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Drama Review: 3/13/17

As of this post, I’ve watched:

Missing 9: 15-16 [Final]

15: Joon Oh managed to prevent Tae Ho from attending the press conference, and Prosecutor Yoon shares publicly that CEO Jang and Tae Ho are responsible for Jae Hyun’s death, therefore requesting So Hee’s murder investigation reopened. Tae Ho has another ally in a new character that’s introduced late in the game – Prosecutor Lee. The survivors provided their new statements to the prosecutor who in turn dismissed their claims for Joon Oh’s innocence. Tae Ho made a deal with CEO Jang, and was released from jail. Prosecutor Yoon was fired, and Bong Hee was charged for conspiracy. She was arrested and released when Joon Oh turned himself in. Joon Oh and Tae Young had already formulated a plan to get Prosecutor Lee to arrange a meeting between him and CEO Jang. Joon Oh manages to corner CEO Jang to tell him that Tae Ho had betrayed him without Prosecutor Lee hearing the conversation.

16: Prosecutor Jo defends Joon Oh as his lawyer. Chairwoman Jo forfeits from the election. She was asked by the prosecution to testify since she was the first one to choose Tae Ho over Joon Oh. CEO Jang thinks back to his agreement with Tae Ho that he will kill the assassin now his driver??, and the day that Joon Oh told him that they’ve become chummy with each other. Tae Ho stands witness against Joon Oh but Lawyer Jo was able to confuse him and make his statements inconsistent. CEO Hwang shows up to testify claiming Joon Oh is innocent, that he’s the one who helped all of them. Chairwoman Jo did not testify. During Tae Ho’s visit to CEO Jang, he lied to him that he’d found their accomplice, and the CEO Hwang’s health was deteriorating. CEO Jang seemed to just agree, but he’d already known he’s lying because CEO Hwang was just there to visit him to make a deal to testify for Joon Oh. Tae Ho and his driver/accomplished hatched a plan to eliminate CEO Jang before he gets to court. As Tae Ho was about to commit his final murder, Joon Oh manages to convince him otherwise promising that he’ll support him. Prosecutor Lee was arrested for the cover up, along with everyone that is related to the crimes. Flash forward – the survivors, plus Bong Hee’s mom, Tae Yong, Lawyer Jo, Investigator Oh, and Tae Ho gather together seemingly having fun and enjoying each other’s company despite recent events.

Read my final review for this show here.

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