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Status Update: 3/30/17

My apologies for my lack of updates for the week of 3/20-25. I spent that week spending time with my daughter after work because she left for vacation this week. I binged on all the episodes that I needed to watch on 3/26 and have my thoughts/comments have been noted. This week, I’ve been enjoying some free time and I decided to “rest” a bit instead of going through my after dinner routine of going through my screencaps to make sure I didn’t miss a scene/thought I wanted to point out/cover, and I wanted pick the image[s] that would go with my reviews, and make collages. I also have my reviews drafted. I just need to upload and link the pictures before posting. Reviews will be up no later than 3/31, 4/2 for the following shows: RebelStrong Woman Do Bong SoonTunnel

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