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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 13

***My posts have been further delayed since I became one of two new admins under a two month probation on the Korean Drama Quotes Facebook page. I’ve been working on old and new “quotes” to post over there, that I’ve placed my blog on the temporary sideline. Do visit, when you have the chance. My posts will be under -Aquarianunicorn.

But, I think I’ve figured out a way to maintain being a full time mom, full time employee, kdrama blogger and posting quotes on the facebook page. Like I said before, the drafts have been made, the only thing that’s holding me back is adding the images. Hence, you’ll see the lack of collages in this post.

Now on to the review***

The show is more focused now on Bong Soon, and Min Hyuk’s relationship, on how they can overcome problems and Jang Hyuk getting caught. For an episode that’s so close to the end, to the point that I thought I can guess what will happen next, they still kept me with surprises.

Well, I was duped into thinking that Boss Tak would actually turn over a new leaf, and lead an honest life. Money is definitely the root of all evil, isn’t it? Why was it written at all? I get that it’s for a comedic relief when Bong Soon/Min Hyuk/Gook Doo gets a little too serious, but it didn’t make sense. Then again, it hasn’t made sense since the poop wine is your source of enlightenment.

On another comedic relief, there’s a love triangle brewing between Bong Soon’s mom, dad and Gook Doo’s mom. I sensed that before when they were talking about the book, and again when we dad actually bought a book. I think this is an unnecessary development this late in the show. Then again, this could be a way for dad to escape mom, or mom to realize how important dad is to her.

It’s about time that we get to this episode, the showdown between Jang Hyuk and Bong Soon, although, it didn’t really start out that way. I still believe that he was out for Gook Doo then shifted gears and made it personal for Bong Soon. Either way, I finally get to see our heroine use her strength to rescue the victims sans Gong Shim, saving the best for last.

Damn, Jang Hyuk really is a master criminal to figure out how to use her own strength as her weakness.  At least we have some background as to who he is, but it doesn’t link him to Gook Doo like I hoped it would be. Turns out, he was just born a psychopath. We still have three episodes left, so chances of him being caught today is slim to none.

As I expected, Bong Soon became a noble idiot deciding to act alone even after asking Min Hyuk for help. She shouldn’t have asked for help in the beginning if she was going to sideline him anyway. I do understand that she wants to help, but all the training she did, it felt like she threw it away when she went off on her own. This was the one conflict that will make or break their relationship. Unfortunately, even though she did not want to, Bong Soon chose to break it.

Bong Soon did lose her powers like I was expecting. What I didn’t expect is for her to lose them right away, at that same moment when she needed them to fight off Jang Hyuk. The heavens are really cruel. I mean, she just saved her friend, and she lost her powers because there’s an innocent victim that go hurt. My heart stopped at that scene. Again, I was expecting this part of the show but how they delivered it was a knockout punch to say the least.

Thank goodness for Min Hyuk’s boyfriend goals, he so resolute that no matter what Bong Soon says and does, he’ll stay by her side. He saved me from further anguish that this episode gave me.

Well now I’m looking forward to the next episodes as Bong Soon lives a normal life. I’m actually relieved that we won’t have to go through separation angst, and believed me, I prepared for it mentally. She can still be Strong Woman Do Bong Soon without her strength. Now she can work on being emotionally, mentally strong-not that she wasn’t smart to begin with. She was witty in her own peanut sized way, but that was overshadowed by her powers.

Since Jang Hyuk wasn’t caught in this episode, I can only imagine the tricks up his sleeve. He has to be alive since the show centered on his crimes aside from Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s romance. I wonder if he’s going to shift gears and go after Min Hyuk this time since he did somewhat thwart him from hurting Bong Soon.

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