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King Of Dramas

This drama never lost it’s momentum for me. Thank goodness for a happy ending. I didn’t want to start my new year with a drama with a lead character passing away. Overall, I really appreciated this dramedy. I was getting ready to learn to Hangul alphabet just in case the writer did decide to kill Anthony in the end. I was going to write some sort of petition to never watch any of the writer’s dramas ever again. But, thankfully- the writer decided to listen to the fans.  Seriously, I was facing either a time skip or lead character death – which lesser evil do I want?

I wish that they sped things up a bit to show more chemistry between Anthony and Go Eun like a montage or something to justify time slips. Like any other drama, there are other things that were left out like where’s GE’s mom?, Anthony’s mom?, a wedding picture, what happened to the World Boys? Joo PD should’ve become Empire’s CEO!!

Ah – but at least GE and Anthony are together.