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Chicago Typewriter: 5

As always, I’ll start with the characters I don’t like.

Tae Min’s family is the poster family for the dysfunctional[s]. I’m not surprised why Tae Min is the way he is. I was going to give him an ounce of pity until he decided to abuse his cat. I’m a cat lady so that scene was a definite no-no to me. The pity I had just flew in the litter box and there’s no way Tae Min will redeem himself in my eyes. I can’t wait for Jeon Seol to see all of this in the future episodes.

Now to the good parts

I definitely wasn’t expecting Jin Oh to be an actual GHOST at the end of this episode. Nice one! Now that’s what you call a plot twist. I didn’t even see it coming. [This is what I get by completely ignoring anything about this show. I wanted to watch this show without reading the spoilers, thoughts, and recaps. The occasional quotes I see on the facebook page didn’t affect me so I don’t consider them as spoilers.] Now this makes this show much more interesting. I should’ve seen it in episode 3 when he played the turntable that he’s a ghost. I fell for it thinking that he’s having a conversation with Ji Seok. When he said that Se Ju tied him up like a dead body in episode 4. Then I wondered why he wouldn’t meet Jeon Seol. That’s because no one can see him
I’m excited to see how everything will play out, but at the same time, I’m really sad now that Jin Oh will definitely not get the girl. This character is by far the sorriest second lead ever. So now it made sense that Bang Shin can see him and not Jeon Seol. She can see ghosts, I don’t think she knows though. Her mom can only sense their energies but not see them.

I really felt bad for Se Ju in this episode, not only is Jeon Seol’s words getting to him because she’s the only sincere fan he knows, she’s also pushing him to be better than he already is. Then, there’s this part of him that’s desperate to meet a deadline. He’s so torn, and he can’t help it. In the end, I admired his bravery in choosing to lose it all because he didn’t accomplish something, rather than him getting credit for something he didn’t do. There’s not many people like that nowadays. Take Tae Min for example, rather than quitting after his first book, he continued to write a series of novels, but he’s only famous for the first one, which we all know it’s not his.

Bang Shin sees ghosts!! The only other human that see’s Jin Oh. I knew there’s something that’s tying her to the show aside from being Jeon Seol’s friend. It makes sense too since her mom is a shaman. I wonder if she’s the link that will help him connect to Jeon Seol.

Jeon Seol’s fangirl dna is embedded in her that it’s kind of cute. Her subconscious took over when Se Ju was being slammed with negative comments. It was nice to see that she was somehow “rewarded” with a couple of hours with her idol.

Both Jeon Seol, and Se Ju are now having major flashbacks. I say major because it’s not a glimpse of a past, it’s not even a trailer, more like an entire scene. There are many forms of flashbacks, and many ways to trigger these….Any of these flashbacks could’ve been by a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual reaction. We all know that Se Ju’s emotionally conflicted, and so is Jeon Seol.

When this happened to Jeon Seol as a child, I am going to assume that this was in a dream state at first, then as she’s growing up, it’s an offhand remark, [“I must’ve killed someone in my past life.”], and finally a common object [pocket watch]. For now, it’s just visions of her past self that’s manifesting
In Se Ju’s case it was a common object [typewriter], an instant flashback [when he was about to throw the typewriter]. Finally, he had a total recall where he in his present form was reliving a moment of his past life. [when he went through the fog.]in more occurrence, it’s going to be a mater of time before we get an actual recall.

Now that the flashbacks we see are from Se Ju and Jeon Seol, our past characters might be manifesting to this timeline for some healing. At least, that’s what I’m hoping for.

I did see one contrast from the 1930s to the present. In the past, it was Jin Oh providing a lesson to Soo Hyun. In the present, Se Ju gave some advise to Jeon Seol in the arcade. Both have valuable lessons. Even the positioning of Jin Oh/Se Ju is a contrast. It is looking like there’s a shift happening…..It’s somewhat of a you can’t change the past, or history is not repeating itself this lifetime around.

The underlying theme of this episode: Live life to the fullest. Move on.

I guess it’s pretty obvious now that I’m a total believer of past lives, reincarnation, and all things supernatural. This is why I like this show so much. I spent my hour not looking for a loveline, but to see how they’re tackling the supernatural end of it. They got me with Jin Oh though. That was really good.


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