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That Fool aka Six Months


Opening Title:

this is a new drama that i just started watchin online. this is already halfway on it’s airing, so im glad that i got to watch it…..
i have so many dramas that i watched, but few that made an impression.
for those who are drama fans, i dont need to elaborate on the plot of the story.
for those who arent, GOOGLE it.

anyway, i’m 6 episodes into this 16 episode drama, and boy, i have never watched a drama that made me cry in one scene and laughing the next – all in 2 minutes. i dont know if it’s a combination of the dorkiness of the lead actor, plus the meanness of the lead actress and the soundtrack, or i’m just mushy and gullible. but, it got me just like the producers hoped it would.

gosh, i wish i can post the videos that i watch…but i dont want to risk my acct being deleted…oh wait, i do have another account….hmmm….idea.

anyway, i just want to say that i enjoy this drama – and thanks to the 3 day weekend, i’m able to watch all 8 episodes and be ready this weekend for the next 2…since this drama airs in Korea Wed-Thurs, i would have to wait till late fri/sat for subs to be done….

sigh…i dont get this hobby of mine – but i dont regret it either.

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