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[Review] SIGN


What a great series.

It took me a while to finish this drama – I was 4 episodes shy! I don’t even remember what made me stop watching it – but better late than never. I needed to clear some disc space for a new drama and I came into an opportunity that I was able to access the last 4 episodes.

I really, really, liked this drama. The twists, the turns, and the suspense – it was all in there. It drove me crazy each time – making me wait until the next episode. I haven’t watched enough dramas through the years to know if what I was watching was normal cliché or not for its genre, but I wasn’t able to predict what was going to happen next correctly.

I do know that a lot of people were disappointed that they actually killed off a lead character. I am not. I am actually satisfied by the way this was played out, otherwise – it would turn into the rest of the dramas where everything is happily ever after in kdramaland –Da Kyung and Ji Hoon sitting in a tree….. There are two other characters that could’ve been a potential for Seo Yeon to murder for the last time. One would be Da Kyung – but in order for that to happen, they would have to make Seo Yeon appear to have a serious crush on Ji Hoon and saw Da Kyung as a threat – which it won’t tie in solving the original case. The other one would be Myung Han – because of guilt decided to come clean and protect NFS in a more legal approach – but they haven’t written a storyline that allowed him to show that he still has the moral decree of being a forensic expert. The only other way to solve the original case is for Ji Hoon to be written off. With his death, Da Kyung is ever more persistent to solve the case, this was the eye opener for Myung Han to finally say enough is enough – no more.

Part of me wished they wrote a somewhat of a Myung Han – Da Kyung – Ji Hoon love triangle. That would intensify the rivalry between them, wouldn’t it?

I could totally imagine where Myung Han gets his share of saving her or watching her from a distance, but his need for power gets in the way. I could see Myung Han ordering/authorizing evil deeds to cover up tracks, but makes it somehow that Da Kyung comes out unscathed, or happens to be there to rescue her but Ji Hoon keeps beating him to it, or he would be tending to Da Kyung’s scrapes while Ji Hoon is out. I could also imagine that when Ji Hoon went to the fish market to give Da Kyung’s badge back, which Myung Han is watching from the other side, also holding a badge he meant to give to Da Kyung personally but stopped in his tracks seeing Ji Hoon beat him to it. Or in the end, the video of Ji Hoon’s final moments, he asks Myung Han to keep a look out after her the same way he [Myung Han] has been doing all this time –like a public revelation that he knows they both like her but he has to make the sacrifice so he’s leaving her to his care. Although, I can see that adding the romantic arc in the drama will ultimately ruin the story as a whole, because then they’d be focusing mostly on the cliché’s rather than getting the case solved. Not to mention, I’m having a serious ajusshi crush on Jeon Gwang Ryeol – my imagination just can’t stop. Hehe

I liked how the last episode they made a reference to the first episode, where both Ji Hoon and Da Kyung are running to get into the autopsy room to get to the truth – the twist being Myung Han having re-grown a heart.  I appreciated that they had this one high profile case that took 20 episodes to solve, and wrote underlying cases/storylines that’s close to home.  Unlike CSI, NCIS or Law and Order -where each week is one case and it’s solved by the end of the hour, or if they do have an open ended case – it doesn’t get solved till like season 10.

All in all, the cast is well rounded, the script is written to a point that anyone can comprehend the terminologies used, the pacing, and the tone, all the ends are tied up before the finale – leaving one case to be solved.

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