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Final Review: Voice

We did have some characters that didn’t get utilized aside from their own experience in either getting them to join Golden Time Team, or create speculations on who the mole is. But, their side conversations that help the storyline go along, so I’m no going to comment further than that.

Chairman Mo took the easy way out just like a gangster would. I thought that it would be Dae Shik taking that route because he already knows that he’s a no name detective and with this behind him, he won’t have any career as a cop. I’m still not sure how I feel about just leaving him in a coma. A part or me wishes that he’d be alive working a different job, or a volunteer in a welfare center or something.

Below is a screencap of my review for episode 15 on a facebook discussion group.

I was right that Tae Gu ended up in a hospital instead of jail. What I didn’t expect is that he met the same fate he gave to his victims. He deserved it though, and much more. I’m sure if he had been sent to jail, he’d end up with the same fate – the difference could be that it’s ordered by other rival corporations who’s eager to their place as the new thugs in town.

Tae Gu was the star of this show. The second he was introduced, I knew that this show will be about him. I just wanted to know more about him, what makes him tick. I wanted to get in his head and play his games with him. He’s like a kid playing a game, but his game is called Murder with a touch of Hide and Seek, and his dad enables him by playing his own game of Monopoly. I LOVE IT. His character was written flawlessly, and I couldn’t think of any other actor who could play this better than Kim Jae Wook did.

I’m happy for Kwon Joo that she’s been vindicated that her dad was murdered along with Jin Hyuk’s wife. It’s a comfort that she has use for her skills now, it would’ve been more useful if she has been promoted to detective and work alongside Jin Hyuk. As for Jin Hyuk, he’s finally able to let go of look forward to living life.

Maybe because I always wanted to be in the law enforcement field growing up, [I read every Nancy Drew/Hardy Boys book – my favorite author is Agatha Christie], but this show wrapped up nicely for me. I got the ending I wanted, if not expected, from the writers. From episode one to the end, I was on the edge of my seat. It was brilliantly written, directing, and editing. Not to mention the cast portraying their characters….reaching out to me to root for them to win, and some to die. There was not an episode, and please correct me if I’m wrong that there wasn’t a Golden Time call that they didn’t solve. Best part is that somehow they managed to connect all the webs back to Tae Gu. Sure it didn’t have my criteria for a “trifecta” but I rarely need it for psychological thrillers anyway. I’m in it for the gore, OCN gave that to me. I’m in it for the handsome devil god, OCN gave me that too. I’m in it to bring down the corrupt government officials, and OCN gave me that. So I don’t need a bubblegum OST, to go with the script, and a love line. But, it wouldn’t hurt to show one 20 second clip of Jin Hyuk waiting for Kwon Joo leaving work and have drinks together, would it?

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