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Drama Review: 3/14/17

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: 5-6

I actually finished watching this show the weekend that it aired. I had to re-watch this yesterday in order to remember what my thoughts are on this show.

5: Bong Soon had a mini encounter with our suspect but couldn’t catch him. Min Hyuk calls Gook Doo to let him know that Bong soon saw/heard her attacker. He teases him a little by letting him feel that he’s not doing enough to protect her as a cop. Bong Soon’s “pole dancing” becomes a viral video. With Min Hyuk’s help, he requests them deleted. The thugs in the hospital are planning their revenge on Bong Soo, her brother as a witness. Hee Ji waits for Bong Ki and makes plans with him.

Kyung Shim was attacked by our suspect, but Bong Soon was there to save the day. She gave a statement to Gook Doo that Bong Soon yelled and the suspect fled, keeping her secret. Gook Doo asks Min Hyuk to let Bong Soon stay in his house for the time being until the suspect is caught. Min Hyuk figures out that Bong Soon is not harboring a one sided love.

Bong Soon went walking around in her neighborhood and was followed by Min Hyuk. She tells him, she wants to use her strength for good. Good Doo arrives at Min Hyuk’s house declaring, he’ll be staying with them too.

6: Min Hyuk, Gook Doo, and Bong Soon each had their imaginations of what would happen if they sleep separately. So, they agreed to stay up all night. Min Hyuk, Gook Doo, and Bong Soon walk into a bar…..The boys have a competition at pool, darts, and finally a drinking game. Both passed out and Bong Soon carried them home, but not without her having to use her strength to get a couple of thieves to back off, and our gangster boss witnessing the whole scenario. At the breakfast table, Bong Soon reminded them of the events from the night before. Min Hyuk receives a call to which Gook Doo advised that he needs police protection, then asks him to protect Bong Soon. Bong Soon however, dismisses that and said she’ll protect Min Hyuk because she can protect herself.

Bong Soon is on a roll using her strength, this time against a man who was really rude to a woman during a minor car accident. Min Hyuk either looked impressed or scared. I’m betting scared when he backs away from Bong Soon and said “Yes Ma’am. As they’re watching the sunset, Bong Soon opened up a bit and disclosed her family history, to which Min Hyuk asked if he married her, their daughter would be strong. Naturally, he retracted that before Bong Soon caught on. He offered to help her use it by training her. In exchange for his help though, she has to help him on one thing….During his family dinner, Min Hyuk’s dad commands him to get married. He replied saying he already has a girlfriend and they live together. He said that he’ll marry her and give him a grandson, or two…..Bong Soon let him have it in the car.

Min Hyuk and Bong Soon were training – Bong Soon training and Min Hyuk couldn’t keep his mouth closed. Bong Soon gave her statement to the police and found out that Hee Ji dumped Gook Doo. She was supportive but Gook Doo wonders why they’re only friends.

Bong Soon’s grandma shows up, teaching the thugs a lesson. Meanwhile our suspect is now unmasked and had picked his next target at the pharmacy. Min Hyuk was awakened by an intruder.

***This show is so funny. I loved every minute of it. I kinda guessed that the witness from the second incident was the suspect. I didn’t get to point it out because I was raving and ranting on how hilarious this show is. That, and whenever I’m attempting to type my draft, my 14 year old teenage son interrupts me and makes me completely forget everything I wanted to say.

Anyway, I’m still having some doubts on how they’re going to close both criminal intents towards our heroes. I get that there has to be a crime in order for Gook Doo’s role to play a part, victims for Bong Ki’s character to play out, and Min Hyuk needs to have a reason to be Bong Soon’s damsel in distress. I feel bad that Bong Soon’s mom only puts her down. I think that’s because she regrets losing her powers. She doesn’t love her any less. She just wants the best for her. It comes out wrong. While everyone was ranting about the gay theme of the show, here I am getting annoyed that Bong Soon keeps mistreating Min Hyuk over Gook Doo. I think that needs to be toned down as well. As far as the gay theme, it makes for good laughs. I don’t think it’s written in the show to promote their orientation in a bad light. I think it was written to get Bong Soon, Min Hyuk, and Gook Doo under the same roof.

Here is one of my theories:

  1. His stepmom is the one that leaked the information that Min Hyuk’s gay.
  2. I hate to say it, but as much as I love Secretary Kim, he could be the mysterious caller – not the shooter.

My questions for the week are:

  1. Why does Min Hyuk personally hate the cops?
  2. Who’s side will grandma be on? Will she bring Bong Soon’s feelings down or offer her support?

I’m looking forward to this weekend’s episodes. I need more of these…..

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