biological son?

Bang Shin, and Bang Wool, their characters are useful because of the supernatural theme that this show represents. I can understand Bang Wool’s part in this show because she’s the modern shaman. I still have to wait and see what Bang Shin’s role in this show aside from being Jeon Seol’s best friend and a shaman’s daughter.

I kind of feel bad for Han Se Ju in this episode. He’s so conflicted. He’s inconsistent with himself. I’d go crazy too if I was him. First, we have Jeon Seol confusing his feelings. I can see that part of him wants to open up to Jeon Seol, but his past is giving him major trust issues. So, he pushes her away, but doesn’t want to lose her. He’s isolated himself so much, that he must be told what they’re doing in order for him to comprehend what’s happening, but at the same time he’s doubting that same person.

Second, he must deal with a ghostwriter writing for him. He can chalk it up to his dream visions, alcohol and medications, but he knows he didn’t write the novel series. Don’t forget the fact that the said ghostwriter is still nameless, and faceless as far Se Ju’s concern. I don’t get however, why Ji Seok didn’t just introduce him right then and there. I know he went against Se Ju’s wishes, but why does he have to ghost write in secret, only to get caught in the end?  I guess this is a build up for the next episode.

Jeon Seol didn’t have much growth in this episode, or maybe she did? She seemed to not have given up on Se Ju like she said she would. That’s growth for a fan girl, right? I don’t think I’d have it another way given that our characters are still learning about each other while learning about themselves.

“Father” seems to be the undertone of a part of this show. We saw Tae Min’s father being critical of him. We saw Jeon Seol honoring her father, and lastly, Se Ju’s father was mentioned during his dream vision.

The mirror in this episode will be the watch. The same item could be a contrast of events. In Jeon Seol’s present life, her father handed her the watch. In Se Ju’s dream, Jeon Seol mentioned that it was Se Ju’s father that gave him in the past life. The mirror is their respective father giving it to them. The contrast is that Se Ju owned the watch in the past, while Jeon Seol is the owner in the present. Oh, what web did the Fates weave for our couple?

There’s another symbolism in this show that’s supernatural in nature. Fog. The fog can be translated in many ways, but it all applied to Se Ju. We can’t see what’s beyond the fog unless we go through it. This is like Se Ju’s character, he can’t see past his writer’s block unless he comes up with new material, or a ghostwriter can do it for him. It could also represent Se Ju’s wall. There are issues memories he doesn’t want to remember – both past, and present, so he created a spiritual wall of fog. For Se Ju’s emotions, it symbolizes his confusion/misery. Se Ju has mentioned this before when he compared Jeon Seol to Annie. It’s like his worst fear – to be involved in “misery”, which he’s now in – but a deeper meaning. It could also mean as a sign of future revelations, in this case he had a dream/vision of his past life.

I’m invested in this show not because of the love story that transcends time. But because the writing in the writing. Just like today’s episode, there’s more to the Se Ju/Jeon Seol loveline. This was about their fathers, about their subconscious. What are they really trying to tell us? How will the past catch up to the present? How will that make go forward in the future?


Chicago Typewriter: 2

Wow. Just wow. If I didn’t need to go to work in a few hours, I would’ve watched the next episode. I had to re-watch this episode twice just to make sense of everything I saw before I type. I think I’m going into a rabbit hole in this episode especially when tackling the supernatural parts of this show.

It would be interesting to see the following characters were in each other’s past life, but I prefer to keep them just in this timeline.

Secretary Kim – Ji Seok. Last episode, he struck as me a man who’d do anything that would translate to money. I still think he does, but in this episode, I’d like to think he has good intentions for Se Joo. He’s the man behind the ghostwriter idea. Now it makes me wonder if any of my favorite authors ever hired one……

Tae Min. I didn’t see in episode 1, but I saw it today. He seems to be this gentle person, but something inside me tells me, he’s up to no good. [Great! Another eye candy that’s a villain. I guess I do have a type]. From the looks of it, he’ll be Se Joo’s rival. Will he vie for Jeon Seol’s heart too? It makes me wonder if his first book wasn’t his but Se Joo’s. There’s a contrast in this character that caught my thoughts. He has a cat, and Jeon Seol [not technically] has a dog. It’s like telling me that they’ll be against each other like cats and dog.

Tae Min’s mom. You can’t have a show with the rich and famous without an evil stepmom. I can only imagine the schemes this woman will do.

Jeon Seol grew up a little in this episode when she realized that her idol isn’t perfect. But she hasn’t realized it yet- that Se Joo is just human just like her. I don’t know if this episode is what made her really quit being a fan girl. Which made me think, if this will mirror her past life. Meaning, she shot Se Joo in the past.

If episode 1 focused on Jeon Seol, this episode is a little bit more about Se Joo. So, is he or is he not an orphan? Did he really have a family but he left home? I’m still confused because celebrities tend to fabricate their own backstories for better sympathy and empathy from fans. So I can’t really be sure of his family’s background, not that it matters anyway. It would only matter because that made him into the person that he is now…guarded, holed up in his castle, suspicious of anyone and everything. He’s thrown the “don’t even think about it” to anyone that might want to get close to him. It’s not because he doesn’t want them, but because he’s afraid that he’ll be left behind, or he’ll end up leaving.  He kind of, sorta reminds me of Go Dok Mi in Flower Boy Next Door – minus the never leaving the house part.

We have parallels in this episode, though some we’ve seen before. Their past life is slowly mirroring their present life. Although the past events shown in the present wasn’t in chronological order.  Now that I think of it, I should start compiling the scenes in the 1930s and figure out the entire scene chronologically.

Jeon Seol’s vision of Yoo Soo Yeon aiming a gun at someone. Did she know who she shot?

Jeon Seol/Soo Yeon typing for Se Joo to meet a deadline.This one though, wasn’t shown in the same scene, but it’s a parallel to me.

Se Joo lost control of his car – Jeon Seol was there. Se Joo lost control of his bike – Jeon Seol was there……both timelines.

I finally get to see the ghostwriter. As much as I like Yoo Ah In back from SKKS days, I am more excited to see Go Gyung Pyo. [Second Lead Syndrome is kicking in.] I just found it strange that he didn’t have his own laptop, and just decided to use the typewriter that’s available. I found it even stranger that he started typing without any notes from Se Joo.  So, great minds think alike?

I’m not too worried about Se Joo’s accident. This might be a wake up call for him, or maybe get more visions of his past life. Jeon Seol is there, and as much as she’d like to believe that her fangirling days are over, she’s not giving up on Se Joo. This can also be a connection to what Bang Shin’s mom said that two people will save him. She’s the first one, and ghostwriter Yoo is the other. Se Joo just doesn’t know it yet.

We have two symbolisms in this show. First, the  Moon/Moonlight. In this episode the moon wasn’t shown. What was mentioned, and what shown was the moonlight. To me, it’s the same as showing the Moon itself. The Moon is always represented as feminine. So, it would only make sense that the focus on this episode, if not the entire show is Jeon Seol. In literature, it is a symbol of the soul. This could mean that both our characters are undergoing a period of soul searching. Scientifically, it is also most often associated with tides. In this show, the tides are changing for Se Joo and Jeon Seol.  Now back to the moonlight. It’s a symbol of illumination. The darkest part of their souls are being illuminated. Their darkest past, which in this case is their past life – is being illuminated. For what reason, well – we have 14 more episodes to go. Basically, this episode starts their journey from the past.

Second, we have the earthquake. Some would call it a phantom earthquake, but I think it’s unheard of that two people experienced it at the same time and place. Earthquake is a symbolism for both characters. Something big is happening to both of them, aside from the representation of the quake to each character. For both, it characterizes their suppressed thoughts, and emotions that’s waking up. In this case, they’re not being awakened slowly, but forcefully like an earthquake. For Jeon Seol, it symbolizes that a major shift is happening, starting with the return of her visions from her former life. For Se Joo, he’s been facing a lot of chaos physically, mentally, pretty soon – emotionally. From his crazy fans, stalkers, busy schedule and still needs to meet a deadline. What finally made him “crack” recently his meeting with Jeon Seol, which also happens to be the girl in his dream visions. It’s not a matter of if, but when he breaks down. Everything has fallen into place causing the earthquake.

Well, I can’t wait what happens in the next episode. I’m curious to see how all three will meet in the present life, given that we’ve already seen their closeness in the past.

Stay tuned.

First Impression: Chicago Typewriter

This was one of the dramas I had wanted to watch when news about this show first came out. I didn’t read any news article that came out, and I haven’t checked the forums to read what’s been happening in this show, aside from the quotes that I see on the Kdrama Quotes Facebook page. Basically, I don’t know anything aside from who’s writing the show, and who are acting in it.I wanted to see how they can fuse a modern timeline with the theme of the past.  I am a firm believer of past lives, reincarnations, destiny, fate,…..etc. That’s why no matter how tired I am at the end of the day, I make the effort to watch this show. I tried at least twice, and was only able to reach halfway and I fell asleep. I [finally! ] was able to finish the episode in its entirety because I decided to watch where I left off the last time instead of starting over and I can’t wait to share my thoughts. I’m 6 episodes behind so you will obviously know that answer to my questions, indulge me.

Thanks to Bang Shin, we get a basic back story [I love back stories!], and I was able to know and like Im Soo Jung’s character. Jeon Sol. I found her character appealing right away. I’m curious because she’s the link, if not the main reason that we’ll be travelling back in time. I’d like to think that the episode, if not the show should center on her instead of our famous author. I’m thankful that she’s not an obsessed fan. It’s less complicated when you add that to the show. Right away I’ve been given a clue to her past life when she mused to herself that she must’ve been a traitor in her past life. So, does that mean that she’ll get to meet who she betrayed in this lifetime? If so, who is it? I’m actually not too worried because all that happened in the past, and whatever it is, she can put closure to that in this lifetime and move on. It’s interesting that a “legend” like her opted to live a life of part time jobs because of her visions of her past life. What visions did she see?

For now, her present is mirroring her past life. She was good at handling guns in the past – that’s why she’s a sharp shooter athlete in the present. She’s a writer/fan of a writer because in her past she was involved with one. Does her having a veterinarian knowledge have a connection in the past too?

I will admit that in the beginning, I wasn’t sure if I’m impressed or not at Yoo Ah In’s character Se Joo. I appreciated the fact that he’s willing to get dirty to play the part of a character he’s writing, but I kind of cringed at what it seemed like boasting that he was rich and famous living in mansion complete with a staff fit for a king, but then again, he’s nice enough to give them all a day off, oh and asking for a deer???. But after finding out that Se Joo is an orphan, that all changed. I absolutely LOVE stories about orphans who make a name for themselves – he definitely earned ALL of it. They probably went a little overboard with the mansion, but I’ll take it for what it is.

That’s the only back story I know of him, which is okay since I prefer to know his 1930s life and why it’s coming back for him now. If only Se Joo knows how true his words were about destiny and past lives. What was he writing in the past that a haunted typewriter made its way back to him.

Have I mentioned before that I love mystery and period/historically themed shows? Chicago Typewriter has both. It’s a no brainer that I’ll be sticking with this show and putting another in the back burner. So it’s not a literal time travelling story where our characters get sucked into the typewriter and will have to type their story as a way out to get back to the present. The 1930’s will be a flashback of their past lives. That would be really cool to see both parallels and contrast of their past and present and how this will affect their future.

So far, I like the set up of our characters, and it was a smooth transition between this time and their past, and going back. For now we’ve seen glimpses of Se Joo’s past connected with Jeon Sol’s. Se Joo’s link to his past is the typewriter, while Jeon Seol’s is a gun. We’ve been introduced to mostly everyone we need to know in their current life. I’ll get into more detail about our supporting characters in the future episodes.

Do they have a mirrored past with them? Will Se Joo have a recollection of his own past life? Will Jeon Seol see her visions again? We’ve heard the 3rd person’s “voice” from the past and I wonder how he will connect to them in the present. We still have to see Go Kyung Pyo’s character before their lives from their past connect to the present.

Let’s not forget that there’s a love story here too. Our couple have already met, and they’re already met with circumstances that led them to share a moment or two to connect. I’m just waiting for the second lead to come and break my heart, because I’m not rooting for the main couple as of today’s episode.