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Chicago Typewriter: 7

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I’m going to post my reviews without them until I can get caught up. Tae Min is getting to the point where his true colors will show. Every viewer knows, but Jeon Seol doesn’t see it. Se Ju knows, but I think that’s only a portion of it through his experience. I’m waiting for the day that he’ll just lose it, and that will be the day that he’ll lose everything and everyone. It’s like a punishment, as if he’s done something horrible in the past.

I think this episode is setting us up for a lot of things. 1. Jeon Seol, and Se Ju romance. Se Ju doesn’t want to be abandoned, so he’s trying in his own way to get Jeon Seol back. Jeon Seol is still hurting, but I’m sure she’s still just as concerned for Se Ju. 2. The novel hasn’t been published, which means Se Ju, and Jin Oh still have some things to settle. 3. It’s also setting up Tae Min’s fall from grace. I did question as to why Jin Oh was insistent on making sure Tae Min stays away from Jeon Seol. Is he only going to do that everytime Tae Min is hovering around Jeon Seol? Does that mean that Jin Oh knows something else about Tae Min than what the writers have given us so far?

Sooooo, Hwi Young was disowned in the past, which is an equivalent to being abandoned, which explains Se Ju’s current fear. It is natural for one’s past life experience show up as a fear in your current life. For example, if Se Ju had drowned in his past life, he would have a fear of water this life. So that would be a natural fear, and because he’s focused on what he’s afraid of, he got exactly just that [Law of Attraction] which lead him to the betrayal that he experienced with Tae Min’s family….yes he has issues.

It was nice to see the history of Ji Seok, and Se Ju. Now I see why he’s so protective of him, yet still be at a professional distance about it. See, Se Ju is surrounded by loyal people. He just needs to see it. Wouldn’t it be nice if Ji Seok was Se Ju’s dad in the past, and he’s unknowingly making up for it now in this lifetime?

So, there’s a couple of mirrored “event” in here…..Hwi Young and Se Ju both does not to publish “Chicago Typewriter” I’m sure the reason why is a contrast, but it wasn’t clear to me why Hwi Young didn’t want to publish it at the time, Se Ju on the other hand has his pride on the line, and a moral compass to follow so he won’t publish something that isn’t his. But, like what Jin Oh pointed out last time, it is his only 80 years ago his. The second one, although slightly different, is when Soo Hyun in the past, and Jin Oh in the future is encouraging Se Ju to publish his novel. If I could add a third mirror to this, it would be the outcome if it does…..readers in the past could be free from their desperation even by just reading, Jin Oh on the other hand, can be freed from what’s keeping him from this world.

Now that these points have been set up, on to the next episode!


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