Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Merchandise on Amazon

Can you believe that I haven’t bought this show’s OST yet? That’s because I have a music subscription so it’s on my phone. However, I do collect the OST’s as a hobby. Thankfully, Amazon has them [Amazon is my go to online store for Kdrama/Kpop merchandise aside from my daughter’s Ever After High Collection]. Below are the items I’ve found in Amazon for this show. I’m going to be ordering the shirt soon. Also, I cannot guarantee the quality of the subtitles on the dvd below. I am just linking this because it’s on the site in case you want to buy it.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon OST + Folded Poster

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon DVD Eng Sub

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon T-Shirt

Sungkyunkwan ScandalĀ .gif[s] part 1

Hello fellow Scandalers!
sorry for the dusty blog but my real world caught up to me that i didn’t have time to update this. but, because of my passion for this drama, i have dedicated some time to learn and eventually buy the software to create some .gif[s] on the scenes that i like for each episode of SKKS.
i’d post them all on the thread, but i got really gif happy and did a lot. so i decided to re-christen my blogsite with my newly learned creations.
Without any further ado, here are the .gif[s] from each episode of SKKS. i took the liberty of adding my own insights on some of them cuz that’s how i felt the first time i saw the episode.
please feel free to comment here or on soompi if there’s a particular scene you like to see.
opening sequence:

Episode 1
-i was too engrossed at learning the plot of the story so not much .gif[s].

“i got you!”

“you again?”

-i just love it when a guy chases after a girl!

-OMG! i want to be her right now.


***YH’s meeting with JS***
i didnt know the hiccups wasnt because he was drunk…lol

Episode 2
-enjoyable episode

-i just love how she did it finger by finger

-i’d like to think he waited for her to finish then he raced up to her.

-OMG he must be thinking how beautiful he is….lol

***alrite this is for the YH fans***

[MV OST] Boys Before FlowersV

Fanmade. Images from the drama.
Paradise: Intro
Main Cast:
Geum Jan Di, (F4): Gu Jun Pyu, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung, Song Woo Bin

Because I’m Stupid
Love story: Jan Di – Ji Hoo (Episode 1-6)

Stand By Me
Love Story: Jan Di – Ji Hoo (Episode 7-12)

Love Story: Jan Di-Jun Pyo (episode 1-6)

Love Story: Jan Di- Jun Pyo (episode 7-12)