1st Impression: Medical Top Team

first off, i’m not very good at first impressions. i probably won’t keep up with the updates on each episode because i’d rather watch the drama, not type with the drama. that’s what soompi is for, for me to lurk, spazz, and have a common place that i know i belong and to see if it’s just me feeling that way or im just crazy. my coworkers think the latter.

anyhow…..i’m just watching this now because:

a. aside from Jejoongwon, i shy away from medical dramas. you can probably guess why i watched the above mentioned drama, if you haven’t got a clue….watch Vampire Prosecutor 1 & 2.

b. viki didn’t have it available at the time i wanted to watch it.
c. well – i can’t get my head out of TMS’ kingdom. i’m still in it…but i moved to the attic.

i thought i’d give it a try when i saw it on viki today. my kids seem to be tired and went to bed early. i’m not inspired to make any fan art for TMS…i’m having an addict’s block. so i watched the 1st episode. again, i’m not recapping, just ranting about how i feel. okay?

male leads…im not spazzing yet. i don’t even know who’s going to end up with Joo Yeong – i haven’t followed the news bites that gets released. i haven’t been on the soompi thread yet either.

JRW – the sole reason [for now] i’m watching episode 2 tomorrow night.

overall for the 1st episode, it’s a good intro for the characters at play. i am for sure investing my time with this show. and ratings shmatings…i don’t care about that. i like this show and im watching it.

Rounding up my fave leading ladies

i’ve been watching kdramas since 2008. i can’t believe that i was watching Yoona on a daily drama before i even knew she is in SNSD!. i think it’s safe to say now my top leading ladies are…..

#3 Jung Ryeo Won

i watched her for the 1st time in Ja Myung Go. even though the ratings tanked, and subs weren’t available at the time, i waited for this to air here in the US. unfortunately, i haven’t seen any of her movies, but ever since JMG, i’ve watched every drama she’s in.

#2 Kim Sun Ah

i watched her for the 1st time in City Hall. oh my gosh, she’s like a goddess to me. even though i’ve only seen her in one drama, i’m a fan and always wishes the best for her future projects.

#1 Gong Hyo Jin

bet you knew i was going to say that. she really is just lovely. i watched her for the 1st time in The Greatest Love. she’s the reason i was eager to watch The Master’s Sun. now, i’m off to figuring out how to watch her movies. i guess i’m going to Yesasia and buy some dvds. i watched bits of pieces of Pasta just to see if there’s any similarities in her acting. this actress, really is the best in Korea. you can give her any character, and she’ll portray it for you.

I take it back….

i decided to watch episode 8 of Secret to try to get away with my little troubles at home. well, what do you know? i ended being looped in. usually, i’d know by the 2nd episode if it’s something i’ll pursue, or if i really really want to watch…i’d go up to episode 6. i really gave it a chance, and episode 8 was the kicker.

i just wanted to say that yeah – i’ll be following this series to the end.

It’s not a Secret anymore….

taken from my post @soompi thread on 10/13:
what do you think? i’m really curious how this story will play out….i skipped a lot of parts from ep 1 – 4..but by the ending, i got curious….for sure though im not delusional about this yet…but i do like that i have that urge to come back and finish the series.

i watched the first two episodes before i started lurking at the soompi thread. maybe two weeks before that post? for a while i wanted to post what i really feel about the drama, but given that they know how delusional i am about TMS, i opted not to say anything. but, in today’s episode 7, when SY told MH that he’s childish…that’s how i’ve been feeling towards the drama all along!!!! even the writers knew that [unless that’s the idea]. i get that it starts out as revenge then blossoming into love, i see now that DH has gone to the dark side, and i can tell that SY secretly loves MH.

when i first watched this, i thought okay, a 1st grader doesn’t like a girl, then subconsciously likes her but like a normal boy would, teases her to death. that’s fine…but, we’re talking about grown ups here. there’s gotta be a way to get your revenge out other than making her cry every episode. then on episode 4….yeah i got really curious. there’s that potential to get me hooked. it’s sort of working?

i still found myself skipping scenes and i’m at episode 7 now. and by the looks of the ending, it seems that MH is still carrying out his revenge….is it still toward DH now? how will it affect YJ?

so…..after 7 episodes, i don’t know if i really want to stick to this show until the end. i just don’t think it’s an “all kill” from the cast, story, and the ost for me. this is right around the time frame where i either stick to the drama no matter what or jump ship. i’ll wait until tomorrow’s episode and if there’s no other posts regarding this drama, then yeah i’ve abandoned the secret ship.

however, before the hardcore fans tear me down…..i must say that the main leads’ acting is superb. i’d be lying if i say that YJ scenes didn’t make me cry. my goodness, MH’s stare – omg i’m hyperventilating. don’t forget DH…gawd i was mad with him when he’s yelling at his parents, and yeah i shed a tear too when he cried.

at least my feelings about this drama isn’t a secret anymore.

Review: The Master’s Sun

It’s been two weeks. I’m not ready to let go and review this drama. Posting a review means it’s really the end. I promise, there will be an end. Right now, let me enjoy re-watching the episodes with no interruptions and pressure to post something @soompi.

A review is coming soon.

Addicted to The Master’s Sun

it’s been two weeks since this show ended, i haven’t written a review, although i’ve written a couple of intros for the fan project. why? because i’m in denial that it’s over. well it’s over in Korea. it’s still airing somewhere around the globe. so what do i do? i make fan arts. the last drama i did this for was YAB…i think i made one. then SKKS where i made some .gifs [i have to find those to link here].

for the fan project, i made 12 entries. i thought i was done, my kids thought i was done. hahaha


The Master’s Sun: Watching TWO Rom-Coms in one….

I knew from the start that TMS is on my MUST watch list. This is not a drama that I’ll wait for both episodes to air and watch on a Friday night. This is not one of those dramas to pass the time because I wasn’t sleepy and ended up watching the entire series after finally getting my heart to twitch on episode 6 or something.
This was a drama that I knew I HAVE TO watch because of GHJ. I absolutely loved her character in TGL. I haven’t seen any other drama/movie she was on. That drama was enough to make a fan out of me. SJS, well of course he’s a hottie. I’ve only seen him in C&A, bits and pieces of GHOST, and missed Road # 1 entirely because it was not a genre I’m interested in. I knew that this is going to be one of those dramas that I will have to watch first after work then go get the kids, do errands, watch it again before going to bed.
What I didn’t know is how just like JW, I went ALL THE WAY as far as I can go. I didn’t know that I would fall in love with anything and everything about this drama, on and off screen. I didn’t know that I’d be stalking Soompi for images and tidbits, and ohh emm gee – watching BTS footage—-over and over and over and over and —well you get the idea
Never in the few years have I been watching Korean dramas that I follow every little thing about the drama. I usually just stalk without logging in, logging in if I have something to say. I’ve shipped OTP and second lead pairings before – but I’ve never, ever shipped an on screen OTP to become a real life OTP – until now.

I’d like to blame myself for watching the BTS footage because the fan made images is not enough to pass the 7 days of torture for the next 2 episodes. Then as I saw the first BTS [first to me], I saw sparks fly. In my head, is it normal for sparks to fly like that? I got curious so I googled other TMS footage, I saw the press conference. I’m like man oh man, I’m watching history in the making here, then a kind soul translated the K Star interview and I’m like yeah – he’s into her, just holding back for no apparent reason, or for professionalism’s sake.

Watching TMS is like watching two romantic comedies in one. The first one in which the script is written for them to memorize, and portray, and the other one where they write their own story. I think I’m more in love with the idea of GHJ and SJS getting together than I am curious about how JW and GS will get back together.

I get super excited at the latest BTS just to confirm or debunk my suspicions that they are attracted to each other. I don’t know what it is, but I really, really, really want them to end up together off screen.

Watching the latest BTS today, I mean seriously, if a person thinks the other is the greatest and NO ONE can top that [acting], wouldn’t that person in the back of his head say to himself….”I must have that greatest person in my life for MYSELF because there is NO ONE like her”???!!!

Watching TMS made a complete delusional out of me. I’m already delusional as it is due to my real life struggles, and Kdramas are my outlet – then comes SJS and GHJ playing push and pull it’s driving me crazy.

The Master’s Sun: My thoughts on episode 12

i started with the episode with this mentality: “i can handle anything” quoting GS in my head…i knew it’s about that time that they’ll create an angsty plot twist to separate the newly formed couple…but the writers/director/pd said: really? then handle this… JW dies. uhm yeah…shock is an understatement. i think it’s safe to say that we are all still in denial with yesterday’s episode. but that didn’t stop me from still loving this show. after mellowing out i’ve come to terms with last night’s story line – i think

there are so many possibilities and i’d log in @soompi and relay my thoughts….i didn’t think to post this here till now….

is it a dream? who’s dreaming?
i mean, the doors were closed – GS can’t open it from the inside, will it open from the outside?
is he dead? with 4 episodes left? no one got the call that he’s hurt unless that’ll air in episode 13.
i think one angsty episode is enough, the ahjummas got their wish, the romance died.
does it make sense that he’ll get the same ability as hers? or does it make sense for him to lose his ability to make them disappear?
at this point they have a lot of issues to resolve and by JW “dying” it’s only going to make it worse, unless he becomes a comical ghost like jumping in front of KW scaring him away if he tries to be close to GS [hmmm]
is sec Kim good or bad? how much does he know?
is JW’s “spirit” going to look for CHJ? since she hasn’t really shown up in front of GS….did he intentionally do that because he told GS not to worry about that case anymore, and he’s out to solve this on his own, because GS told him to face his fears?
is his fear finding out the truth? what is the truth he’s looking for?

wargrave—serial killer….she is a serial killer for sabotaging all of JW’s engagements. they didn’t really say what happened, but i think the word accidents were mentioned.

my opinion, JW will be a ghost for a couple more episodes.

overall though, i think the sister’s know what they’re doing. i’m sure at this point it’s for the ratings…since they’re airing episodes next week and they’re close to the 20% mark.

In A Frenzy for The Master’s Sun

My last online drama that I was able to watch from start to finish was Flower Boy Next Door. I watched this as soon as I got home from work, then I’d watch it again on Dramafever through Netflix. Then I’d watch TEN 2 on Hulu Plus. After FBND, I wanted to watch others. But I was in cloud nine, and I knew that nothing will compare to this drama. It was my first drama for 2013 and I didn’t want to erase the feeling/rush it gave me.

Then came the news about another Hong Sister’s drama. Personally, I haven’t watched ALL of their written works, but the ones I did: You’re Beautiful, half of My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho, and The Greatest Love, in which the last one was a personal favorite. When I read that Gong Hyo Jin is starring in it, I knew I had to watch it. I’ve always liked So Ji Sub…it’s a perfect trifecta. All I had to do was wait.

Here I am, 5 months later – As always, I got hooked, lined, and sank the second TGS entered in JW’s car. I’d normally wait for the second episode to know for sure it’s something I’d commit to time wise, some I watch halfway then stop – this one….I just knew I’m watching this right after my employee obligations have been met, right before my motherly duties commence…and any more spazzing moments before I go to bed.

I knew that I’m in this all the way – since I’ve logged in @ soompi almost each break I get, I finally made my 400th post and I’ve been constantly checking for new .gifs. This weekend, I will have to redownload all my softwares, and get a new dvd burner and make my own dvd that I can watch, and on my spare time at 1 or 2 in the morning, I’ll make some .gifs of my own. We’ll see how the budget stands.

For now I’m definitely addicted to anything Master’s Sun, and shipping the leads to become a real life couple.