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Drama Review: 2/27/17

I’ve been behind in watching recent dramas, but I’m slowly catching up. As of this post I’ve watched:

Rebel: 7-8

The family is alive although living separately, surviving on their own. Gil Hyeon, dressed as a nobleman fulfilling a dead man’s wishes – although we don’t know what it is, and with the help of an elderly stranger, he’s on his first step in becoming a government official like what him, and Ah Mo Gae dreamed he would be. Ri Ni is alive but is a captive. Gil Dong lost his memories in the beginning, while we saw Ga Ryung and Nok Su fall in love with him. Gil Dong and Ah Mo Gae were finally reunited, as well as the gang. And we see a whole new Gil Dong who’s set out to turn the world upside down.

***Yay! I’m glad everyone is alive. Too bad Gil Dong doesn’t know yet. I was really bummed and almost gave up on the show when I saw Ah Mo Gae lying lifeless on the ground. It’s pretty clever of the writers to still have him alive, but not strong enough in order to spark Gil Dong’s fight with the help of his father’s crew.

Who would’ve thought that Nok Su has a child. I’m glad that they were able to explain her past in order to somewhat justify how she’s treating her child. I wonder if that child will somehow come back again – now that she’s entered the palace?

Ga Ryung – I don’t know where to start with her. I.Just.Can’t. I think this is the first time that I’ve experienced the Second Lead Syndrome with a female supporting lead. It’s crushing and refreshing.

This girl is so smitten with Gil Dong. I giggled when she waited at the top of the stairs and giggled some more when I saw that happiness plastered on her face when he came back for her and she jumped on his back. My heart felt for her when she was helping Ah Mo Gae and serving the rest of them. I’m kind of glad that Gil Dong stopped her, and I’m very sure that he stopped her not because he didn’t want her serving them, it’s because she’s equal to them.

I have a feeling that Ho Tae Hak’s son has Ri Ni captive. Seeing that his father is being used by the Prince, I think he has something else in mind, and that’s why he hasn’t given her up yet.

Finally, I saw the same admiration from Ah Mo Gae when he looks at Gil Dong when he was a kid in this episode. I felt really bad that he was cold towards Gil Dong when he was running the village. I’m relieved that they are now on the same page. It’s bittersweet because their “reunion” is because Gil Dong has changed, and not Ah Mo Gae. I’m not complaining though. I’d love to see this duo team up – Ah Mo Gae’s brains, and Gil Dong’s strength. Next episodes please.

Stong Woman Do Bong Soon: 1-2

We’re introduced to all the main characters right off the bat. Bong Soon inherited her gift of strength which was passed down from one generation to the next. Bong Gi is her twin brother. Gook Doo is a police office that Bong Soon harbors a one sided love. Min Hyuk is a CEO of a gaming company that he built from ground up on his own.
Min Hyuk witnesses Bong Soon beating seven thugs on her own. Needless to say, he’s already smitten with her from the start. Eventually, he hires her as his bodyguard, but not after her beating him in a hilarious arm wrestling game. Trouble starts brewing at Bong Soo and Gook Doo’s neighborhood, when a woman was murdered, and another assaulted and later on gets kidnapped during Good Doo’s shift. Min Hyuk decides/demands but not without his charms that Bong Soon stay with him at his place and they’ll protect each other [SWOON], but Gook Doo will not have it [DOUBLE SWOON].
***This is my first JTBC show. The reason I looked forward to watching mainly because of Park Hyung Shik. Don’t tell me that I’m the only one. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him in Hwarang, [A show I gave up on because I couldn’t connect to it] and I knew I had to watch him again in another show.
I enjoyed every minute of this show. This show is really funny. It’s hard for me to even find a fault in this show because it’s so god damn funny. I’m sure experts will find those flaws in the writing or execution of the directors, and actors. But, not me, not today. Did I forget to mention this show was funny?
I love Min Hyuk right away when he had the guts to complain to whoever was threatening him in the middle of the night. I mean, WHO DOES THAT? Then you witness a really strong woman who beat up seven thugs, and you call her super sexy? WERID MUCH? Not to mention, you hire her as your bodyguard – then you hold her hands like you’re dating her. YOU SHOULD’VE HIRED HER A YOUR PRETEND GIRLFRIEND IF YOU WANT SKINSHIP!!!! I’m sure he didn’t hire her because he’s afraid for his life, HE LIKES HER!!!! YEAH, I’m hooked on this show.
Then there’s Bong Soon, who’s aware of the consequences if she uses her strength the wrong way. Apparently, she’s used it more than she should’ve and she’s still lucky she still has her powers. She has this cuteness that she gets away with, but once you say the wrong thing, BAM! – you can lose all your teeth, or toes, and then more. She also has a way with words that I find hilarious. I do empathize with her struggles that she can’t help on certain circumstances because her strength wasn’t needed.
Gook Doo is probably the only character I haven’t connected with yet. The writing’s in there where he does care for Bong Soon deep down, but he’s unavailable. The moment he came for Bong Soon is because he’s doing his job, I still don’t see him having feelings for her as of yet.
Okay, here’s a critique – I get that this is a rom-com, and because of Gook Doo’s job as a police officer, and the threats on Min Hyuk’s life, and his corporate world background, we need to have some serious tones to the show. I just hope that they don’t go to the darker side and focus on, well – the rom-com.
Here’s to more of Bong Soon beating Min Hyuk in other physical activities.

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