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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 15

I rarely see a drama that gave me all the cute, fluffy, and lovey dovey in an episode, and as a bonus closed a major plot. I’d have to go back and look at the list of dramas I’ve watched through the years and think of the ones that still has meaningful content on their finale week.

Bong Soon’s dad left home! That was out of the blue unexpected. Then again, I mentioned before that this could be something that is needed for the mom to come to her senses about her feelings about her husband. It was a nice distraction after remembering last week’s ending, and all the get-a-room scenes that we’ve been given. Not sure how this will play out since we have one episode left to go.

Leader Oh and Kwang Bok met, sadly there wasn’t any more to this scene that I’d hope for. Maybe there was, but an editor can only put so much in 60 minutes or so. It was nice to have been addressed though, since Bong Soon mentioned the possibility of them being twins. So now that the doppelgangers have met, who will die first? [Mask, anyone?]

I’ve been asking what’s the use of the Tak thugs and the high school kids? Well, that question was answered in this episode. Tak company is able to get intel information that pertains to Jang Hyuk. The high school kids are needed to plaster Jang Hyuk’s picture on their blog to flush him out. They had use after all. I still believe that they could’ve used this scene without any of their other scenes in previous episodes.

Part of Bong Soon’s maturity aside from being the first one to make a move on Min Hyuk, and being girlfriend goals, is that she’s able to realize that she can’t catch Jang Hyuk alone. She needs Gook Doo and Min Hyuk’s help. That’s one of many reasons she’s strong aside from her physical strength.

This episode gave us a contrast compared to how Bong Soon treated Min Hyuk, and Gook Doo back on episode 6. The boys are still the same though, still protective/competitive of Bong Soon in their own way, either that, they’re just using her as an excuse to have a “man fight”. But, just like episode 6, we already know Gook Doo is no match for Min Hyuk’s charms. This time around, Bong Soon has already taken. We can clearly see that she puts more care for Min Hyuk over Gook Doo, but at the same time she wasn’t being to Gook Doo about it, nor do I think he’d see the difference at all. Plus, the food isn’t so spicy this time around. So, we’ve come full circle.

The real showdown with Jang Hyuk was epic. One can’t really be a superhero without a team no matter how strong or smart you are. I just loved how this all played out. Which means, in the finale, it’s all about Min Hyuk and Bong Soon. I swear, they better not give me a last minute plot twist. I won’t be able to handle it.

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