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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 11

It took 11 episodes, but it’s [finally!] obviously clear to Bong Soon that the feeling is mutual towards Min Hyuk now that he confessed. Bong Soon definitely treats them differently now, clear enough for Gook Doo to have noticed, but only Min Hyuk made a big deal about it.

I liked that the word “love” isn’t mentioned in the confession. It’s too early for love even though it felt like they’ve gone through so much. Both still need a little bit more “growing” up to do, and issues to deal with before the word love can come floating around.

I don’t have much to analyze since everything progressed to where they should be. Now that we have a confession, and both sides are clear with their feelings, I’m expecting a lot obstacles to be thrown their way preparing for their angst separation.

Jang Hyuk, hasn’t fully made a move worthy of my attention yet, and the crime unit team is still way behind in solving this case. I still don’t get why Hee Ji is part of this show, she’s not a threat to Bong Soon and Min Hyuk’s relationship, or even with Bong Soon and Gook Doo.

Bong Soon’s subconscious mind, look at ALL [minus Jang Hyuk] her issues in one picture. It’s freaking HILARIOUS. I have been wondering why the Romeo and Juliet theme. She’s not a damsel in distress in terms of physical strength, she’s smart and witty that she can easily outwit her team leader. What I’m worried about is the ending. We all know how Romeo and Juliet ended, I don’t want the same ending for this show. Nonetheless, kudos to the writer who made this dream sequence funny.

It would’ve been great if this conflict started early on like on episode 5 onwards. It would’ve been nice to see Gook Doo always one step behind Min Hyuk, especially when he should’ve had the advantage of being her long time crush even though we know it’s a no brainer that Min Hyuk is the holder of Bong Soon’s heart. I wasn’t convinced that he’s been harboring these feelings for her behind those brooding scenes.

He did end up trying to turn over a new leaf, too bad I said I don’t see that happening in episode 9. Bong Soon’s high school posse is still in the show. I really do wonder if they’ll be helpful to her in future episodes. Makes me wonder if she will lose her powers. But if she does, that book in her room should come in handy.

Here’s our future episodes in one line. She’s going to be the noble idiot. She’s going to be “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” without the man that supported her since the beginning. The only way that I’ll be accepting of that decision is if she does it while wearing her Juliet costume.

Other than that, I’m thankful that we were given all the squeal inducing skinships. Yes, we’ve been given those since the beginning, but that’s from Min Hyuk’s one sided efforts. It’s different this episode because Bong Soon is shyly, but slowly reciprocating. Unfortunately, I’ve trained my brain not to enjoy these too much because it’s a trap for what’s to come. The more the skinship, the more tears and heartache I will suffer when that time comes they’ll have to separate.

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