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Warrior Baek Dong Soo: Episode 2

We start off with the Crown Prince apologizing to Gwang Taek while wrapping his arm. Gwang Taek is met by his allies and Sa Mo in retailiation took the executioner’s father and ordered him to treat both Gwang Taek and the baby.

Back at the assassins guild, Mi advises the other leaders about Gwang Taek and both froze upon hearing it. Hong Dae meets with Cheon offers a reward for Gwang Taek’s head and the baby, but he refuses – maknae takes on the job instead.

Baby Dong Soo is being fitted with a bamboo suit in order to reform his still soft bones. Reminds me of the day that my grandma used to say that she has to wear a certain type of shoe to remain a size 5 shore size. So I guess, it makes sense that that’s how Dong Soo will be treated and eventually cured. Gwang Taek knowing he’s still a wanted man, decided to immediately leave and that he will take Dong Soo with him. Dae Po will return to his hometown to check on Cho Sang who has had a child recently himself and Sa Mo will stay behind and with that the brotherhood disbanded.

Cheon was waiting for Gwang Taek and warns him that he is not the one to assassinate him but there are many more ahead of him. The ever anxious maknae and his posse meets him but he was saved by a dark knight

Dae Po sees Cho Sang being beaten by a group and pays his debt and shares a drink. Cho Sang who is an expert in astrology is claiming that his son has a killer star destiny. Cho Sang comes home wallowing in his drink thinking that his child does not need to be in this world because of his destiny and attempts to take his life, taking his wife’s life instead by accident, and this time he aims for the baby…

At a lake, Gwang Taek’s rescuer was the woman in the guild that was playing the gagayeum. She wonders if the baby will look at him as innocently when he grows up or will he look at her with hate. Gwang Taek asks her to come with him. She asks if she really can, and he answers with a kiss – well more than that.  She decides to leave thinking that she has no right to this kind of happiness. Gwang Taek was awake, but lets her go. Good.

Gwang Taek spider senses woke him up. He leaves Dong Soo by the rocks while he comes up with a plan of attack. I really love how the music changes to let me know that the fight is on. Maknae and the gang is on the chase – after a while Maknae hears that his men are one by one being attacked finally figuring out that it’s a trap.

Meanwhile, a hungry wolfis passing by and hears Dong Soo crying, luckily a hunter was able to shoo the wolf away

Back to Gwang Taek, maknae resorts to insult and orders Gwang Taek to come out and he does. Maknae again admits defeat. It cracks me up how he whines for his life. The ever soft hearted Gwang Taek lets him go and maknae scrams like a scaredy cat.

Gwang Taek comes back to the stream and sees that Dong Su is gone. He has spent the rest of the day looking for him in the village. The hunter brought him back to Sa Mo. He took responsibility for Dong Soo.

Seasons passed and we’re in China. Gwang Taek is homeless – he wakes up to the sound of coins being donated, he looks up and sees a monk who later on takes him to their temple/school.

Dong Soo who’s now 12 years old accepts a challenge to jump off a cliff onto the lake in order to be acknowledged by his peers. Dong Soo jumps but because he has no control of his body, he can’t swim  – the kids not expecting him to jump, they ran off to Sa Mo who finds him face down on the water.

We now meet Yeo Un. Who is secretly practicing with his sword. Cho San beat him up as punishment for breaking the rule that he’s not allowed to practice with a sword. I don’t think he will stop practicing anytime soon.

Back at home, Dong Soo releases his pent up emotions – wished that he was never born and he gets a slap from Uncle Sa Mo. Good thing there’s no social services back in the day! Sa Mo later on hugs him to comfort Dong Soo and promises him that he will not watch Dong Soo die like his father.

Yeah…Yeo Un is still practicing his sword skills and overhears how his father killed his own mother. After Cho San admits it, Yeo Un struck him with his sword stick and walks away leaving a bleeding  Cho San. Cheon sees Yeo Un and stops him to ask his name, the proud kid just goes on as if on a mission. We find that the mission is to pick a fight and when the leader compared him to his murderer father, he beats the leader, one of the boys was able to stike him in the head, but he fends them all off. He’s so mad that he stabbed his hand, but was stopped by Cheon who bandages his hand and brings him home.
He then gave Yeo Un a choice he can go home or follow him. Ye Un looks at his bandaged hand and decided to follow him. A new assassin is born.

Dong Soo still rebelling not wanting eat. Little did he know that he will meet his first case of one sided puppy love and he’s the object of affection – Jin Ju Dong Su meets Hwang Jin Ju her father has made a business deal and they were to stay no other than their house. Sa Mo finalizes the business deal with the other villagers.

Jin Ju is showing off her skills that she can climb a tree, while we see a weaker Dong Soo still refusing help from her.


…to be continued

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