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Final Review: Missing 9

Missing 9: 15-16 [Final]

Final Comments:

Honestly, I gave up on the show after watching episode 9. The plot got stuck with Bong Hee and the other survivors are still struggling to survive even after coming back to Seoul. It was hard to watch on how they were close to going home, only for Tae Ho to snap and turn into a horror movie killer in order to cover up his original crime – Jae Hyun’s murder. Part of me wanted to see Joon Oh clear his name, which is why I watched each episode, read the subtitles word per word to get a better understanding of where this show is headed. They lost me halfway when they kept repeating the same theme – evil wins again. Different episode, different scenario, same result. Tae Ho wins, Bong Hee loses.

My opinion is, that they probably thought that it’d be a big hit since it’s not a common theme for a show, that it might get extended. If the show was extended to probably 20 episodes total, I think that all of our loose ends will be tied up neatly. They’d have more time to come up with clearing Joon Oh’s name not just by CEO Hwang’s testimony, but from outside sources as well. Can’t those Chinese doctors testify? What about the crew that saved them from the island? Or Reporter Kim could have back up files.

It had been nice if Tae Young was given his prosecutor job back. Chairwoman Jo was an accomplice in the cover up, why wasn’t she arrested? Oh, and Investigator Oh is her nephew? We’re just finding that out in the last episode? AAAANNNNDDDD he likes Bong Hee??? I don’t get it.

What I really wanted to see what everyone paying for their crimes. I wanted to see them behind bars as Bong Hee narrated it. I wanted to see the assassin, CEO Jang, and Tae Ho “surviving” their time in jail.

I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see Joon Oh clearing his name in public. I wanted to see him walking in the airport and all his fans both past and present flocking towards him, paparazzis, and news reporters trying to get his attention to capture his photo, a reversal from the beginning when he was trying to get their attention.

I was even more disappointed that they completely wrote Yeol off. I understand that out of the missing 9, there had to be a few casualties. But why did he have to die? He’s the most innocent one in the group. He’s probably the one person whose only crime was wanting to release Jae Hyun’s music. There was no closure.

I’ve said it before in my previous review last week, that Joon Oh and everyone else was able to forgive him the first time in the island, they’ll be able to forgive him again. I just didn’t think that he’d be in the same group goofing around with everyone. To me, that just made everyone emotionally numb.

How about an ending where everyone gathers together because Joon Oh finally released his album in memory of Jae Hyun and Yeol, while Ji Ah’s movie is a tribute to So Hee, and Bong Hee opens her own style management company of some sort.

Overall, the show had its good points. It kept me on the edge of my seat wanting answers on what happened to the island, from the start I was curious about Jae Hyun’s backstory because this is what connects the castaways to begin with. The story just got lost when everyone came back home and readjust to their city life.


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