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Random Thoughts: Missing 9 – Sewol Tragedy

I’m a self confessed Kdrama addict. Someday, in a future post, I’ll open up and explain my story as to how Kdramas saved my life. As the years progressed, I was able to enjoy other things Korean: Kpop, politics, and other eye catching headlines.

One day, I came across a breaking news about Sewol. Something about me intrigued me where I followed, read every news article about this up to this day. I didn’t realize it until today during my daughter’s taekwondo class. I don’t know what made me search #Sewol on Twitter, and on google. I reread the Wikipedia article about it, and saw Missing 9.


Light bulb! What if Missing 9 was indirectly related to Sewol?. Now, I haven’t been following any news tidbits about the show. I didn’t read/watch any specials, behind the scenes, or anything about Missing 9. I just watched the drama as is, so I don’t know if it was mentioned or not that it’s reminded the citizens about the tragedy.


I’d like to say I’m sure it wasn’t written for that purpose, but it does hit similarly close to home. There were more people on the plane, but 9 survived, which is the missing count of Sewol. The committee conspired with Legend Entertainment to cover up the truth, Sewol on the other hand, there were news, and protests about it.


Please don’t take my word for it. It’s just a random thought.

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