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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 10

Overall, I liked today’s episode. It really never ceased to make me laugh. It’s a slower pace since Min Hyuk’s threats are written off, and the Tak group has been annihilated, but it’s common when you’re building up for two things: A major showdown between Bong Soon, and our culprit, and, Bong Soon accepting Min Hyuk’s heart.I’m still holding on to a sliver of hope, that Bong Soon’s mom will get her strength back. Mom has mentioned before that she has tried everything. She didn’t… I can think of two things that she could do to get her strength back [if the writers plan to] 1. Forgive/Forget. In this episode, she has forgiven the Tak group for their attempts to hurt her daughter, and hurting Min Hyuk in the process, but part of me feels like she’s still got revenge up her sleeve. She needs to fully forgive and make amends. 2. If she’d only apologize to those people she bullied throughout her life, and mostly to her husband, maybe – just maybe the deities will grant her with her strength again. If she did that and she hasn’t regained her powers, then she can say she’s tried everything.

Ji Hee

Since I’ve already done the draft for this episode, all I had to do was go back and do the screencaps, I actually skipped her scenes, until I was linking the images here. This is how I really feel about this character. She looks so desperate for me. I’m beginning to think that she forced her way into being Gook Doo’s girlfriend just like she’s doing to Bong Ki now. Does she really need a boyfriend? I don’t like it at all. They could’ve written her character in a much classier taste than this. At least, they found a storyline for her to be in – a target of Jang Hyun. It just didn’t make sense on why he’s after her when she and Gook Doo has already broken up, then I realized that she’s dating Bong Soon’s brother.

Are we really living in a topsy turvy world that people really want to live a life of crime? Min Hyuk said this too that his dream was to be a criminal, now we have an anonymous person taking credit for Jang Hyun’s crimes. I’d be pissed too if I were him. But, hey – this gave wiggle room into committing more crimes since he hasn’t finished his collection yet, This will give Gook Doo the crack in the case he needs to pursue his criminal, once Ji Hee is kidnapped, and this will give Bong Soon a chance to use her strength the proper way.

Now that Bong Soon is no longer a bodyguard and is an actual badge wearing employee, I was wondering what challenges are thrown Bong Soon’s way. I was hoping for a melo Misaeng type of obstacles, little things that will throw Min Hyuk into protective boyfriend mode, but then comes, Oh Dong Pyung. I can already imagine both suffering from each other!Even though, this is a no brainer that Dong Pyung is no match for her, I’m still looking forward to future scenes with this two.

I’m hoping that it’s just me, but I felt like Min Hyuk was a little too childish in this part of the episode. It was cute, but not that fluttery butterfly cute. One, I know he’s worried about her and that he has the need to keep her close to keep her safe. Two, it made sense for him to start her off with an internship, but the way this unfolded in this episode, it did not settle for me. I didn’t like that she was treated that way.

What saved this scene[s] for me are Bong Soon’s frustrations towards Min Hyuk, and my heart aches for her since I know what it feels like to be so close to a promotion, and it got away- and never to be seen again. Her reactions were real. The woman wants to work, dagnammit! Not every woman just wants to be doted on as a girlfriend, and be a trophy wife you know. It’s really not that hard to give her some meaningful office tasks like making copies or filing. Give her something to do aside from looking at your cute angelic face.

I’m hoping that next time, he gives her a necklace

Anyone else curious as to what this could mean in future episodes? I mean, you don’t just write that into a scene, and make it glow. Maybe Bong Soon needs to read this, or maybe there’s an answer to her mom getting her strength back, or maybe history is repeating itself.

This is the second time that she dreamt of Min Hyuk, which means that she’s come to terms to liking him, and the first time that she’s seeing him as a man, not a boss, not a friend….a man. Her subconscious is not confused. She just needs to accept that in her waking life, and then, we can have a proper kiss.

Now it makes sense why those potentially squeal inducing kisses didn’t happen. He was being a gentleman and waiting for Bong Soon to end her crush on Gook Doo. He was smart in making sure she’s aware of him, by spending every moment with her. Not just by annoying her, but actually accepting her for who she is, keeping her secret, and letting her into his world bit by bit. Smart man that he is, used it to his advantage using a lot of skinship that would be awkward if it was any other show. He gave her a chance, and encouraged her to use her strength for good, which gave her purpose. It is working since Bong Soon is already torn in real life, and curious about him in her subconscious. She already admitted to herself that she let him take that one step closer to her, now she just needs to act on that step that Min Hyuk pulled her into.

I’m in a sarcastic mood…..

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