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Drama Review: 2/13/17

As of this post, I’ve watched:
Rebel: 3-4
This week’s episode connected with me in a different way. This was Ah Mo Gae’s week to shine. From Ah Mo Gae the servant, smuggler, acquitted murderer, to leader of a village, he really is no ordinary servant. Most of all, he did for the love of his children, who grew up becoming what they wanted to be, with Ah Mo Gae supporting them while leading a village.
I’d like to point out first, that I’m not saying that what Ah Mo Gae did was right in any way, that is a crime punishable by law to this day, no matter what country you reside in. I connected with Ah Mo Gae because he somewhat mirrored my situation. Everything I’ve earned, I take the chance to get my kids something they like, even though I’ve been told to spend it on me.  I’ve lived my life to this day at the bottom of the totem pole. With all the things I can do, and actually finish in a workday, I still can’t get that moment of recognition from the higher ups, yet those who sit, play on their phones, nothing but and socialize gets all the praise and recognition. I have two kids, and each one with a different dad, BOTH dads are there for their kids emotionally, physically, not just financially. It’s nice for my kids to have a dad to rely on where I’m lacking.
I really enjoyed this week’s episodes. Okay, I didn’t enjoy the whole trial for Ah Mo Gae and what he and his sons had to go through emotionally. h Mo Gae, he’s just too brilliant to be a servant, who served the same family for 40 years, yet that noble family gets away with all sorts of abuse towards him and his family. I would lose it too, if I was him. S***t, I’d spill all the beans too to bring those who wronged me down, although I wouldn’t go as far as murder in my lifetime.
I loved how he was able to find the master’s wife’s weakness, and used the law on them. I wish it didn’t have to come to murder, but it’s sooooooooo gratifying to see the master’s wife shaking in fear thinking what Ah Mo Gae can really do. It is soooooooooo worth it to see the “nobles” being exposed as to who they really are. It excites me that the rich are scared of the poor. These episodes isn’t just about social class, this is also about how a father will do ANYTHING to protect, and provide a future for his children. What got to me is the part when he painted portrait for each his kids, where Gil Hyeon is an official, and Gil Dong a general, but his kids wanted something else…….and he let them be. That, fatherly love, is a rare gem in this modern age.

I’m kind of sad that the kids’ parts are over, but, I’m looking forward to their grown up counterparts and how things change for the Mighty Child.
Missing 9: 7-8
More twists and turns this week…..
Back in the island, Bong Hee and Joon Oh seems to get closer, Ji Ah, and Ki Joon are in a should we/shouldn’t we really date phase. Another survivor emerged in the form of reporter Ki Won who seems to have evidence that Tae Ho is the root of all the murders, starting from Jae Hyun, to which he admitted before Joon Oh claims Tae Ho’s life. The castaways were rescued.
In the present, Bong Hee reveals Tae Ho’s crimes, and naming Ho Hang as witness. Tae Ho has been revealed that he is alive, and reveals in the press conference that Joon Oh is the criminal. CEO Jang seems to be in the know of Tae Ho’s criminal activities. Ho Hang also returns to Korea, but Tae Ho got to him first and forced him to name Bong Hee as Joon Oh’s accomplice.
We finally get to see the story of Jae Hyun, and why everyone hated Joon Oh.  Jae Hyun just wants to debut, but can’t because the trio still needs him. Joon Oh wants him to debut too, but CEO Hwang had other plans in mind, and he was tasked to convince Jae Hyun no matter what.
Wow, that’s too many revelations in one week’s worth of episodes. Tae Ho is a classic serial killer. Sure, it was unintended with Tae Ho, but we all know once you’ve done it- you can do it again. Maybe it was just as unintentional with Yeol, but there’s definitely intent with So Hee, and motive with Ki Won. But- I still give him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he’s doing CEO Jang’s bidding.
I have no theories as to what can happen next week. This is how good this show is, that I can’t predict what’s going to happen next. There’s still a lot that we don’t know, like what else did Tae Ho do?
Voice: 7-8
We’re halfway into the series, Jin Hyuk, and Gwon Joo are closer to finding the owner of the voice who killed his wife and her father. We’re introduced to new characters this week that ties one case to another.
The Surimdong case is underway when they found the real landlord stuffed in a closet as a tenant was threatening who he thought was Bong Soon, only after an interrogation they found that Chun Ok was being threatened, and Yoong Won was not the one that actually killed the owner of their building.  Jin Hyuk received a lead regarding the Hwang Kyung Il case, only to be betrayed by his informant. He then meets Nam Sang Tae who admitted to killing his wife……or did he? Chun Ok was found murdered, and the next targets are Gwon Joo and Jin Hyuk. Lesson for the day, detective work isn’t just thinking skills, it’s physical work.
I like how it starts as a 911 call, but they’re all connected to one case from three years ago. Gah!!!! I have to wait until next week! AGAIN. OCN really has a knack for crime shows, and whatever it is – I keep coming back for the next. We didn’t get a cliffhanger from another call this time which was good. It has worked the last few weeks, but honestly, I don’t know for how long that will work. So it’s good that things changed a bit.
The show is starting to tie the cases together. Lesson for the day, detective work isn’t just thinking skills, it’s physical work. The writers should take that lesson to heart, and give Gwon Joo actual physical detective work that can work for her aside from being stuck in a call center. Her getting kidnapped does not count as physical work. Yes, her skillset involves her hearing skills, and her job is to answer calls. But what happens when that is gone??? Also, Jin Hyuk can’t be the only one who does the physical action scenes. I’m not complaining – since their action sequence was great, but I’d like to see more cops fighting alongside of him.
I didn’t believe that Sang Tae killed Jin Hyuk’s wife, and Gwon Joo’s dad, because he himself is responding/reporting to someone else. In other words, he’s taking orders as well. When I saw Tae Gu, I knew it’s him. He’s the owner of the voice. My question is does everyone in the gang have some dental work done resulting in cracking sounds? First it was Kwang Il, then Sang Tae, and Tae Gu [at least I think it’s him].
I still think Dae Shik, Chief Jang, and the Commissioner are all in this somehow. I did find it a little weird where Hyun Yo was specifically mentioned….is he connected too? They’ve made it known that he’s rich, so why need to work as a cop, or even recommended for the call center?
Stay tuned.

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  2. I am watching Rebel and Voice and love them both. Thanks for sharing your story, I know exactly how it is. At work, bottom of the pole, working hard like crazy to finish the work well, but never got recognized. But people who just haha hihi bs’ing all day long got rewarded and promoted. This is really the era of bullshit and kiss ass. Unfortunately, I cant stoop to that level. My parents have raised me too well.

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