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The Master’s Sun: My thoughts on episode 12

i started with the episode with this mentality: “i can handle anything” quoting GS in my head…i knew it’s about that time that they’ll create an angsty plot twist to separate the newly formed couple…but the writers/director/pd said: really? then handle this… JW dies. uhm yeah…shock is an understatement. i think it’s safe to say that we are all still in denial with yesterday’s episode. but that didn’t stop me from still loving this show. after mellowing out i’ve come to terms with last night’s story line – i think

there are so many possibilities and i’d log in @soompi and relay my thoughts….i didn’t think to post this here till now….

is it a dream? who’s dreaming?
i mean, the doors were closed – GS can’t open it from the inside, will it open from the outside?
is he dead? with 4 episodes left? no one got the call that he’s hurt unless that’ll air in episode 13.
i think one angsty episode is enough, the ahjummas got their wish, the romance died.
does it make sense that he’ll get the same ability as hers? or does it make sense for him to lose his ability to make them disappear?
at this point they have a lot of issues to resolve and by JW “dying” it’s only going to make it worse, unless he becomes a comical ghost like jumping in front of KW scaring him away if he tries to be close to GS [hmmm]
is sec Kim good or bad? how much does he know?
is JW’s “spirit” going to look for CHJ? since she hasn’t really shown up in front of GS….did he intentionally do that because he told GS not to worry about that case anymore, and he’s out to solve this on his own, because GS told him to face his fears?
is his fear finding out the truth? what is the truth he’s looking for?

wargrave—serial killer….she is a serial killer for sabotaging all of JW’s engagements. they didn’t really say what happened, but i think the word accidents were mentioned.

my opinion, JW will be a ghost for a couple more episodes.

overall though, i think the sister’s know what they’re doing. i’m sure at this point it’s for the ratings…since they’re airing episodes next week and they’re close to the 20% mark.