Back to Blogging…again

It’s been a little over a year since I logged back in to my blog site. A lot has happened since then. Last I left off, I was unemployed. I really felt dejected after the whole Photobucket fiasco. I lost my Kdrama notes on my reviews, and my quote edits from my desktop computer that my son was sharing with me (I accidentally deleted all my quote edits not thinking that I don’t have a backup copy on a flash drive). I didn’t know if I wanted to keep up with all 3 blogs that I have. It did get to a point that I stopped making DIY’s, and sewing because I had no platform to “show off” and express my feelings of accomplishment and contentment. Not to mention, my daughter has gotten older to where I don’t want to send her to school (6th grade/Jr. High) with an outfit that I had made. So yeah, life sucked a little. AND, I have to find a new job.

While trying to find a permanent job, I was able to find babysitting, senior caregiving, and housekeeping work to add to my unemployment checks. After six months, I found an accounting job. The pay was good, but the boss was horrible to the point where I wanted to give up….LIFE. The hours were demanding that I had to quit my weekend job because I’m being forced to. That’s for another post on my personal facebook page.

Thankfully this past February, I was able to switch jobs right before my 38th birthday. The pay isn’t as great, but the environment is more suitable. I work 10 hour days Monday – Thursday, but I have Fridays off. I recently took on babysitting gigs again to make ends meet. Either way, I’m not as tired as I used to be. In fact, this allowed me to heal mentally, as well as emotionally, and physically. I’m not at 100%, but I’m enjoying every waking moment the past couple of months.

One thing I didn’t give up though, is viewing my Asian Dramas. Yes, it’s not just KDramas anymore. I probably would have given that up too if it wasn’t for the Korean Drama Quotes Facebook Page that I’m an editor of. Our page requires us to be active, in order for me to be active, I need to watch KDramas, and post quote edits. For the past year, I was watching Kdramas, but not posting as much. I will admit, that I lost my passion and creativity in anything and everything I was interested in since losing my job. I knew I didn’t want to be asked to leave the group, so I tried really hard to find my second wind.

I did, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? was airing, and it inspired me to make memes, and original fan art. At the time, I didn’t have my laptop set up so my son and I were sharing my desktop and I’d fall asleep by the time he’s done. I eventually got a bigger screen for my other desktop intended for my daughter, but it didn’t have enough storage space. In the end, I’m still not posting as much. Eventually, I set up our living room where all of us has a “station”….but I wasn’t watching any other Kdrama aside from WWWSK. I f

Then Meteor Garden is on Netflix. Game.Over. Oh, then I found A Love So Beautiful. Naturally, I binged watched the entire series in one weekend. A Cdrama that had a great ending!!!  That’s for another post.

Our page then had a change of rules and regulations last August that suits my needs. I finally decided to start finishing a personal project that I was working on before I lost my job. (It’s still not done by the way) Thankfully, our page needed a new cover and the “project” I was working on isn’t ready and I wanted to try something new. Thankfully, I was the first to volunteer on who’s making the cover. When that cover was published, I knew I was back creatively. I just needed a Kdrama to commit to. Until My Id Is Gangnam Beauty aired. From the opening credits to end of the first episode, I knew that this show is my “pet project” for my quotes.

I’ve been contemplating for a while if I should go back to blogging. So I paid a visit today. I didn’t think I have this much in my brain that I could share. Anyway, the plan is to slowly come back to blog about the dramas I’ve watched this year, and eventually finish the reviews that I left hanging last year (Man to Man/Chicago Typewriter). I just found an image hosting site too. I’ll test to see how that works, and maybe I can post my edits that I’ve been doing for the page, and post my review on MIIGB after the finale here.  I’m also trying to figure out where to “dump” my screenshots on my phone. Who knows? maybe I’ll start appreciating screencaps more now that I’m using them too.

Anyway, this post is longer than expected. I just wanted to say I’m slowly coming back to blogging. I know I’m starting over again, but I can’t just give up.

Until then,

“No matter what people say, YOU are the most important person in your life.” -Na Hye Sung (My Id Is Gangnam Beauty, JTBC/2018)