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The City Hall

At first,I thought I wouldn’t enjoy this drama after watching Cain & Abel. I wasn’t really planning to watch this drama. I haven’t read enough about the drama and the actors, to have found a reason to continuosly follow it. My plan was to watch the drama here and there when there’s nothing else to watch. I figured, it won’t do any harm by watching the 1st episode. if i like it, i like it, if not, i can watch That Fool as it airs here like a rerun. BUT, throughout the episode, I was surprised at myself, for actually laughing at some of the scenes. Then, all of a sudden, the episode ended – and for 3 nights and 4 days, i sat in front of my computer to watch episode 2-16. That’s when I realized that I did it again. Told myself not to commit to another drama, as i’m following too many as it is – but i did anyway. LOL

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