Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 14

JTBC continues to amaze me with this show. What I expected to be a show that shows unnecessary content, boy was I wrong. Today’s episode was jam packed with feels heading into the finale week. The fireworks at the end pretty much described all the feelings I felt this episode.

I knew that Jang Hyun survived his gunshot wound, and that fall from the cliff. I didn’t expect any less from a Jason Bourne of criminals. This would’ve been the episode to explore his character more in detail in exchange for the sauna scene with the Tak thugs and fake monk, and Bong Soon’s parents bickering about divorce. What I wanted to know is how he got out of the car. Did he jump out before it hit water? Was his window open and he crawled out? Did the bullet just graze his arm, or did he pull the bullet out? How does he know of that empty building, was it his or his family’s? Where did he get the cash to spend in order to get back at Min Hyuk/Bong Soon.

Bong Soon started her journey as being normal. I’m kind of sad that she lost her powers, but I’m not because she never used her strength for personal gain. I have been expecting this moment since the episode that showed her mom lost her powers, but, I didn’t expect for her to be super weak where she can get knocked out all the way down just by bumping into her or moving her out of the way. That — broke me into pieces. For once, her mom was considerate of her. I knew she meant no ill will towards her and she wasn’t jealous of her strength before, but I wished that she could’ve toned down an emotionally abusing her all her life. It’s just nice to see that mom would be the only one who would know how to console her at this point in her life. It’s comforting to see a family unit in full support of her.

Speaking of support, her number one fan, Min Hyuk finally received a heartfelt confession back from Bong Soon. Credit to the writer for one, making their “break up” into a short lived one. I wasn’t prepared to see Bong Soon to lose her powers, and Min Hyuk in the same episode, and two, they made Bong Soon’s confession a huge impact on my heart and they didn’t write a “grand gesture” scene. Simplicity really is beauty. Just like their kiss on the beach, it’s so simple but you can feel the power of love. It’s just simply moving. I really don’t have anything else to analyze because this couple is just too cute together.

What got to me in the end, was Min Hyuk’s stubbornness from leaving Bong Soon behind. I started thinking that the Romeo and Juliet dream sequence had meaning after all, because they both died in the end. I freaked out thinking that one or both of them will die and the last two episodes are a montage of their life together, and a montage of developed games in their memory. Thankfully, in the end, Bong Soon regained her strength. I was already crying buckets, yelling in frustration and I couldn’t figure out what the writers have in mind. The power of love – love is the key to getting her strength back. I wonder though if it’s only temporary to help Min Hyuk and she’ll go back to being normal next week. Then again, the show wouldn’t be called Strong Woman Do Bong Soon without her strength in the finale.

Okay, some people might’ve reacted differently [like my 10yr old daughter] about the “bomb” being fireworks. Fireworks or not, it could’ve still killed Bong Soon especially when it was taped on her. It made sense that it wasn’t a real C4 because Jang Hyun is playing a game, and his game is to hurt her and Min Hyuk, not blow up a city block. What I didn’t expect in this show was the extent of the crime Jang Hyun’s willing to commit to play his game. I’m just thankful that they resolved this in this episode and not made it a cliffhanger for the finale weekend.


Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 12

There’s no doubt that Jang Hyuk is a smart criminal, and I still feel uneasy as to what made him this way. I’m just going to take it that something traumatic happened, but nobody knew and he grew up a psychopath, but didn’t really start until he watched a theater play. Obviously now, it’s about getting back at Gook Doo and Bong Soon. I’ve mentioned it before and I’m prepared to face that Bong Soon will lose her power somehow. I just wonder at how it’s all going to play out. Well, Jang Hyuk has that clever plan, so it’s not a matter of if she’ll lose her strength but when. It’s about time that Gook Doo finds the surveillance camera, now the game starts… Jang Hyuk planned this game since the first kidnapping??? WHY?

I still don’t know why Boss Tak is in this story along with the high school kids. What discovery will he find? Also, isn’t it too late to introduce a new character? Now I’m curious about this new monk.

We’ve reached the point where our couple is enjoying dating life, and both are learning how this works although Min Hyuk already knows the usual clichés, and no doubt is head over heels for Bong Soon. Bong Soon is in the same page, just really  hasn’t had the chance to express it with everything else that’s going on.  I’m just enjoying everything that these two are doing because it’s about that time that we’ll be thrown into an ocean full of curses and tears.

The long awaited first kiss. It’s so simple but moving. It’s so gentle but touching in its own way. Min Hyuk waited forever just like us, and it’ so refreshing to see a kiss as natural as that. It’s not a forced kiss, it’s not a one sided kiss, it was a kiss that he asked for and Bong Soon granted whole heartedly. She was the one that came to him. Which is all Min Hyuk wanted, for her to step closer to him, to meet him in the middle. The fact that it happened before Gong Shim’s brutal kidnapping made more sense because it gave Bong Soon a chance to rely on Min Hyuk. I think that even if Jang Hyuk didn’t say not to call the police, she would’ve still made that decision to run to Min Hyuk first.

Now that our kiss happened, we can expect the showdown between Jang Hyuk and Bong Soon. It’s going to be challenging for both because Min Hyuk just wants Bong Soon safe, but Bong Soon needs to save her friend. That right there is their only but major conflict – a conflict that could end their relationship as it has just started.

First Impression: Tunnel

***I took my own “spring break” and enjoyed the time that I have while my daughter was out on vacation with her dad. I didn’t realize that I only saved this post, and not scheduled it to post. My apologies***

***Editor’s note: Just an FYI, I haven’t seen any time travelling dramas that kdramaland had to offer, so I have nothing to compare this drama to. So until I’m in the zone with this drama, I will sound like I have no clue what I’m talking about. Please bear with me.***

Even though there’s a huge difference of how crimes were solved back then, everything else seems pretty normal to me when you look at this as a investigative crime show and not a time travelling one. I wasn’t expecting any less gruesome scenes coming from an OCN show. I can see how some protocols that are in place now that weren’t back then. It’s kind of neat to have a flashback like that. Did anyone else feel old seeing those typewriters and rotary phones?

This show is in a slower and lighter pace [for now?] compared to Voice. That’s because everything was slower back in the 80’s. It was even slower in the 1700s if you go back even further. Everything does take time back then. This day and age, we’re all working at 200mph, just by sitting down and staring at our phones/ipads and getting everything done with a click of a button. That’s why I said for now, because when he travels to the future, everything will be enhanced technology wise that there’s nothing you can’t solve in twenty minutes. But it didn’t shy away from showing us a corpse or five, in the first episode. It’s definitely not crime and procedural. It stays in the forensic standpoint. I haven’t seen episode 2 yet, so I don’t know if we’re going to have weekly victims, or the show will centralize on finding our serial killer through time.

As usual, we’re introduced to our characters that will make the show progress. What I’m trying to figure out is if any of the characters we’ve seen from the 80’s will be in 2016. Which ones will be detrimental/beneficial for Kwang Ho in both timelines? From the café owner, to everyone in the Serious Crimes Unit. Obviously not as a team, a lot can happen in 30 years. So for this episode, I paid most attention to the conversations, and aesthetics surrounding Kwang Ho in hopes that would give me hints as what to expect in the next episodes. I’m thinking that what happens in the future is being set up in this premier. I may be wrong on some characters though.

For example, When Sung Shik said he’ll be a chief one day, could it be that he’ll really be a chief in the future? I mean, Kwang Ho made it sound like that he’ll NEVER be chief. Never say never.

Another one is Sun Jae, that baby that the army dad was holding while waiting for the team to find his wife’s killer, and kept visiting the station for six months. They really made this kid somewhat a part of his life. The directors made sure to focus on him while Kwang Ho is watching the father scatter the ashes from the boat. Will he become part of Kwang Ho’s time travel adventure?

Reporter Oh has had screen time as well. Based on a conversation, he’s not a friend to them in the 80’s, clearly, since he was left out in Kwang Ho’s wedding.  But, will he still be in the future when Kwang Ho crosses timelines? If he does, will he be a useful ally, or make things harder?

Then there’s the dog serial killer, Jung Ho Young. His personality is that of a criminal, but his crimes are not heavy hitters. He had a good line, “Do you need to have a reason to kill people?”. When he said that, I thought that he might show up in the 2016 timeline. Again, I could be wrong.

On Kwang Ho’s married life. I somehow believed in the beginning that he’s had previous blind dates before that he didn’t take seriously until he met Yeon Sook. It makes sense, since they need Kwang Ho to have a reason to come back home. If I was single and had no one [human/cat] to go back home to, and I found myself either in the past or future, I’d stay and adapt. Wouldn’t you?

Stay tuned.

Status Update: 3/30/17

My apologies for my lack of updates for the week of 3/20-25. I spent that week spending time with my daughter after work because she left for vacation this week. I binged on all the episodes that I needed to watch on 3/26 and have my thoughts/comments have been noted. This week, I’ve been enjoying some free time and I decided to “rest” a bit instead of going through my after dinner routine of going through my screencaps to make sure I didn’t miss a scene/thought I wanted to point out/cover, and I wanted pick the image[s] that would go with my reviews, and make collages. I also have my reviews drafted. I just need to upload and link the pictures before posting. Reviews will be up no later than 3/31, 4/2 for the following shows: RebelStrong Woman Do Bong SoonTunnel

Drama Review: 3/13/17

As of this post, I’ve watched:

Missing 9: 15-16 [Final]

15: Joon Oh managed to prevent Tae Ho from attending the press conference, and Prosecutor Yoon shares publicly that CEO Jang and Tae Ho are responsible for Jae Hyun’s death, therefore requesting So Hee’s murder investigation reopened. Tae Ho has another ally in a new character that’s introduced late in the game – Prosecutor Lee. The survivors provided their new statements to the prosecutor who in turn dismissed their claims for Joon Oh’s innocence. Tae Ho made a deal with CEO Jang, and was released from jail. Prosecutor Yoon was fired, and Bong Hee was charged for conspiracy. She was arrested and released when Joon Oh turned himself in. Joon Oh and Tae Young had already formulated a plan to get Prosecutor Lee to arrange a meeting between him and CEO Jang. Joon Oh manages to corner CEO Jang to tell him that Tae Ho had betrayed him without Prosecutor Lee hearing the conversation.

16: Prosecutor Jo defends Joon Oh as his lawyer. Chairwoman Jo forfeits from the election. She was asked by the prosecution to testify since she was the first one to choose Tae Ho over Joon Oh. CEO Jang thinks back to his agreement with Tae Ho that he will kill the assassin now his driver??, and the day that Joon Oh told him that they’ve become chummy with each other. Tae Ho stands witness against Joon Oh but Lawyer Jo was able to confuse him and make his statements inconsistent. CEO Hwang shows up to testify claiming Joon Oh is innocent, that he’s the one who helped all of them. Chairwoman Jo did not testify. During Tae Ho’s visit to CEO Jang, he lied to him that he’d found their accomplice, and the CEO Hwang’s health was deteriorating. CEO Jang seemed to just agree, but he’d already known he’s lying because CEO Hwang was just there to visit him to make a deal to testify for Joon Oh. Tae Ho and his driver/accomplished hatched a plan to eliminate CEO Jang before he gets to court. As Tae Ho was about to commit his final murder, Joon Oh manages to convince him otherwise promising that he’ll support him. Prosecutor Lee was arrested for the cover up, along with everyone that is related to the crimes. Flash forward – the survivors, plus Bong Hee’s mom, Tae Yong, Lawyer Jo, Investigator Oh, and Tae Ho gather together seemingly having fun and enjoying each other’s company despite recent events.

Read my final review for this show here.

A Valid Reason To Watch…..Valid Love aka Sensible Love

I think tvN is my favorite network for Kdramas. Although I’ve missed quite a few over the years, I’ve enjoyed[if not obsessed] all the dramas I’ve watched so far. I honestly thought that this time around I wouldn’t like this show because I’m not a major fan of all the leads…..but….lo and behold! I’m hooked by the 1st episode.

I wish that I have more time to blog, and offer my cents on each episode. But until then, just know that I’m enjoying each episode.