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Drama Review: 2/20/17

As of this post, I’ve watched:

Rebel: 5-6

It’s been 12 years and our kids have grown up to be handsome men, and a pretty lady. Ah Mo Gae’s village is thriving as he looks back thinking he’s come a long way – he survived, his children survived. Both men grew up doing what they wanted to be: Gil Hyeon is a blacksmith, and Gil Dong a famous travelling merchant. During Gil Dong’s travels, he meets Ga Ryung and Nok Soo who asks for his help in being the King’s woman, to which he  offers himself instead – before declining because he has to go home to another special lady – his sister Eo Ri Ni.

Gil Dong and Ah Mo Gae seems to have drifted apart since their views of life differ. But both still worry about each other deep down. Ah Mo Gae’s business is threatened by Ho Tae Hak to which his crew easily beat in a village fight. After learning that Gil Dong lost his strength, he decided to retire . Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, Ah Mo Gae was arrested. Gil Hyeon, Gil Dong, and Eo Ri Ni fight and run for their lives……..Gil Dong gets his strength back.

-This mini recap does not do justice with everything’s that happened in the last two episodes.  Even though the focus of this blog to express my thoughts/questions on the show.

I thought that Gil Dong was lying when he said that he lost his powers, that it was his way to have his father leave with him. He didn’t really lose it after all, he just didn’t have anything to actually use that strength for until episode 6.

I was thinking that Ah Mo Gae has to die in order for Gil Dong to have some sort of motivation to regain his strength back. I was wrong. It was his sister that triggered him, although I’m sure that him worried about his father already added to the emotions, seeing his sister being dragged away pretty much tipped him over.  I’m actually relieved that it was done this way, instead of him knowing his father has passed away and he gained his strength back for revenge, following his father’s footsteps – which doesn’t end the cycle, making the entire story line kind of moot for me.

I am hoping that Ah Mo Gae is still alive, even for a few years just for him to know that Gil Dong got his powers back. After all, he lived the last 12 years waiting for Gil Dong to use his strength. It would be really sad that he didn’t get to fulfill Gil Dong’s wish.

I know that it’s time to have him become a man, and fall in love, and fight for the people. I’m not quite ready to turn this into a love story. I like the way this has been, a family surviving, and protecting each other. Also, I still have unanswered questions: Is Gil Hyeon alive? What happened to Eo Ri Ni? What happened in the forest with the tiger? I don’t think they’ll spend a scene with a tiger approaching young Gil Dong only to be dismissed as a lie he made up.

Voice: 9-10

Gwon Joo and Jin Hyuk both wonder who the real murderer is. The Commissioner managed to take away the Surimdong case away from our Golden Time team under the orders of Chairman Mo. Oh Hyun Ho was accused on their forum that he’s a drug addict, gang member and bullied someone into committing suicide by his stalker. The smae stalker who attacked Eun Soo in the restricted area of the police station. Chief Jang was being blackmailed into doing Chairman Mo’s doing. Meanwhile, Nam Tae Sang ordered a hit on Jin Hyuk’s son. Tae Gu claimed another victim for alerting Gwon Joo that Nam Tae Sang is at Fantasia.

The show seems to still have the same intense vibe given their censorship notice.

So close, yet so far. Tae Gu is a classic serial killer next door. It’s like I want to fall for him, but I know I can’t because he’s the bad guy – but he’s so irresistable, but at the same time dangerous. Oh my heart.

The gloves are off for Nam Tae Sang and takes it up a notch by going after Jin Hyuk’s son. So does Tae Gu. I really do hope that he doesn’t fall victim in their future episodes…..that will make Jin Hyuk a total psycho out for revenge, and it will throw the whole story off. I do wonder what Tae Gu [writers] has in store for Gwon Joo since she doesn’t have anyone close to. This means, that she’ll have to come face to face with him.

I do wonder though what Nam Tae Sang’s or Tae Gu’s for that matter in going after Jin Hyuk’s wife. There has to be something about Nam Tae Sang’s father since he was mentioned by name a couple of times.

I was wondering where the other team members will have their spotlight moment in this show. The writers wrote that in this week. I was relieved, and WRONG AGAIN for thinking that Hyun Ho is related to Chairman Mo, and the murders. Jin Hyuk again is the only one physically fending off every bad guy. I’m beginning to think that he’s the show’s punching bag.

I did watch Missing 9, episode 9 – but I’ll have to re-watch it, and watch episode 10 in order to better review it. It might be the last two episodes I watch for this series. We’ll see.

Stay tuned.

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