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Sunkgkyunkwan Scandal .gif[s] – Episode 3

Episode 3
i loved this episode. if i could make .gifs for every scene, i would.
alas, i chose my personal best moments in this episode. also, this was definitely Joong Ki’s episode to shine!!!! his .gifs will come later.

she’s falling for a girl!!!

…couple moments…

…in the dorm….

seriously, if he’d look that close to her, he shoudlve known by now it’s the same girl you met before, if not that, the person who said “i didn’t see anyone”….but it’s a kdrama so it didnt go that way.

“take your clothes off.”
“WHAT?! [shit! i’m a girl!!!]”

these 2 scenes crack me up


ok, i wouldnt be able to sleep 2 if i know these hot bods are next to me!
i like how they made the modest vs bold concept

how amusing was this?


these scenes made me laugh. i’ve never seen a servant this in love with his master…lol!

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