A Valid Reason To Watch…..Valid Love aka Sensible Love

I think tvN is my favorite network for Kdramas. Although I’ve missed quite a few over the years, I’ve enjoyed[if not obsessed] all the dramas I’ve watched so far. I honestly thought that this time around I wouldn’t like this show because I’m not a major fan of all the leads…..but….lo and behold! I’m hooked by the 1st episode.

I wish that I have more time to blog, and offer my cents on each episode. But until then, just know that I’m enjoying each episode.

It’s Okay – It’s Just A Drama

I meant to post this while it was airing. Unfortunately, I had to take care of some personal issues. I wanted to update the blog with what I’m watching now then realized that there’s a couple of dramas that I haven’t noted about.

So – this one. I watched it from beginning to end. My rating? It’s okay. I didn’t go absolutely “I.MUST.WATCH.THIS.DRAMA” but I didn’t go bleh either. I must admit that each character brought the drama together. Plot wise, it could’ve been a weekend drama where we can expand each character couple more – like HS’s friend and his pregnant wife.

Until then

It’s A Fake Wedding Theme For Me: Bride Of The Century

While I’m not thoroughly disappointed in this week’s episodes of Marriage, Not Dating, and I don’t have an alternative Sat/Sun drama that I’m watching..I thought I’d give this drama a try.

I’m not overly a fan of idols becoming actors, but Lee Hong Ki – you nailed it with this drama. I love watching dramas that I have no idea who I’m watching. I’m on episode 7 now and my daughter won’t be home until Tuesday so I have time to finish this series.

Oh My!!! I’m sooo sooo sooo hooked.